Another plant that employed many people in North Camden, the history of Highland Worsted Mills dates back to the time of the Civil War. The building of the Camden Woolen Mill started in September 1863, and the plant was completed and in full operation by January 1865. It was operated until March 18, 1893, when it was placed in the hands of J. Willard Morgan as Receiver. 

In 1884 the Highland Worsted Mills were erected within the Camden Woolen Mills grounds; and in 1896 the buildings of the old Camden Woolen Mills were also occupied by the Highland Mills. The Highland Worsted Mills operated under that name through at least 1915. 

By 1924 a wool combing firm, Joseph A. Middlebrook Inc., occupied the site. The Middlebrook firm was there through at least 1947, when it and the Norr-Bridge Yarn Company are listed in the City Directory as occupants of the site. The old mill was still in use at the outbreak of the Korean War, but was vacant shortly afterwards. The mill stood vacant through the 1950s into the 1960s before falling victim to fire and demolition.

During Prohibition, the old Highland Mill was also used for other purposes. A December 1930 raid disclosed that one of the buildings hat been converted into distillery for the manufacture of bootleg liquor, with an estimated output of 500,000 gallons per day. Newspapers accounts valued the still at $250,000. Using a program at http://www.austintxgensoc.org/calculatecpi.php to find the present day cost, the plant in 2009 would be worth $3,424,250. Quite an operation, indeed!

The site was redeveloped late in the 20th century, when new townhouses were built.

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Camden Evening Courier - December 13, 1930


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