ANTHONY SAPONARE was born September 14, 1917 in Camden to Rox and Elizabeth Saponare. He was their first child and eldest son. Following Italian tradition, he was named after his paternal grandfather, who had brought his family to America early in the 1900s. When the 1920 Census was taken the family had bought a home at 1006 South 4th Street. Rox Saponare was then working as a bolter at one of Camden's shipyards. 

Rox Saponare became a member of the Camden Police Department during the 1920s. By 1927 he had been promoted to detective. By April of 1930 he had been promoted to Sergeant, and was still serving in the Detective bureau. Rox and Elizabeth Saponare still lived at 1006 South 4th Street, and by then had four more children had been born, John, Dina, Frank, and Michelina. Sergeant Saponare's father Antonio and a nephew, also named Antonio, were then living at the South 4th Street  address with Rox Saponare and his family. 

The Saponare family resided at that address as late as 1936. By that time Rox Saponare had been placed in charge of the Fingerprint and Identification department 

of the Camden Police Department, a post he held until his retirement in the early 1940s. Detective William Deery succeeded him. 

The 1947 Camden City Directory lists the Rox Saponare family at to 562 Spruce Street. Anthony Saponare had joined the Camden Fire Department in the first quarter of 1942, and was by this time married. He lived at 835 South 6th Street. The Saponares lived at that address as late as October of 1959. They moved to 117 South 27th Street in East Camden during the 1960s. Rox Saponare passed away in September of 1965.

Anthony Saponare rose through the ranks of the Camden Fire Department. He was appointed to the Fire Department in 1942. He served as Captain with Engine Company 7, was in time promoted to Battalion Chief, and to Deputy Chief in December of 1968. By 1972 he was was serving as Deputy Chief in charge of Camden Fire Department support services. Chief Saponare was still serving in that post as late as the summer of 1977.

Anthony C. Saponare eventually moved to Haddonfield, New Jersey. He was a resident of that town when he passed away in February of 1990. He was survived by his wife, who joined him in December of 2005.

Younger brother Dr. Frank Saponare went into teaching and retired as Assistant Superintendent of the Camden City Schools. 

Another relative, also named Anthony Saponare, retired in 1989 from the Camden Police Department as Deputy Chief after 25 years of dedicated service. He went on to serve the Camden County Sheriff's Department as an Undersheriff for 12 years before becoming Chief of County Investigators with the Camden County prosecutor's office. In 2003 he was assigned by Camden County prosecutor Vincent Sarubbi to assist then Acting Chief Edwin Figueroa in implementing recommended changes in the administration of the Camden Police Department's daily operations. 

Fire Canteen Unit and members of Engine Company 7 after a general alarm fire on December 14, 1959. From left: Captain Anthony Saponare, Volunteers of America Colonel William Gwynne, Fire Fighters Carl Szalkowski, Joseph "Slick" Verderosa, and Joseph "Big Joe" Lesniewski.

1965- On the occasion of Edward Michalak's appointment to Chief of Department (seated from left) retiring Chief of Department Edward MacDowell, Chief Edward Michalak, Director Keith Kauffman; (standing from left) District Chiefs Frank Deal, Joseph Guarino, Robert Dukes, Anthony Saponare, Theodore Primas, Daniel Jiannetto, Fireman Erwin Brennan, Major William Gwynne of the Volunteers of America Fire Canteen. 

Camden Courier-Post * March 8, 1967


Left: SEA OF SMOKE engulfs firemen manning hoseline high above general alarm blaze in S. Broadway warehouse. But he's on an aerial ladder, not floating on a space platform.

Below: DENSE SMOKE from flame-swept warehouse on S. Broadway hinders fireman in general alarm blaze last night.

Anthony Corradetti - Broadway - Line Street - Louis Iatarola - Carolyn Iatarola - Lena Iatorola
John Luciani - Richard Hailey -
Thomas Penn - Theodore Primas - Edward V. Michalak
Angelo Errichetti - Anthony Saponare - Williams Street

 Camden Courier-Post * December 26, 1968


25 Firemen Finish Training

In a move aimed at staffing the Camden Fire Department for a new 42-hour work week. 25 probationary firemen will be graduated from the city fire academy Monday and 10 fire officers will be given promotions Tuesday. 

Heading the list of fire officer promotions will be the selection of Battalion Chief Anthony C. Saponare, 51, of 117 S. 27th Street, Camden, as deputy fire chief. The new deputy chief is a 26-year veteran on the city fire force.

Two fire captains to be promoted to battalion chief are Matthew J. Davies, Jr., 36, of 2819 Carman Street, Camden, and James H. Stewart, 54, of 317 Garden Avenue, Camden.

Seven firemen to be named captains include William D. Hillman. 29, of 11 Crestfair Apartments, Camden; Joseph H. Arensberg, 32, of 1041 N. 32nd Street, Camden; Robert E. Briggs, 48, of 2861 Congress Road, Camden; and John Brzozowski, 28, 371 N. 34th Street, Camden.

Also to be named captains are Edmund F. Gorczynski, 36, of 272 N. 33rd Street, Camden; Anthony T. Orme, 44, 3317 River Road, Camden; and William B. Young, 29, of 1126 N. 33rd Street, Camden.

The new firemen include Richard E. Johnson, Thomas H. Eckel, Ronald C. Crowder, John A. DeLuca, Peter P. Carbone, Robert P. Hand, Robert M. Lapp, Jerome A. Kee, Thomas V. Kane, Charles E. Mayo, James C. Peterson and George S. Szychulski, all of Camden.

Other slated fire school graduates are Ronald Angemi, Robert C. Welch, Robert G. Boyle, Glenn H. Moore, Marvin W. Bendy, Thomas J. DiBiaso, Arthur J. Gibson, Daniel J. Galasso, Samuel Battle Jr., Ronald J. Boyle, Jerome J. Watson, George R. Abbey, 3rd., and William H. Huelas, all of Camden.

The appointments of all 35 men become effective Jan. 1, 1969.

Chief of Department Edward Michalak with Deputy Chief Anthony Saponare
among the troops after Fourth Alarm in North Camden in 1972

Camden Fire Department - FIRE WATCH MAGAZINE, SPRING 1977



Fr. Howard G. Brickner #5           

 26 Years

Fr. Harvey J. Fisher #186

 26 Years

Capt. James W. Smith 

26 Years

Dep. Chf. Anthony C. Saponare       

 35 Years 

Fr. Andrew H. Foreman #183

26 Years

Fr. William J. Stibi #120 

26 Years

 Batt. Chf. Robert E. Dukes   

 30 Years 

Fr. Henry S. Keubler #34 

26 Years

Fr. William M. Stone #29

26 Years

Insp. Fr. George C. Hennessy #21  

 30 Years 

Fr. Joseph J. Lesniewski #50

26 Years

Capt. William G. Winstanley

26 Years

Dep. Chf. Daniel F. Jiannetto 

30 Years 

Fr. Phillip MacDonald #7(1

26 Years

Fr. Adolph S. Zubrzycki #62

26 Years

Dep. Chf. Theodore L. Prima

30 Years 

Fr. Joseph J. McTaggart #26

26 Years

Batt. Chf. John J. Giuliano

21 Years

Fr. Eugene F. Alston #7 

 29 Years 

Batt. Chf. John J. Mogck

26 Years

Insp. Fr. Alfred D. Nigro #76

21 Years

Batt. Chf. Biaggio P. Ardire 

 29 Years 

Capt. John E. Moore 

26 Years

Fr. Leon Puszczykowski #100

21 Years

Fr. William R. Harring #69     

 29 Years  Capt. Robert P. Olesiewicz 26 Years

Fr. John L. Sterner #73 

21 Years

Fr. William E. Hinch #151       

 29 Years  Capt. Anthony T. Orme 26 Years

Fr. Francis P. Stibi #143 

21 Years

 Capt. Herbert J. Schott 

 28 Years  Fr. Ralph H. Palmer #46 26 Years Fr. Carl R. Szalkowski #95 21 Years

Batt. Chf. Charles A. Bates

 26 Years

Members as listed above, have anniversary dates which fall during the first quarter