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CHARLES HENRY FITZSIMMONS IV, generally referred to in his own time as Charles H. Fitsimmons Jr., was born in Camden on September 26, 1877, the son of Charles Fitsimmons III and his wife, the former Anna Carey. His father was born around 1856 in Philadelphia, and came to Camden in 1874. At the time of the 1880 Census he was married, living with wife Anna and Charles IV at 249 Sycamore Street, and working as a sail maker. He followed that trade into the 1890s. The 1887-1888 Camden City Directory shows him living at 287 Sycamore Street, the 1888-1889 Directory states 272 Sycamore Street. The 1890-1891 Directory gives 1133 South 3rd as his address. He was still following the sailmaker's trade as late as 1890. By 1900 Charles H. Fitzsimmons had moved next door to 1135 South 3rd Street. He married Nellie Gilmore within a few months of the 1900 Census enumeration. 

Charles Fitzsimmons III was appointed to the police force on April 1, 1894 by then-Mayor John L. Westcott. After an exemplary and distinguished career in uniform, he was promoted to detective in 1912 by Mayor Charles H. Ellis. Detective Fitzsimmons retired on December 31, 1931, due to age and problems with his eyesight. 

Charles H. Fitzsimmons IV had moved out of his parents home by 1906 and was working as a plumber, residing at 299 Sycamore Street. He had been appointed to the fire department by April of 1910, and had married. When the Census was taken he and wife Nellie, on Charles and daughter Anna lived at 1143 South 3rd Street. They moved to 1126 South 3rd Street by 1914. On December 1, 1916 he was promoted to Lieutenant.

The family was still there as late as September of 1918, according to his draft card. When the 1920 Census was taken, Charles Fitzsimmons still a fire fighter. He was living with his parents, wife Nellie, and daughter Anna at 1421 Bradley Avenue in the Parkside section of Camden. This would be his home until his death, which came all too soon. Charles H. Fitzsimmons IV died on July 26, 1922. He was survived by his parents, wife and daughter.

Camden Post-Telegram
January 16, 1909

Harry Selby
Samuel S. Buzine
Richard Marter
Charles H. Fitzsimmons IV

Camden Post-Telegram
January 3, 1910

Harry Selby
Samuel S. Buzine
Arthur Wingate
Richard Marter
Samuel S. Elfreth
George B. Wade
Peter B. Carter
Peter S. Gray
John A. Dold
Newton G. Ash
Joseph Johnson
Joseph Maxwell
Harry S. Burrough
William Elberson
Henry "Harry" Green
William Tatem
John Lennox
John Lutts

Charles H. Fitzsimmons IV

John Gardner
Charles Minckle
Harry Lee
Charles Hose

Camden Post-Telegram
December 28, 1910

Samuel Price
Charles H. Fitzsimmons Jr.
Mortica Clark
Herbert Hibbs
John McTaggart

Camden Post-Telegram
December 11, 1914


Master Street - Mary J. Ball Home & Day Nursery
Dr. Emma Richardson - Thomas Nicholas
Frank Gondolf - Charles H. Fitzsimmons IV
James H. McDermott - Mortica Clark - Harry A. Haines Sr.
Charles Sturgis - Eva Grey - Mary McKeown
"Brown" is George C. Boone
Engine Company 7 - Engine Company 3

Philadelphia Inquirer * December 1, 1916

Israel Adams - Charles Fitzsimmons IV - Furman Price
William McCauley - Lewis Newman - Henry Suters
William Comerford

World War I Draft Card

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Camden Saily Courier - September 17, 1920

Children Save Property From Flames as 2 Delair Schools Burn


Joseph H. Forsyth - William W. Patterson - Charles H. Fitzsimmons IV
Miss Mary Schleinkoffer - Mrs. Helen Cubberley - Miss Maude Henke
Engine Company 2

Philadelphia Inquirer * July 28, 1922