Camden Police department

On this page you will find a roster of police officers compiled sometime after June of 1967 and before August of 1968, when Keith Kauffman was Public Safety Director and Harold Melleby was Chief of Police. A few of the senior officers on this roster are also named on a police roster from 1949 kept by Sergeant William Schultz of the Camden Police Department, which can be seen by clicking HERE. Sergeant Schultz  passed away in October of 1986.

The dated were established through news articles. Detectives August Balzano, Robert Mentz, David Del Rossi, Isaiah Pitts, John Phoenix, and Gilbert Upshaw had been promoted to that rank in July of 1967, while Officer Elwood Ridge, who joined the force in August of 1968 is not listed. 

The list included addresses and phone numbers. I will list addresses only if I know the party is deceased or no longer has a connection to it, or if the building no longer is standing..

Links to pages with profiles of former Camden police officers can be found here and on the Interesting People of Camden NJ page. 

Click HERE to see the 1949 roster.  

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Phil Cohen
September 2006

Camden Police Department

Director Keith Kauffman
Chief Harold Melleby
Deputy Chief William Yeager Joined 1-1-1943
Captain John Watkins Joined 9-26-1940
Captain Donald Watson Joined 8-22-1940
Captain Anthony Skolski Joined 5-16-1937
Deputy Director Arnold Cream
aka "Jersey Joe Walcott" 
Lieutenant William Campbell
Lieutenant Howard Clayton Joined 8-1-1937
Lieutenant Roland Comerford Joined 11-16-1940
Lieutenant Mario Ferrari
Lieutenant David Kelly
Lieutenant William Kelly Joined 11-16-1940
Sergeant Joseph Anskis
Sergeant William Bennett Joined 1-17-1949
Sergeant Walter Busko
Sergeant Frank Call Joined 7-16-1942
Sergeant Arnold Cream Jr.
Sergeant Joseph Caputi Joined 10-16-1940
Sergeant George Emore
Sergeant Dennis Evans
Sergeant Thomas Ewanichak Joined 9-16-1948
Sergeant Relio Ferrari
Sergeant Virgil Ferrari Joined 1960
Retired 1990
30 years service
Sergeant Charles Henry
Sergeant Albert Fisher
Sergeant James Flanagan
Sergeant John Giletto Joined 1960
Sergeant Joseph Hainsworth
Sergeant Roswell Humes
Sergeant Thomas Jones
Sergeant Jules Kaunacki Joined 11-16-1940
Sergeant Thomas Kelly Joined 1949
Retired 1978
29 Years Service
Sergeant Charles Kocher
Sergeant George McKenzie
Sergeant Andrew McBurney Joined 9-16-1948
Sergeant Joseph McCann
Sergeant Donald McGlensey
Sergeant Dennis Millar
Sergeant Raymond Paradise
Sergeant Peter Paull Joined 1951
Retired 1987
36 years of service
Sergeant Howard Quick
Sergeant Earl Quinton Joined 10-19-1940
Sergeant Alfred Randazzo Joined 7-16-1946
Sergeant Ervin Ray
Sergeant Frank Senatore Joined 1-17-1949
Sergeant James Styles
Sergeant Walter Szalanski Joined 2-1-1943
Sergeant Charles Trostel Joined 9-16-1948
Sergeant Edward Troutman Joined 9-16-1948
Sergeant John Troutman
Detective Augustus Balzano
Detective Estel Brown
Detective Vincent Buondonno Joined 1960
Detective Joseph Carpenter
Detective John Dease
Detective David Del Rossi
Detective Albert Devone
Detective Dominick Di Bartolomeo
Detective James Faison
Detective Edward Fulton
Detective Alphonzo Grant Joined 7-16-1946
Detective John Howe
Detective Nathan Jones
Detective Joseph Lack Joined 3-1-1928
Detective Carl Maddox Joined 5-15-1944
Detective Donald Maloy
Detective Jacob Maressa Joined 5-16-1944
Detective Stephen Mason
Detective Joseph McComb
Detective Robert Mentz 2608 Baird Boulevard
Detective William O'Brien
Detective Nicholas Pavlak Joined 9-16-1948
Detective Isaiah Pitts
Detective Clemente Queiroz
Detective George Sahlin
Detective Thomas Scarduzio Joined 2-8-1943
Detective Earl Smith
Detective Golden Sunkett Joined 6-27-1944
Detective Gilbert Upshaw
Detective Joseph Valeriano Joined 5-11-1944
Retired 1974
Detective Louis Walls
Detective Joseph Whylings
Patrolman Giuseppe Alesandrini
Patrolman James F. Anderson
Patrolman James M. Anderson
Patrolman Jene Andreacola
Patrolman Joseph Aruanno Joined 1962
Patrolman John Aversa
Patrolman Eugene Bagwell
Patrolman William Banks
Patrolman Earl Bates
Patrolman Robert Bergman
Patrolman William Berks
Patrolman Maurice Bielicki
Patrolman Richard Brooks
Patrolman George Brown
Patrolman Melvin Burt Retired
Patrolman William Busch Joined 1962
Patrolman Michael Cimino
Patrolman George Clark
Patrolman Wayne Clark
Patrolman John Cleary Joined 1962
Patrolman George Corson
Patrolman Francis Crissey 1107 South Merrimac Road Joined 1962
Patrolman David Danield
Patrolman Ferdinand De Luca
Patrolman Gerald Derer
Patrolman Joseph Di Taranto
Patrolman Frederick Dobson
Patrolman Daniel Domeraski
Patrolman George Doughty Joined 4-16-1942
Patrolman Harry Downs
Patrolman Edward Eldred Joined 1966
Patrolman Philip Ferrari Joined 1962
Patrolman Joseph Fisher
Patrolman Earl Flanagan
Patrolman Francis Flemming
Patrolman William Frampton
Patrolman Anthony Gambone
Patrolman Antonio Genetta
Patrolman Albert George 912 Haddon Avenue Joined 1962
Patrolman Ronald Golden
Patrolman Monserrate Gonzalez
Patrolman Joseph Grace
Patrolman Anthony Greskovich
Patrolman Charles Guidotti Joined 1962
Patrolman William Guidotti
Patrolman Edward Hahn
Patrolman Richard Hailey
Patrolman William Haines
Patrolman James Hale
Patrolman Harry Harris Joined 1962
Patrolman Kenneth Hatfield
Patrolman Reginald Hilton
Patrolman David Hodosheff
Patrolman Ivin Holmes
Patrolman Lucian Holmes Joined 1958
Retired 1983
Patrolman William Horay
Patrolman Frank Howard
Patrolman Robert Hughes Joined 1962
Patrolman Thomas Jamison
Patrolman James Johnson
Patrolman Arnold Jones Joined 1962
Patrolman Arthur Jones Joined 9-16-1948
Patrolman Joseph Kane Joined 9-16-1948
Patrolman Herman Keubler Joined 5-23-1944
Patrolman Robert Kirkbride
Patrolman Edward Kitlas
Patrolman Francis Koch
Patrolman Kenneth Krueger
Patrolman Joseph Kunicki
Patrolman John Kurtyan
Patrolman Vincent Lavecchio
Patrolman Arthur Lewandoski
Patrolman Edward Lewandoski
Patrolman William Lewis Joined 1-17-1949
Patrolman William Limper
Patrolman Louis Liss Joined 5-9-1944
Patrolman Frank Locantore
Patrolman Thomas Long Joined 1962
Patrolman Leon Loveland
Patrolman Michael Lupico
Patrolman Frank Martelli
Patrolman Anthony Martino
Patrolman Francis Matreale
Patrolman Timothy McCarthy
Patrolman Francis McHugh
Patrolman Edward McKeown Name crossed out
Patrolman Edward Michalak Joined 1962
Patrolman Vincent Miller
Patrolman Anthony Moffa Joined 2-1-1943
Patrolman Arnold Monahan
Patrolman Andrew Monroe
Patrolman Walter Mrowczynski
Patrolman William Murray
Patrolman George Nearsey
Patrolman Junius Nelson
Patrolman David Newberry
Patrolman John Opfer Joined 9-23-1940
Patrolman Joseph Orzechowski
Patrolman Thomas Orzechowski
Patrolman Dominick Palese Joined 5-27-1944
Patrolman Louis Passeri
Patrolman Thomas Penn Name crossed out; Left the force due to death or illness
Patrolman John Phoenix
Patrolman Richard Pierznik
Patrolman Joseph Pollitt Name crossed out
Patrolman Frederick Pratt
Patrolman George Pugh
Patrolman Luigi Quaranto
Patrolman Nelson Randolph
Patrolman Harry Ray
Patrolman William Reeves
Patrolman John Sabella
Patrolman Anthony Saponare
Patrolman Henry Sanders Name crossed out
Patrolman Michael Scarduzio
Patrolman Ralph Schaffer
Patrolman Fontaine Shockley
Patrolman Townsend Sims
Patrolman Paul Skeens
Patrolman Howard Smith
Patrolman William Smith
Patrolman James Snyder
Patrolman Jerome Spratley
Patrolman Alfred Steinmetz
Patrolman Dennis Stephens
Patrolman Donald Still
Patrolman John Stinsman
Patrolman Robert Tatum
Patrolman Charles Taylor
Patrolman Leo Tompkins Jr. Joined 1953
Retired 1981
Patrolman Joseph Tortorelli
Patrolman Platte Trevito Joined 1965
Retired 1990
Patrolman Ronald Troutman
Patrolman Douglas Tydeman 2112 Howell Street Retired 28 years
Patrolman Robert Upshaw Retired 1991
Patrolman Frank Valora
Patrolman Robert Van Deventer Joined 1962
Patrolman Charles Voll
Patrolman Robert Whalen
Patrolman Joel White Joined 7-16-1946
Patrolman Harris Wilkerson Joined 9-16-1948
Patrolman Horace Wilkerson Joined 1962
Patrolman Robert Williams Joined 1962
Patrolman Peter Yecco
Matron Beulah Green
Matron Marie Opfer
Matron Carolyn Walsh
Matron Mary Skolski

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