ANSON KELLEY, often referred to in the press of his time as Anson Kelly, served from January of 1912 until his retirement on January 1, 1933 with the Camden Police Department, many of those years as a detective.

Anson Kelley was born April 23, 1875 in Camden, New Jersey. He was the sixth of twelve children born to Anson Henry Kelley and his wife, the former Katherine Matthews. His father was a laborer who worked himself up to be a foreman, working for the Pennsylvania Railroad. The family is listed at 206 South 4th street in the 1872 Camden City Directory, and at 317 Arch street in the 1874, a year in which Anson Henry Kelley worked as a railroad brakeman. Census records and City Directories show the family living at 115 South 5th Street in 1876, 231 Bridge Avenue in 1878, 205 Taylor Avenue from 1880 to 1885, 214 Bridge Avenue from 1887 to 1890, 212 Bridge Avenue in 1891, and 928 Cooper Street from 1891 to 1898.

Anson Henry Kelley died February 1898 and was buried at St. Patrick's Cemetery in what was then the town of Stockton, which was annexed to Camden in 1899. All those buried at St. Patrick's cemetery were exhumed and re-interred at Calvary Cemetery by the end of 1924. The family moved to 567 Stevens Street. At the time of the 1900 Census the family consisted of Anson Kelley's mother, older brother Henry, and young siblings William, Katherine, Louis, Florence, and John.

Anson Kelley lived at 567 Stevens Street until about 1906. During this time he worked as a clerk for the Pennsylvania Railroad, and as a house painter. He wed to Mary Carle in vary late 1905 or 1906. Her sister Elizabeth was married to James J. Daly, whose father owned Daly's Cafe at 800 Linden Street, and who took over ownership when his father died in 1922 and ran into the 1940s.

The 1907 City Directory shows Anson and Mary Kelley living at 1012 Lawrence Street. A son, Anson James Kelley was born in February of 1907 in Camden. The Kelley family is listed at 1006 Lawrence Street from 1008 through 1910. Anson Kelley was working as house painter in these years.

On May 16, 1909 Camden Lodge 111, Loyal Order of Moose was dedicated in Camden. Anson Kelley was one of the charter members.

On January 3, 1912 Anson Kelley was appointed to the Camden Police department. The Kelleys lived at 1016 Penn Street from 1912 to 1923. They lived briefly at 809 Penn Street. By 1926 they were living at 801 Kimber Street

In 1921 Anson Kelley's brother-in-law, Frank C. Carle, became amember of the Camden Police Department.

On November 21, 1927 Anson Kelley was promoted to acting detective at the request of Captain John W. Golden. The promotion was soon made permanent. He had previously served briefly as an acting sergeant with the vice squad. Detective Kelley retired effective January 1, 1933.

Shortly after the Census was enumerated in April of 1930, Anson Kelley and his wife Mary moved to 333 North 8th Street. This would be their home for the rest of their lives. Mrs. Kelley passed away in 1944. Anson Kelley died in December of 1952. They were survived by their son, Anson J. Kelley.

Camden Daily Courier * February 24, 1898
Cooper Street

Camden Daily Courier
February 25, 1908

Anson Kelley - Harry Carle
Henry Gogel - Frank Carle
William Carle - James Daly
Charles Bennett - Bertie Stine
Rose Carle -Maud Bennett
Clara Bennett - Willie Carle
Victor Bennett

Camden Post-Telegram * October 14, 1912

O. Glen Stackhouse -
John Painter - Frank B. Frost
Jeff Kay - William T. Boyle
Elisha Gravenor
- Grace Presbyterian Church - Bertha Skillen - Bessie Skillen
Albert Ludlow - Joseph Wittick

North 21st Street - North 27th Street - North 30th Street - North 34th Street 
Sherman Avenue - High Street - Federal Street 
Thomas Sink -
A. Lincoln James - William Schregler - Henry C. Moffett
John Brothers - William C. Horner - Arthur Colsey - Anson Kelley
Robert T. Abbott -  
John H. Vickers - Frederick A. Finkeldey 
"Indian Bill" May - Eugene McCafferty
Dr. E.A.Y. Schellenger Sr. - John T. Potter - Elbridge B. McClong
Dr. William S. Jones - John T. Cleary - Charles A. Wolverton
Thomas Gallagher's Saloon

World War I Draft Card

Camden Courier-Post
November 22, 1927


John Golden
William Dolan
Rox Saponare
Frank Truax
Anson Kelley
Ralph Bakley

John Potter
John Skolski
William Whaland
James Clay

Camden Courier-Post
February 4, 1928

Anson Kelley - James E. Tatem
Arthur Colsey - Mary Kelley
Anson J. Kelley - John Golden



Camden Courier-Post * October 24, 1928
Anson Kelley - Daniel Cirucci - Benson Street - William Williams - South 2nd Street
Third Ward Republican Association
Alfonso Harris - Taylor Avenue - Lee Robinson - Washington Street 

Camden Courier-Post
June 25, 1929

Anson Kelley
Samuel Hill
Fern Street

Camden Courier-Post
January 17, 1930

Anson Kelley
Anson J. Kelley - Alma I. Brook
Morris Carey - Ethel Brown
Kimber Street - York Street
Benson Street
- Lawrence Street

Camden Courier-Post * June 30, 1930
John Edwards - Helen Edwards
Anson Kelley - Newton Avenue
Fred Crozier - Eugene Moreslander
William Boettcher - William McDonald
Lawrence Doran - John Golden
William D. Crozier

Camden Courier-Post - December 13, 1930


Carl Kisselman - Barney Brown - Benjamin Asbell - Benjamin Natal - N. Marcus
F. Victoria Kebler - Dr. P.R. Davey - F.A. Reickert - Norris Rollen - Julie Carey
Anson Kelley - Cooper Street - North 6th Street

Camden Courier-Post
April 10, 1931

Reino A. Thompson
Linden Street
Clifford A. Baldwin
Fern Street
Kimber Street
Todd Rooney
William Moll
Clifford Carr
Anson Kelley
John W. Golden
Charles V. Dickinson
Melvin Cain
Francis Zoll
Herbert Townsend

Rose Thompson - May Thompson - Irene Thompson - Diamond Thompson
Frederick Alanko Thompson - Onni "Esel" Thompson

Camden Courier-Post
October 22, 1937

Anson Kelley
Harry Carle
Frank Carle
William Carle


Camden Courier-Post
February 8, 1939


Camden Courier-Post
November 30, 1944


Camden Courier-Post
December 8, 1952