Paul Joseph Golembski

Private First Class, U.S. Marine Corps


B Company 
1st Battalion
9th Marine Regiment
1st Marine Division

Entered the Service from: New Jersey
Died: July 2, 1967
Buried at: St. Joseph Cemetery
                   Chews Landing, New Jersey
Awards: Purple Heart

PRIVATE FIRST CLASS PAUL JOSEPH GOLEMBSKI was born in Camden NJ on October 12, 1947 to Mr. and Mrs. Sigmund Golembski. The family lived at 517 Roberts Street in South Camden. His father worked as a custodian at Pyne Point Junior High School in North Camden.

Paul Golembski enlisted in the United States Marine Corps shortly after graduating from Camden High School in June of 1966. After training as a rifleman, he was sent to Vietnam. 

Paul Golembski was killed in action by enemy artillery on July 2, 1967 in Quang Tri province, Vietnam. He was survived by his parents, sisters Marlene and Frances, and a brother, Edward.

Philadelphia Inquirer - July 11, 1967

Camden Courier-Post - July 21, 1967

‘Buddies’ Since School

City Marine Killed After Friend Leaves

They had been buddies since grammar school in Camden.

After graduating from Camden High School, Paul J. Golembski of 517 Roberts Street joined the Marines. His friend Robert “Bud” Phillips had enlist in 1963 in the Navy.

But the two friends kept in touch by letter.

THEN ABOUT three months ago they had a reunion in Vietnam, meeting in Da Nang.

Paul was sent to Dang Ha. Wanting to be near his longtime friend, he volunteered and was transferred to the Dang Ha naval support detachment C/N  Phillips was stationed.

They were based only a few miles apart and saw each other “every two to three days.”

ON JUNE 18 they exchanged complaints of “tonsil trouble.”

Paul spoke hopefully of his scheduled seven days of “r&r” (rest and relaxation” in Tokyo, starting in July.

Phillips prepared for a leave with his family at 54 Yale Avenue, Gloucester Heights.

They never saw each other again.

Paul was killed later by artillery fire during action in the DMZ.

Phillips heard the news from Paul’s sister Marlene, whim he used to date.

He is returning to Vietnam for another nine months tour of duty.

It won’t be the same without Paul to reminisce about happier days in Camden

is honored on Panel 22E Line 102 of
the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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 and their contact information may not be good anymore **


Paul and I grew up in Camden and were the best of friends. I joined the Navy in 1964 and was on my first tour of duty in Da Nang when Paul got to visit me for a few days of in-country R&R. After getting caught in an out of bounds area, we were separated and he was sent back to his unit while I was given Captain's Mast. I never seen Paul again. I was sent home to attend my brother's funeral when I got a call from Paul's sister Marlene, that he was killed in action. I never felt so helpless than that moment when she called. Now I had to attend two funerals, one my brother, the other my best friend. I returned to my Unit in Vietnam and felt that I had a dept to pay. I volunteered for special forces and was sent to Coronado, Ca. for Seal training. As luck would have it, I was sent to Cua-Viet in the Northern most part of South Vietnam, just a few miles from where Paul was Killed. It was a pleasure to tear up the enemy in that area. But, it never brought back my friend. I got out of the Navy in 1970 with a disability from service connected wounds. Somehow I feel like I am guilty because I wasn't there with my best friend when he died. I was at home seeing his family and mine while he was alone. Forgive me my friend, I will always Love you and pray that we will meet again. Bud

Charles "Bud" Phillips
His best friend
Land O Lakes, Florida