BENJAMIN DZICK was born June 1, 1910 to Nathan and Mary Dzick. His father was had a shoe repair business. The family, which included sisters Rae and Dorothy, lived at 3910-12 Westfield Avenue in East Camden.

Benjamin Dzick graduated from the South Jersey Law School in Camden, and began practicing law in 1933. He was appointed city prosecutor in 1942. Benjamin Dzick appears in the 1947 City Directory as a lawyer, living with wife Minette Newton Dzick at 469 North 35th Street in East Camden, which also was the home of Judge Dzick and his wife. Benjamin Dzick was an active member of Congregation Beth El at Park Boulevard and Belleview Avenue in Camden's Parkside section.

Benjamin Dzick was appointed Municipal Judge in May of 1950, and served in that capacity, and later as a judge in the Camden County Court, until at least June 5, 1959. His mother, Mary Dzick, passed shortly after he was elevated to the bench, on July 7, 1950. In 1954 Judge Benjamin Dzick was chairman of the Camden County Israel Bonds Committee

 Judge Benjamin Dzick passed away in June of 1961. 

Camden Courier-Post - October 14, 1931


Articles of incorporation filed in the office of County Clerk Charles F. Wise during the past week and , names of incorporators are:

Esther Osgenel Company, 215 Federal Street, real estate, 100 shares of common Stock without nominal or par value; Firmin Michel, 514 Essex Street, Gloucester; Benjamin J. Dzick, 3910 Westfield Avenue; Anna Cohen, 212 South Twenty-seventh Street.

Camden Courier-Post - June 9, 1933
College of South Jersey Will Also Graduate Class at Walt Whitman


Of 208 White Horse pike, Haddon Heights, who is an honors student in the senior class of the South Jersey Law School, which will be graduated tonight. Norris was graduated from Haddon Heights School in 1927 and is also an alumnus of South Jersey College. 

Dr. Arthur Holmes of the University of Pennsylvania, will be the principal speaker tonight at commencement exercises to be held by the College of South Jersey and the South Jersey Law School, in the Walt Whitman Hotel

Robert M. Norris is the valedictorian and Edward E. Finn is the Salutatorian. Finn will also conduct the mantle ceremony, as president of the senior class. S. Thurman Lovitt will deliver the valedictory of the graduating class of the college. Robert I. Hollingsworth, president of the senior class will make the mantle address for his fellow graduates. 

Rev. Dr. R. E. Brestell, pastor of St. Paul's Church, will be chaplain of the day. Diplomas will be awarded and degrees conferred by Elmer C. Van Name, president of the institution. 

Academic honors are to be awarded to Miss Bella Winigrad and Robert Norris of the law school and to S. Thurman Lovitt in the college. Among those receiving their diplomas and degrees are: Benjamin J. Dzick, Raymond T. Jubanyik, H. Wolfe Kotlikoff, Louis Krichev, Harry Levinsky, Angelo D. Malandra, John F. Rodgers, Bella R. Winigrad, Thomas Fallon, David Fatlowitz, Frank Halpin, Robert L. Hollingsworth, Gregory G. Lagakos, S. Thurman Lovitt, Samuel A. Melamed, John T. O'Neill, Edwin Segal, Adolph J. Stern and Edgar K. Graham (certificate) of Camden. 

Other graduates are: 

Law School- Samuel L. Aronson, James E. Collins, Edward E. Finn, Milton Manuel Kaplan, William B. Knight Jr., Joseph I. McCullough, Henry Miller, John L. Morrissey, Robert M. Norris, Albert K. Plone, Charles F. Richman, Ursula D. Simone, Joseph Wainer, Ellis Howard Wood.

College- Clayton E. Burdick, Phillip Frank Casella, Vincent A. DeMarco, Leonard A. Duffy, Franklin A. King, Stephen J. Kovrak, Andrew C. Levy, James J. Oakley, Charles Edward Sharp, Charles F. Steinruch Jr., Frederick B. Thatcher, William B. Watson, William R. Wordhoff, George W. Westcoatt. 

Those receiving certificates for special courses are: William Allen Barrett, C. Russell Briant, J. Lawrence Finlayson, W. Donald Risler, Joseph Henry Johnson, Cornelius Q. Read, Fred C. Sacks.

Camden Courier-Post - August 15, 1936
Hubby No. 2 Produces No. 1 In Court Battle on Support
Judge Decides That Second Doesn't Have to Pay; Whereupon Wife Makes Vain Effort to Shift Bill to First

Camden Courier-Post - October 26, 1936


Camden Courier-Post * February 12, 1938

Ready to Testify in Case When Indicted for Murder With Luggi

Samuel Bosco, widely known Camden barber, sat in the anteroom of the Camden County Grand Jury room yesterday, expecting to be called as a witness in the slaying of Angelo Magalas, Camden chef.

Instead he was arrested on the charge of murder.

With Frank Luggi, fugitive police character, he was charged with slaying Magalas, wounded fatally as he sat in a Penn street card game, January 10.

Magalas, who lived at 1119 Langham avenue, died Jan. 23 in Cooper Hospital. A coroner's jury found death was superinduced by gunshot wounds inflicted during a scuffle between two bandits and players at the scene of the holdup.

Bosco, who also participated in the card game, was one of the principal witnesses at the inquest. And yesterday he readily answered the summons to appear before the jury. 

Indicted by Jury

He was in the ante-room— still waiting to testify— shortly after 4 p. m. when Mark Reeve, clerk of the jury, came out and whispered to City Detective Thomas Murphy.

Murphy walked over to Bosco. Ha placed a hand on his shoulder and said:

"You are under arrest."

"What for?" Bosco asked.

'The grand jury just indicted you on a charge of murder," Murphy replied.

Bosco appeared stunned. He started to speak again. His lips moved but no sound came as ha arose, put on his overcoat and accompanied Murphy to the city jail across the street from the old courthouse. He was booked at police headquarters on the murder charge, photographed, fingerprinted and hell without bail.

John L. Morrissey and Benjamin J. Dzick, counsel for the accused barber, announced last night a rule to show cause for a writ of habeas corpus will be sought this morning from Common Pleas Court Judge Clifford A. Baldwin, in an effort to win Bosco's release.

Evidence Held Lacking

"There was no evidence to warrant Bosco's arrest on a charge of murder," Morrissey said.

"If Judge Baldwin is available I will appear before the court and ask for a writ of habeas corpus. I intend to ask the court to dismiss the charge entirely. There was not sufficient evidence to warrant a charge of murder and certainly no evidence on which the arrest for murder was made."

Both Morrissey and Dzick visited Bosco in the city jail last night. They held a brief conference after which Morrissey reported the barber still was stunned over the turn of events but .otherwise was unworried.

Police said arraignment of Bosco would be delayed due to the Lincoln's Birthday holiday. He probably will be taken before Judge Gene R. Mariano Monday morning, they said. 

Barber Held Door

Bosco was one of the players in the game, but when the bandits entered, he ran into a shed and held the door in back of him. He told police he held the door to prevent the bandits from following him. None of the players could have, fled by the door, either, Prosecutor Samuel P. Orlando pointed out.

At the time of the coroner's inquest, officials of the prosecutor's office questioned Bosco at great length concerning his act in holding the shed door closed.

"I didn't want the bandits to follow me. I didn't want to be robbed," Bosco answered his questioners.

Luggi has been sought for ques tioning in connection with the holdup; ever since it occurred.

Luggi has been identified by other participants of the card game, which was held at the home of Samuel Ermilios, 725 Penn street, as the gunman with whom Magalas was wrestling when the gun went off, the bullet severing an artery in Magalas' arm.

Camden Courier-Post * February 25, 1938

George E. Brunner
Isadore H. Hermann
Robert Burk Johnson
Benjamin Dzick
Joseph Lipkin
Joseph A. Varbalow
Frank Suttill
William H. Bovell
Albert Thompson
Mary Kobus
Clinton Street
North Front Street

Camden Courier-Post - July 5, 1941

Feed Bag: Former Judge Joseph Varbalow will soon announce he has purchased the Towers and Broadway Theatres from the Ellis family ... Circuit Court Judge V. Claude Palmer will probably file his decision today in the fraud charges made by the Republican League against the election of Freeholders Ciechanowski and Francesconi ... Since Judge Palmer told the Democratic attorney, Alex Feinberg, that Feinberg must complete his entire case in a half a day "because, frankly, 1 don't see what answer you can make to this testimony," you can draw your own conclusions about what the decision will be ... Incidentally, Judge Palmer will take a plane July 12 for a vacation at Calgary in the Canadian Rockies ... The name of Walter Uliase, Seventh ward Democrat, has been withdrawn from powwows on appointments to the county tax board, .. Senator Al Driscoll was willing to okay Joe Ackroyd, Democrat, as successor on the board to Fred Schorpp, whose term expired a few weeks ago, .. The Republicans are said to have figured that in that way, they could hold Victor King on the board awhile longer, even though his term expired more than a year ago ... Lee Smith, former WPA director; is still a possibility for the tax board job ... The Democrats are holding frequent conferences on who the assistant prosecutor shall be ... Police Judge Gene R, Mariano, a strong contender, has reportedly been dropped with Ben Dzick, Tony Mitchell, Charlie Rudd and the Kraft boys still in the running ... Police court habitues believe that Gene himself announced indirectly that he had been eliminated when he said from the bench, while hearing a case, "Lady, you'll find that even your best friends sometimes stab you in the back. I found that out myself only 1 o'clock yesterday afternoon" ... That was on Thursday ... Mayor George Brunner told the dept that our guess was still I as good his, so that leaves Ben Dzick still with the fence position in the race ... Mariano may be considered for the $5000 State job as sealer of weights and measures ... 


Miscellany: Neil F. Deighan, the saloonman who led the opposition to a legislative bill which proposed that liquor manufacturers and wholesalers be prevented from selling goods to any retailer who owed them money and that all purchases be made with cash or quick payment credit plan (the bill will die in committee), is having his troubles with some wholesalers ... Suits have been filed against Deighan and the Old Mill Inn, Inc., by Galsworthy, Inc., for $1713.51 plus interest; Joseph A. Reinfeld, Inc., for $1366.43 plus interest, and Majestic Wines and Spirits, Inc., for $1579.80 plus interest ... The suits are in the New Jersey Supreme Court and allegedly represent unpaid balances of liquor bills ... Tom Dickinson, courthouse custodian, is wearing a bright red face these days because the missus sent him to the store the other night for some sandwich meat for their guest……  Because of a similarity of trade names, Tom returned home with a package ... Of razor blades ... The new office of Bishop Eustace may be established at the old Rodger homestead at 721 Cooper street ... Vice Chancellor Al Woodruff has left for Chile and some deep sea fishing.


Camden Courier-Post * May 16, 1950

Benjamin Dzick - Anthony M. Lario - John R. DiMona - E. George Aaron - Mitchell H. Cohen
Rocco Lario - Frank M. Lario - Dr. David S. Rhone - Chris Miller - Pine Street - North 35th Street

Gettysburg Times - Gettysburg PA

October 25, 1950

Lethbridge Herald

Lethbridge, Alberta

October 29, 1950


Camden Courier-Post * November 29, 1950
Benjamin Dzick - Phillip Livechi - Guy Nadeo - South 3rd Street

Camden Courier-Post
December 29, 1950

Edward Shapiro
John Moffa
Elmer Parker
Market Street

Camden Courier-Post
December 30, 1950

Walter Friedrichs
Benjamin Dzick 

Camden Courier-Post - December 30, 1950
Benjamin Dzick - Russell Young - Robert Anthony -  Hugh Johnson

Camden Courier-Post - November 6, 1951
Benjamin Dzick - Robert Bailey - Joseph Carpenter - Charles Richards - William E. Kelly
Kaighn Avenue - South 2nd Street - Sycamore Street - Clarence Watson - High Street

Camden Courier-Post
December 11, 1951

Alice Dilks
Frank Dilkss
State Street
Benjamin Dzick

Camden Courier-Post - January 11, 1952
Benjamin Dzick - Harold Jackson - Gladys Brown - Frank Senatore - Central Avenue

Camden Courier-Post * February 14, 1952


Thomas Lauria - Edward Shapiro - John Moffa - Anthony Marino - Benjamin Dzick

Camden Courier-Post
February 22, 1952

Thomas Lauria
Benjamin Dzick

Van Hook Street

Camden Courier-Post * February 26, 1952


Thomas Lauria - Edward Shapiro - John Moffa - Anthony Marino - Benjamin Dzick

Camden Courier-Post
May 12, 1952

James R. Snyder
Kaighn Avenue
Louis Miller
Benjamin Dzick
Haddon Avenue
William Yeager
Harold Vecander

Camden Courier-Post * January 12, 1953


Benjamin Dzick - George Ellis - Marshall Thompson - Stanley Slagle - James J. Lenahan
Robert Sharp - Mary Lynch - Charles Clark -
Lynch's Cafe - North Front Street
Thomas Murphy - Harry Tracy - William Kelly - Oliver Morgan - John J. Hegar
Harry Kyler - Vincent Conley - Broadway - Federal Street - South 7th Street - John V. Wilkie
Kaighn Avenue -
Liberty Street - North 3rd Street

Camden Courier-Post
January 12, 1953

Harry Kyler
Cosmo Cianci
Pine Street
Joseph S. Parker
Benjamin Dzick

Camden Courier-Post
January 13, 1953

Harry Kyler
Raymond Bennett
Saunders Avenue
Benjamin Dzick

Camden Courier-Post * February 14, 1953

Harry Kyler - Benjamin Dzick - Campbell Soup

Camden Courier-Post
March 3, 1953

Benjamin Dzick
Ralph Roberts
William E. Kelly
Pearl Alston
South 2nd Street


Camden Courier-Post
July 6, 1953

Benjamin Dzick
Sevine Drummond
Kaighn Avenue
Sycamore Street
Charles Stone
Edward Watson
Fred Gee
James Malloy


Camden Courier-Post
July 6, 1953


Benjamin Dzick
Walter Busko
North 6th Street
Vine Street
Herman Jordan
Edward Shapiro
John Duffy
West Street
Berkley Street
Louis Lee
Mary Lee
Ringgold Street


Camden Courier-Post - December 28, 1953
South 2nd Street - Jeremiah Allen - Vera Allen

Camden Courier-Post - February 1, 1954
Van Buren Street - Benjamin Dzick - James Hayes - Walter Szalanski - Earl Hayes

Camden Courier-Post - February 1, 1954
Carman Street - Royal Avenue - Benjamin Dzick - Anthony Marino - Charles Walker - Edith Walker
Raymond Savidge - William Rogers - George Ellis

Camden Courier-Post - February 23, 1954

City Court Scene:
Barrington Man Given 30 Days for Bad Check

A Barrington man went to county jail for 30 days after Judge Dzick ruled him guilty of passing worthless check for rental of an auto.

The sentence- 30 days and $25 fine- was imposed on Ralph Visco, 35, of 338B Barrington Manor Apartments. Visco, police said, operates a filling station at 100 Grove Street, Haddonfield.

He was arrested on complaint of Augustus Gondolf; manager of an auto rental agency, 35 North 5th Street. Gondolf charged Visco tendered him a worthless check for $178 last December 10.

When arraigned today, Visco told Prosecutor Anthony Lario he wanted to make restitution and took a check from his pocket.

Dzick said he thought Visco had "a lot of nerve offering to make good on a bad check with another check" and added:  

"I'm getting a little tired of persons passing worthless checks and I don't care whether the checks are made good later ... the crime occurs when the check is first passed".

* * *

Alexander Chambers; 50, of 635 North 5th Street, was held for grand jury action, charged with rape on a 14 year-old girl. He pleaded not guilty, Chambers was arrested on a complaint of the girl's mother.

* * *

Judge Dzick fined two men $10 each for assault and battery. Fined were John Tubman, 635 Locust Street, and James Jones, 238 Chestnut Street.

Camden Courier-Post
 December 25, 1954

Benjamin Dzick - Shirley's Cafe
Joseph DIsner - Clinton Street
South 9th Street - John Moffa
Ralph Schaffer - James Garber
Levan Foster - South 35th Street
Federal Street


Benjamin Dzick - Anthony Mona - Nicholas Mona - Nicholas Persiano - Thomas Myers - George Ellis
James Walker - Robert Rogers - Broadway - South 4th Street - Mt. Vernon Street
Benson Street - Newton Avenue

Camden Courier-Post * January 4, 1955
Benjamin Dzick - Francis Burns - Mitchell Street - Roy C. Newkirk Jr. - Remo Croce
Dr. Lee Hammett - Dr. John J. Fleitz
Edmund Anyszek Jr. - Liberty Street - Edward Fulton -Lapole Fuller - Lawrence Street 

Camden Courier-Post
January 4, 1955

Martin Holleran


Camden Courier-Post * February 2, 1956

Benjamin Dzick - Admiral Wilson Boulevard - North 3rd Street - Stanley Kierszniewski 
Wayne Zienynki - Jackson Street - North 20th Street - John Moffa - William Haines
Dr. Lee J. Hammett - David Hainesworth - John Opfer - Charles Voll - William Miller - Harry Grebowich 

Camden Courier-Post * February 4, 1956

Benjamin Dzick - Anthony Mona - Nicholas Mona - Nicholas Persiano - Thomas Myers - George Ellis
James Walker - Robert Rogers - Broadway - South 4th Street - Mt. Vernon Street
Benson Street - Newton Avenue




Camden Courier-Post
February 15, 1956

Benjamin Dzick
 John J. Moore
Charles Dougherty
Point Street
Jane Beer
Jean Beer
William Miles
Penn Street
Webster Street
John WIborski










Camden Courier-Post * May 15, 1957

Benjamin Dzick - Broadway - South 3rd Street - Joseph Asbell
Bernice Brown - Charles Murray - Everett Jones 

Camden Courier-Post
December 1, 1957

Benjamin Dzick
Edward V. Martino
Robert Burk Johnson
Louis N. Caggiano

Anthony Mona

Federal Street

South 4th Street - Atlantic Avenue

Camden Courier-Post - December 7, 1957

Camden Courier-Post * December 12, 1957

Benjamin Dzick - Romeo Mercantini - Hatch Junior High School
Line Street - Rand Express Company

Camden Courier-Post * December 24, 1957

Benjamin Dzick - Edward V. Martino - Anthony Mitchell - Rocco Palese
Orvyl Schalick

Berkshire Eagle

Berkshire MA

June 1, 1959


Newport Daily News

Newport RI

June 5, 1959