Today Camden has its Creative Arts High School, the current chapter in a long history of musical instruction in the city. Our town has produced more than a few musicians who have gone on to fame and fortune, as well as dancers, comedians, and actors. On this page we will note some of the many fine musical instructors who blessed the city over the years. Countless students received lessons from the likes of Clarence Fuhrman, Albert Berul, Frank Oppecker, and T. Carroll O'Brien.

While those listed below all taught privately, I would be remiss in not noting Lucy Dean Wilson, who taught music at Camden High School for 37 years, from 1896 through 1933. 

Camden Courier-Post

January 27, 1928

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Clarence Fuhrman

Camden Courier-Post
February 17, 1928

Albert Berul

Camden Courier-Post
October 2, 1936

Reba Barnes Hall

1456 Bradley Avenue

Frank B. Oppecker
451 Carteret Street
Eugene Engel
R.A. Gabriele
Joseph Rasco
T. Carroll O'Brien
Howard Cook
Brower Conservatory
Alfred Richter

February 17, 1928

Camden Courier-Post
October 2, 1936