ALBERT CLINE was the brother of Elwood Cline, one of the original members of the Camden Fire Department who entered service on December 7, 1869 as an extra man with Engine Company 2. It should be noted that Albert Cline's name appears in different records (Census and City Directories) as Alfred Cline in later years. a It

Albert Cline was born in New Jersey in October of 1852 to John A. and Rebecca Cline. He was the oldest child. The family had lived in Medford, New Jersey in 1850, by 1860 they had moved to Camden's Middle Ward. John A. Cline worked as a bartender. It appears that John A. Cline enlisted as a Private on August 17, 1861 in Company I, 4th Infantry Regiment New Jersey and was killed in action while serving with this unit on May 12, 1864 at Spotsylvania Court House, Virginia.

The 1870 Census shows Albert Cline, 17, living at 524 Bridge Avenue, Camden, with his widowed mother Rebecca Cline. Siblings Emma, Albert, Anna, and Joseph were also at home, as was older brother Elwood Cline and his wife Sarah Cline and daughter Eva, 1. All three of the Cline brothers worked for the railroad, and Elwood Cline was also working for the Camden Fire Department as an extra man, as stated above.

Elwood Cline served with the Camden Fire Department until late in 1873. He was still living at 524 Bridge Avenue when he left the Department. Albert Cline was still making 524 Bridge Avenue his home when he was appointed to serve with the Hook & Ladder Company (later known as Ladder Company 1) on April 8, 1876. He remained a member of the Camden Fire Department for one year. He was replaced on April 8, 1877 by Josiah Davis. Elwood Cline returned to work as a driller for the railroad.

The 1880 Census shows Albert Cline and his wife Elizabeth living at 524 Bridge Avenue with their children Viola, Harry, Howell, and Alberta, who ranged in age from 6 to 10 months. The family had moved to 446 Bridge Avenue by the latter half of 1881. Albert Cline began working as a deck hand aboard one of the Pennsylvania Railroad's ships (they operated tugboats, ferries, and barges on the Delaware River) in the early 1880s. Still living at 446 Bridge Avenue, by 1887 he was piloting one of the railroad's ships. The 1892-1893 Directory has the Cline family still living at 446 Bridge Avenue. The 1894-1895 City Directory states that he was the Captain of the Pennsylvania Railroad tugboat Verona, and was living at 425 Clinton Street. By 1896 Albert Cline and family had moved to 440 West Street. He remained in the employ of the Pennsylvania Railroad in other positions than tugboat captain, as a floatman in 1896, then as a switch tender. The 1900 Census shows Albert and Elizabeth Cline at 439 Stevens Street, with children Harry, Howell, Alberta, and Clarence, who was born in 1882. The family was still at 439 Stevens Street when the 1906 City Directory was compiled.

56 years old at the time of his death, Albert Cline passed away on December 26, 1908 and was buried at Evergreen Cemetery. When the Census was taken in 1910 his widow Elizabeth was living at 567 Clinton Street with sons Harry and Howell, and Harry's daughter Grace. Harry Cline was also a widower at that time. Both sons were still working for the railroad.