212-214 Federal Street

Frederick Turner founded his restaurant in 1887 at 234 Federal Street, where he lived, in 1887. He moved the operation to 210 Federal Street in 1890. Oysters were quite plentiful in Delaware Bay up until 1976 when a sea-borne disease ravaged the species. The oyster industry in that part of South Jersey has never recovered.

When the 1930 Census was taken, Robert Turner was running the restaurant, which now was at 212-214 Federal Street. Robert Turner was then 56 years old. Born in England, he married his wife Mary at the age of 20. Mr. and Mrs. Turner lived on premises with their widowed daughter Helen, then 36, and a grandson, Robert, 17 years of age. Robert Turner passed away in June of 1932.

The 1947 Camden City Directory shows a Helen Becker operating a seafood restaurant at the address,

Historical and Industrial Review of Camden, N.J. - 1890


AMONG all the refreshment houses in Camden none is probably more favorably known than Fred Turner's Oyster and Chop House, established by him four years ago at 210 Federal street. It comprises a reception and reading room in front of 16x32 feet, and a dining room in the rear of 16x12 feet. Oysters are served in every style, and the bill of fare includes Chops, Steaks, Cutlets, Tea, Coffee, etc., prepared from the best in the markets, by competent and careful cooks. A specialty is made of Fried Oysters. 

The trade is very select, and employs, in addition to the personal services of the proprietor, those of several assistants. The dining-room will comfortably seat forty persons at one time, and the business hours are from 8 A. M. to 1 A. M. 

Mr. Turner is a native of England, and by trade a ship carpenter. He has been thirty years in America. .

Camden Courier-Post
February 10, 1930

Robert Turner
Turner's Oyster House
Federal Street
William E. Schultz
Garfield Pancoast

Camden Courier-Post
June 3, 1932



 Robert Turner - Turner's Oyster House - Federal Street 
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