July 24, 1938
from the book
The Life And Times of Warren Webster
Warren Webster Jr.

The picture below was taken on June 24, 1938 in front of the Warren Webster and Company factory on Federal Street in Camden. The night before, the company paid tribute to its founder, Warren Webster, on the 50th Anniversary of the company's founding.

Warren Webster & Company Employees - June 24th 1938

Warren Webster & Company Employees - June 24th 1938

Above: Webster Personnel 1 through 39

Warren Webster & Company Employees - June 24th 1938

Above: Webster Personnel 40 through 81


The year 1938 was the fiftieth in the history of Warren Webster and Company and as the summer approached the Organization began laying plans to celebrate the Golden Jubilee and do honor to the Founder. In June all the representatives from district offices who could possibly do so assembled at the factory and several days were spent in the usual sales conferences and discussions.

50th Anniversary Banquet - June 23rd, 1938

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On the evening of June 23rd, the Organization tendered Warren Webster a testimonial dinner at the Walt Whitman Hotel. It was an exceptionally happy and impressive affair and one that will never be forgotten by most of us.

Across the back of the hall, against a background of palms and shrubbery and a banner bearing the legend "1888—WEBSTER—1938," was a long table at which were seated Warren Webster and his principal aides. Mayor George G. Brunner, of Camden, who made the address of the evening, was the only one present not directly connected with the Company.

The hall was filled with smaller tables at which were gathered more than three hundred members of the Webster Business Family. The centerpiece of each table was a card bearing in large figures two dates "1896—1938," "1900—1938," and so on, indicative of the length of time the occupants of that table had served the Company.

What satisfaction must have been Warren Webster's as he looked down on this happy throng gathered to do him honor!

As the glittering motors glided past the windows and an airplane hummed overhead, what memories must have crowded through his mind—he who had seen the world literally made before his eyes!

Quickly—too quickly, the hour passed.

Factory at time of 50th Anniversary celebration 1938

* * *

A few days later Warren Webster left with Mrs. Webster, his daughter, Pauline, my wife and me for a trip to Czechoslovakia. 

About six weeks were spent at Piestany where Mother benefited greatly by taking "the cure" at the "Spa." Before leaving for home on the Europa early in September, we visited several cities that both Father and Mother had always wished to see, traveling by auto. Budapest, Vienna, Nuremberg—all proved exceptionally interesting to all.

Warren Webster Jr.

Warren Webster passed away on December 21, 1938

The Life And Times of Warren Webster

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