Camden Fire Department
Fire, Rescue, & Safety Operations

This page and the other pages in this series are the successors to the series of web-page about the Camden Fire Department that began with that called Camden Fire Department: The Fires of the Summer of 2011. On this and other pages in the series you will find links to pages with pictures and information regarding different events and aspects of the fire service in Camden, New Jersey. 

Many thanks are also due to photographers such as Gabe Angemi, Dave Hernandez, Joel D. Bain, Joel R. Bain, Ted Aurig, Dom Patricelli and Dave Boone who have furnished photos, and MAJOR, MAJOR THANKS to the Dean of Camden's Fire Photographers, Bob Bartosz, for providing inspiration, example, and instruction, making all this possible. It also must be said that none of this could have been accomplished without the aid and assistance of the Camden Fire Department and cooperation of the Camden Police Department.

Clicking on a photo on any of these pages will in almost every case give you a 4x6 or larger print quality JPG file.

As with the web page covering other Camden Fire Department events, if you can identify anyone that I've missed, please e-mail me. (I'm terrible at at names and faces).

Phil Cohen
February 18, 2014

January 6, 2014
Three Kings Celebration

January 13 & January 16, 2014
Two New Captains

January 13
Three Alarm Fire at Ivy Hill Apartments

January 2014
Firehouse Life - Assorted Photos




Asante Wilson - Michael Miller