Camden Grocers Exchange

As early as the 1930s the Walt Whitman Stores could be found throughout Camden and the surrounding towns. While the chain may have been long gone by the early 1980s, one or two buildings in Camden still sported the green Walt Whitman Stores sign. The Walt Whitman Stores operated under the sponsorship of the Camden Grocers Exchange, a food distribution business which by the 1940s had a warehouse on Atlantic Avenue, west of Ferry Avenue.

Private Label "Walt Whitman Brand" products packed and distributed by
Camden Grocers Exchange 

Private Label "Walt Whitman" coffe packed and distributed by
Camden Grocers Exchange 

Private Label "Poet Brand" products packed and distributed by
Camden Grocers Exchange 

"Walt Whitman Stores" trucks on Atlantic Avenue 

"Walt Whitman Stores" grocery in Westville, NJ

This store was owned and operated by William Raube of 35 Yale Avenue, Gloucester City, NJ in the 1940s and 1950s

1960s Photo of Camden Grocers Exchange
George Hanna worked here. Photo courtesy of Ruth V. Kraybill

Camden Courier-Post - June 19, 1933

'Miss Walt Whitman' to Be Picked at Audubon Theatre, June 25

 Voting closed Saturday in the popularity contest conducted by the Walt Whitman stores in South Jersey to find the young woman to represent this section of the state as "Miss Walt Whitman" at the annual convention of the National Retail Grocers' Association in Atlantic City from June 25 to 29, 

From each Walt Whitman Store, the girl with the highest number of votes will represent that store in the final elimination for South Jersey, to be held at Hunt's Century Theatre, Audubon, on Sunday, June 25. The winner in the South Jersey final will compete, with young women from all parts of the 
United States for honors at the national convention. Three prominent judges will decide by popular vote who is South Jersey's most popular girl. The victor and a chaperone will have all expenses paid at the shore during the national 
convention. A complete new outfit will be provided for her without cost by the Fashion Shop, 437 Kaighn avenue, through an arrangement made by the Walt Whitman Stores. 

The voting opened June 1 at the 44 Whitman grocery stores in South Jersey, with contestants entered from the municipalities in the various counties.
The balloting has been close and, the girls with the highest totals will not be known until all votes are counted. 

Reservations have been made for "Miss Walt Whitman" and her chaperone at the Ambassador Hotel during the national convention. The hotel is the headquarters for the South Jersey Grocers' Association and it will be there that South Jersey's most popular girl will greet all her friends. 

Among the numerous contestants for the title of "Miss Walt Whitman", in the popularity balloting conducted by the Walt Whitman Stores throughout South Jersey are the 29 young women who posed for the cameraman in the accompanying photograph. The voting closed Saturday and the winner will be determined at the final of the contest to be held at Hunt's Century Theatre, Audubon, on Sunday, June 25. The winner will vie for national honors at the National Retail Growers' Association convention at Atlantic City, June 26 to June 29. The photo shows, front row, right to left, Doris Bieber, of Delair; Bobby Klemowicz, 537 Jackson Street; Betty Eibye, Lenola; Dorothy Shendock, Atco; Edith Ventura, Maple Shade; Evelyn Crane, 622 Walnut Street; Phyllis Pomponia, 
Ashland; Erma Wharton, Merchantville; Anna Walters, 2117 Watson Street, and Beulah Haines, 39 Morse Street. In the center row, right to left: Edith Fletcher, 910 North Twenty-third, street; Helen Prigger, Audubon; Bessie Fletcher, 910 North Twenty-third Street; Thelma Roddy, 1603 Holcain Avenue; Mildred Truxton, Pennsauken; Margaret Payne, 811 North Twenty-eighth Street; Ordneir Kleinschmidt, Westmont; Florence Oswald, 2802 Buren Street, and Helen Williamson, 2723 Pierce Avenue. In the rear row, right to left, are Florence Taylor, 2043 High Street; Dorothy Feidler, 78 Stewart Street; Theresa Sanflippo, 108 Stewart Street; Helen Emenecker, 57 North Twenty-second Street; Vera Hohwald, Maple Shade; Beatrice Speer, 3048 Federal Street; Marjorie 
Bobbs, 1268 Liberty Street; Alice Goodhead, 600 Walnut Street; Dorothy Tischner, 1244 Cambridge Street, and Mildred Keegan, Westville. 


Camden Courier-Post - June 22, 1933

Final Choice in Popularity Contest to Be Made on Next Sunday

 Winners at the various Walt Whitman Stores in the popularity contest to choose "Miss Walt Whitman" in South Jersey were announced yesterday 
after a complete tabulation of the votes. 

The young woman to be known as "Miss Walt Whitman" will be chosen in the finals of the contest, to be held Sunday, June 25, at Hunt's Century 
Theatre, Audubon. She and a chaperone will be the guests of the Walt Whitman Stores at the convention in At1antic City of the National Retail 
Grocers' Association, where she will vie with other young women from the various states for the national title. 

The South Jersey winner will be completely outfitted by the Fashion Shop, 437 Kaighn Avenue. Her shoes, matching each gown, will be furnished by Finkelstein, Twenty-fifth and Federal Streets. 

Winners in the local store contests follow: 

Dorothy Zane, Deepwater, 30,200; Dorothy Shendock, Atco, 32,600; Minnie Jordana, Atco, 29,800; Elizabeth Eibey, Lenola, 39,400; Mildred Addis, Cedar and Summit-Westville Grove, 16,800; Helen Prigger, 23 Barrett Avenue, Audubon, 25,100; Dorris Asenath Womer, 1137 Tatem Avenue, 
Woodbury, 37,700; Florence Taylor, 2043 High Street, 67,700; Margaret Payne, 811 North Twenty-eighth Street, 23,400; Gwen Prichard, 59 
Evergreen Avenue, Merchantville, 7l,200; Dorothy Tischner, 917 Moore Street, 7300; Beatrice Speer, 3048 Federal Street, 67,500; Evelyn Crane, 522 
Walnut Street, 71,400; Shirley Poole, Brooklawn, 42,400; Marie Klaus, 355 South Broadway, Gloucester, 37,700; Ordnier Kleinschmidt, 209 Haddon 
Avenue, Westmont, 70,100; Stella Oravage, 814 North Fifth Street, 14, 000; Mildred Truxton, 7430 Walnut Street, Pennsauken, 10,500; Margie Bobst, 
1268 Liberty Street, 53,000; Philamena Pompanio, Ashland, 32,700; Bessie Fletcher, 910 North Twenty-third street, 61,000; Beulah Haines, 39 Morse 
, 60,500; Dorris Beiber, Delair, 12,000; Edith Ventura, Main Street, Maple Shade, 51,000; Thelma Roddy, Holcain Avenue, 45,300; Mildred 
Keegan, Westville, 67,300; Helen Williamson, 2723 Pierce Avenue, 74,700. . 

Camden Courier-Post - June 24, 1933


Tomorrow evening, at 8,15 p. m., a gigantic kiddie review will be presented at Huntís Century Theatre, Audubon, featuring Rasco and His Gang and John Cummings. The entire review is being presented by South Jersey merchants. A Gibson refrigerator will be given away absolutely free. Two loving cups for the most popular boy and girl on the radio hour also will be awarded. Samples of merchandise by nationally known manufacturers will be distributed after the concert. The final selection of "Miss Walt Whitman" to represent the Walt Whitman stores at the National Retail Grocers Association convention in Atlantic City will also be made.

Tickets can be purchased at the Rasco Conservatory, 401 Broadway, Camden; or Hunt's Century Theatre in Audubon until Saturday evening, 11 p. m. 

Camden Courier-Post - June 24, 1933


Westmont's most popular girl in the South Jersey popularity contest of the Walt Whitman Stores, Miss Kleinschmidt will compete with other young women for the title of "Miss Walt Whitman" at Hunt's Century Theatre, Audubon when the South Jersey finals are held tomorrow. She received 167,000 votes in Westmont, where she lives at 209 Haddon Avenue. 

Camden Courier-Post - June 25, 1933

Chosen From Among Walt Whitman Grocery Stores for National Entrant

Miss Thelma Roddy, of 1603 Holcain Avenue, was chosen last night as Miss Walt Whitman, the winner over 32 other contestants in the Walt Whitman Grocery Stores Popularity Contest.

Representing Walt Whitman store No.2, Miss Roddy was declared the winner at the finals held in Hunt's Century Theatre, Audubon, before an audience of 1000 persons, whose applause demonstrated that the choice of the three judges was also a popular one.

The second prize was won by Miss Phyllis Pomponio, of Ashland, representing the Walt Whitman Store in that community, and third prize went to Miss Doris Bieber, representing the Walt Whitman Store of Delair.

Miss Roddy, as "Miss Walt Whit man", will represent the South Jersey Walt Whitman stores at the National Convention of Retail Grocers, at Atlantic City, June 26 to 30. She will compete with district winners from all over the United States for national honors.

Miss Roddy will be outfitted by the Fashion Shop, 437 Kaighn Avenue and shoes to match her gowns will be furnished by Finkelstein's, Twenty-fifth and Federal Streets.

The judges were T. Lester, Louis MacCloskey and Victor Lazo, local advertising director of the Courier-Post Newspapers.

Camden Courier-Post - June 26, 1933

 Most Popular


Camden girl, who triumphed over 32 rivals and won the Walt Whitman Grocery Store's popularity contest. She resides at 1603 Holcain Avenue.