ALLEN PALMER was born on April 20, 1891 in the Ellisburg section of Delaware Township (present-day Cherry Hill), New Jersey to John and Ida Palmer. By 1900 the family had moved to 26 North 21st Street in East Camden. Beside Allen the family included siblings William, Howard, George, and Leroy Palmer. An uncle, Allen I. Palmer, and his wife Mary also lived in East Camden, at 429 North 29th Street. Allen I. Palmer would work as a Camden Police officer from 1906 until his death in 1917, which was caused when he was thrown from his horse while on mounted police duty. The John and Ida Palmer family was living at 39 Marlton Avenue when the next Census was enumerated. The Scott family lived at 29 Marlton Avenue, their son Edward Y. Scott would grow up have a long career with Camden fire fighters.

Allen Palmer married shortly after the 1910 Census enumeration. The 1914 City Directory shows him living with his wife Margaret at 2263 Mickle Street, and working as a soapmaker. When Allen Palmer registered for the draft in June of 1917 he was living in East Camden at 2321 Howell Street with his wife Margaret and three children, ages 7, 3, and 18 months. Allen 

Palmer was then working as an automobile driver for a firm in Philadelphia. He was appointed to the Camden Fire department on March 6, 1918. Less than three weeks after his appointment, there was a small fire at his home at 2205 Sewell Street.

Allen Palmer and his wife had moved to 1027 Lois Avenue in Cramer Hill by 1927, however by 1929 they seem to have separated. He was living with his brother Howard at 32 Morse Street in East Camden. Fire Department records from 1931 show Allen Palmer at 1206 North 24th Street in Cramer Hill, staying with brother firefighter James Young. He moved to  2796 Stevens Street during the 1930s.

Allen Palmer's final post after 23 years with the Department was as an engineer at Engine Company 9 at North Twenty-seventh and Federal streets, not far from his home at 2796 Stevens Street.

When Allen Palmer retired from the Fire Department on August 1, 1941 it was with the intent to move to Florida. He was living in St. Petersburg in the spring of 1942 when he registered for the draft. He returned to New Jersey and lived in Audubon and lastly at 7510 Park Avenue in Pennsauken. Allen Palmer passed away at home on August 31, 1964. He was buried at Lakeview Cemetery in Cinnaminson, New Jersey.

World War I Draft Card

Philadelphia Inquirer - March 23, 1918

Ladder Company 3 - Allen Palmer - George Dunlap
Sewell Street - 24th Street - Federal Street

Philadelphia Inquirer - March 23, 1918

Peter B. Carter - Harry B. Maxwell - Allen Palmer - Louis Neumann - George H. Pursglove
Roy DeHaven - Julius Herbert - Harry W. Stone - Joseph Sparks - Robert Knox - Clarence Pursglove
Anthony Paradise - Robert Welsh - Walter Mertz - Horace Cairns - Samuel Whitzell

Hook & Ladder Company 3, Hose & Chemical Company 1 & Engine Company 9 - 1924

Hook & Ladder Company 3: Captain Joseph B. Ayres, FF Dave Humphries, Al Dukes, John Mulligan, Bill Mountney, Bill Hopkins. Hose & Chemical Company 1: Captain Charles H. Robinson, FF William E "Pud" Jaeckel, George Townsend, Ken Naylor, Howard Gick. Engine Company 9: Captain John H. Vickers, FF Irv Lederman, Newton Ash, Joe Gentlesk, Al Palmer

Camden Post-Telegram * August 19, 1925

Charles Younger - Y.M.C.A - Lewis H. Stehr Jr.
Joseph Connell -
John W. Golden
Charles T. Humes - Archie Riess
Walter A. Mertz - Engine Company 1

Everett Joslin - Joseph McDonald - Vernon Jones
Frank Nelson - William Rogers - Harold Dunnit
John Bright -
Edwin Callahan - Walter Larson
August Pflederer - Clarence Phifer - Thomas Welch
Stanley Wirtz - Charles Naylor - George Rothwell
Richard Donnelly - Lester Gleason - Joseph Keefe

Fred Schucker - Harry Wagner - Chris Moll
Harry Layton - Edgar Ellender - August Haverkamp
Frank Kuda - Harry Kleinfelder - William Foehle
Thomas Shanahan - Harrison Pike
Lester Anderson - William Wood
George Townsend - Allen Palmer - William Swartz Nelson Till - William MountneyJohn A.Strauss
Frank Obermann - Edward Menzies
John Mulligan - Frank Kates - Clifford Lane
Nelson Andrews - Harry Leigh

John Lennox - William Merrigan
Howard Walker - Harry Greenan - Peter Laird

Smith- could be David, George, Roy, or Spencer William Rudd?

Camden Motorcycle Sporting Club
Joseph Bernart
Frank DeViney
Carl Preisendanz
Edward Paul
Charles Ellis
George Gummel
Bennett Arnold
Clayton Albertson

Camden Courier-Post - April 2, 1928




6th Street - 7th Street
Ferry Avenue
- 27th Street
Atlantic Avenue - Federal Street
 Kaighn Avenue - Lawrence Street
Mickle Street - Spruce Street
Congoleum Nairn Inc.
Bleakly Brothers
M.D. Cornish - Horace R. Dixon - Fred Hutchinson - Allen Palmer
Clarence Pursglove - Dominic Sgariglio - Louis Tarter
Edward C. Vanderbilt - John Whitehead - Samuel Yentis
Engine Company 9

Camden Courier-Post * August 1, 1941


Allen Palmer, member of the Camden Fire Department for 23 years, retired on pension today.

Palmer, who is 50 and lives at 2796 Stevens Street was appointed to the department by old city council on March 6, 1918. He now is an engineer at Engine Company No. 9, Twenty-seventh and Federal streets. He will receive an annual pension of $1080, half of his salary of $2160, and will move to St. Petersburg, Florida to live after September 1, Captain James Young said..

World War II Draft Card

Camden Courier-Post
September 2, 1964