Elwood Menzies


ELWOOD MENZIES was born on December 6, 1895 in Camden, New Jersey. He went by the name of Edward Menzies most of his life.

Edward Menzies was born in Camden on December 6, 1895 to Lucy and Daniel Menzies. The Menzies appear in the 1896 Camden City Directory at 1135 Maple Street in. The 1898 and 1899 Directories shoes the family at 1119 Maple Street. The family was living at 304 North 11th Street at the time of the 1900 Census. The family moved to East Camden not long afterwards.

The Daniel Menzies family was living at 2629 Carman Street in East Camden as early as 1906. The 1910 Census shows the family, which included older half-brothers George and William, living at the Carman Street address. Edward Menzies was still living with his parents at 2629 Carman Street as late as 1914. Daniel Menzies worked in one of Camden's Leather factories, and Edward Menzies had gone to work there before his fifteenth birthday.

Edward Menzies appears in the 1918-1919 Camden City Directory at 1992 Carman Street. The 1920 Federal Census was taken. Edward Menzies was working as a tank tester at one of Camden's shipyards. He was still living at 1992 Carman Street. Edward Menzies was appointed to the Camden Fire department around 1922. By 1924 the Menzies were living at 2126 Watson Street. He had moved to 29 Marlton Avenue by the time the 1927 City Directory was compiled. By 1929 he had moved to 25 Marlton Avenue. The 1930 Census shows Edward Menzies, city fireman, living at 2109 Berwick Street in East Camden with his daughter Kathryn, 13, and son Edward, 11. Fire Department records from 1931 also list him at that address. The 1940 Camden City Directory shows Edward Menzies at 156 Eutaw Avenue.

When he registered for the draft in 1942 Edward Menzies was living at 156 Eutaw Avenue in East Camden. He was attached to Engine Company 8 at 619 Kaighn Avenue. By 1943 he had moved to 2513 Carman Street. The 1947 Camden City Directory shows Edward Menzies at 2513 Carman Street

On January 12, 1948, Fireman Elwood Menzies of Engine Company 8 died in the line of duty during a working fire at 713 Blaine street in South Camden. Fireman Menzies was connecting a hose line to the apparatus when he collapsed in the street. He was 51 years of age at the time of his death and had completed more than 25 years of service with the Camden Fire Department. He was survived by his wife, Laura, daughter Kathryn, and son Edward D. Menzies. 

Camden Post-Telegram * August 19, 1925

Charles Younger - Y.M.C.A - Lewis H. Stehr Jr.
Joseph Connell -
John W. Golden
Charles T. Humes - Archie Riess
Walter A. Mertz - Engine Company 1

Everett Joslin - Joseph McDonald - Vernon Jones
Frank Nelson - William Rogers - Harold Dunnit
John Bright -
Edwin Callahan - Walter Larson
August Pflederer - Clarence Phifer - Thomas Welch
Stanley Wirtz - Charles Naylor - George Rothwell
Richard Donnelly - Lester Gleason - Joseph Keefe

Fred Schucker - Harry Wagner - Chris Moll
Harry Layton - Edgar Ellender - August Haverkamp
Frank Kuda - Harry Kleinfelder - William Foehle
Thomas Shanahan - Harrison Pike
Lester Anderson - William Wood
George Townsend - Allen Palmer - William Swartz Nelson Till - William MountneyJohn A.Strauss
Frank Oberman - Edward Menzies
John Mulligan - Frank Kates - Clifford Lane
Nelson Andrews - Harry Leigh

John Lennox - William Merrigan
Howard Walker - Harry Greenan - Peter Laird

Smith- could be David, George, Roy, or Spencer William Rudd?

Camden Motorcycle Sporting Club
Joseph Bernart
Frank DeViney
Carl Preisendanz
Edward Paul
Charles Ellis
George Gummel
Bennett Arnold
Clayton Albertson

Camden Courier-Post - September 13, 1926

More than 1,200 persons witnesses the second annual track and field day of the 
Camden police and firemen.
Ed Menzies, a fireman is seen winning the 100 yard dash. Menzies is second from the left. At his left is Clarence Phifer, a policeman, who finished second, while at Menzies' right is George Nicktern, another cop, who took third place. 

The inset shows Barney Berlinger, Mercerburg Academy star, who, competing for 
Meadowbrook, triumphed in the pole vault.       

Camden Courier-Post - March 8, 1932

Charles Errickson  - Wallace Phifer - Adam Mead - Herbert Baxter Sr. - Edward Menzies - Engine Co. 8
South 9th Street - Ferry Avenue - Line Street - Atlantic Avenue - Sheridan Street - Liberty Street 
Berwick Street - Yorkship Square - V.I. Chestnut - Marvin Chestnut - Joseph Caputi

World War II Draft Card

Camden Fire Fighters Fallen in the Line of Duty