ANTHONY P. SKOLSKI waas born in Camden on April 10, 1907. He was the son of Pelagia and John Edward Jaskolski. Anthony Skolski was one of 17 children, 15 of whom survived to adulthood. Anthony Skolski was born after Paul and Josephine and before Frances, Polly, Anna, Katherine, Elizabeth, Maria, John, Edward, Margaret, Florence, Theresa, and Loretta. John Skolski was a long-time member of the Camden Police Department. He had attained Sergeant's rank by April of 1930. He was still with the police department as late as the spring of 1942. John Skolski passed away in 1948. Both John and Anthony used the "Skolski" surname professionally. The Skolski family moved to 1028 Liberty Street around 1923 and is still there as of April 2009. 1930 and as late as 1947.

On May 16, 1937 Anthony Skolski had joined the police department. He was by 1947 a sergeant in the traffic department. Anthony Skolski and his wife Katherine then lived at 1216 Browning Street. He had been promoted to Inspector by the fall of 1957. By the mid-1960s he had been further promoted to Captain.

Anthony P. Skolski was last a resident of Cape May Courthouse, New Jersey. He died on February 3, 1995

Camden Courier-Post - December 11, 1957


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Camden Courier-Post - December 16, 1957 

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