Michael Greenetz was already managing a jewelry store at the time of the 1920 Census. In 1921 the brothers were partnered with Abraham Pelicoff in a jewelry store which by 1928 was at 833 Broadway. By 1930 Pelicoff had relocated to Atlantic City, where he operated a hotel. Michael  and Joseph Greenetz remained on Broadway, moving their jewelry store to 839 Broadway by the mid-1930s. The store was still open at that location through the fall of 1956. Michael Greenetz passed away on August 13, 1958, and Joseph Greenetz died January 17, 1959. Their business did not survive them, and was not listed in the October 1959 New Jersey Bell Telephone Directory.

The Greenetz family remains in the jewelry business today, at 812 Haddon Avenue in Collingswood NJ, trading under the name of Ellis Antiques and Jewelry.

A son of Michael Greenetz, Dr. Harry R. Greenetz, practiced medicine in the Chews Landing section of Gloucester Township NJ for many years, until his passing in 1997.

1921 - Greenetz & Pellicoff Jewelry
right to left: Michael Greenetz, Joseph Greenetz, Abraham Pelicoff

Hi Phil, I wanted to send a photo of a jewelry box from Greenetz & Greenetz that was my Grandparents, George & Gladys Weinhold. I'm not certain of the date but it may have been circa early 1930's for her engagement ring. George Weinhold is in the DVRBS site for 846 Kimber Street. Have a wonderful day! - Sue Kahlcke-Connor, April 2019

Camden Courier-Post - January 7, 1928

Loot Valued at $2000 Taken From Broadway Shop;
Second Visit of Thieves

Climbing to the roof of a shed in the rear of the Greenetz & Pellicoff jewelry store, 833 Broadway, burglars entered the shop early today and carried away $2,000 in loot. 

At noon today, Joseph Shapiro, 29 years old, 215 South Fifth Street, a clerk in the store, was being grilled by Detectives George Ward and Thomas Cheeseman, after being booked at police headquarters as having been arrested “on suspicion.” 

August 29 four suspected robbers were captured by police only a few minutes after they had smashed the plate glass window and snatched a tray of jewels at the same store. 

Policeman John McTaggert reported the burglary this morning. He is the brother of Policeman James McTaggert, who participated in the capture of the four suspects last August. 

Included in the loot of the burglars this morning were 35 watches left at the shop by their owners for repairs. At the shop it was said the owners of the watches would be reimbursed. Other articles stolen included 26 bracelets, 12 diamond bar pins, 15 pair of earrings, three fountain pen sets, and six strings of beads. 

At 7:30 this morning, Patrolman McTaggert noticed several men standing in front of the jewelry store. He learned that they had just discovered an open window and, investigating, found the shop had been robbed. 

The watches and other articles of jewelry were taken from trays and showcases. A safe in the store was left untouched. 

The building next to the jewelry store at 831 Broadway is unoccupied and it was through this structure that the burglars entered. They climbed to the roof of a shed at the rear, entered a second story window and followed a corridor to an inner door of the jewelry store, forced open the door, and entered. 

The capture of the four men at the store more than four months ago resulted in commendation from Chief James E. Tatem for the three officers who participated. With Policeman Edward Smith and Frank Truax, Patrolman James McTaggert took the four men at revolver’s point. The men arrested at that time, still awaiting trial, are James Toner, 54 years old, 1204 Vine Street, Philadelphia; Mervin Campbell, 24 years old, 2309 Carlisle Street; James J. Kelly, 25 years old, 2121 Brandywine Street; and Frank MacCrossan, 33 years old, of 1328 Pearl Street. 

The proprietors of the store are Joseph and Michael Greenetz, 1468 Haddon Avenue, and Abraham Pellicoff, 1417 Haddon Avenue.

Camden Courier-Post
January 16, 1935

Zuni A.A.
Eagles Hall

Frankie Moles & his Jersey Cavaliers
Gene R. Mariano
James E. Tatem
Michael Greenetz - Joseph Greenetz
Joseph Wood
Frank A. Giordano
Angelo A. DePersia
Dr. Lawrene R. Palses
Peter Zizak

Dominic Radogna
Anthony Fabrizio
Victor Price
John Natanni
William Flamini - Joseph Flamini
Dave Marcozzi
Nichlas Levecchia
Paul A. Giordano
Frank Devone
Emil Aceto
Ralph Bantivoglio
Felix Meschini
Leonard Garaguso
Harry Larusso
Dominic Giordano


August 6, 1936

Camden Courier-Post - October 1, 1936

Michael & Joseph

Their Store
839 Broadway
New Delivery Van


October 1, 1936


October 3, 1936


January 1, 1938

This ad was part of a promotion where several local businesses donated gifts to the first baby born in Camden in 1938.


June 1939


1940 Banquet Program - Local No. 1 Shipbuilders Union

1940 Banquet Program - Local No. 1 Shipbuilders Union
Michael Greenetz Joseph Greenetz

Camden Courier-Post - January 13, 1941




Camden Courier-Post
December 29, 1950

Zuni Athletic Association - Frank A. Di Renzo
Peter A. Barbalace - Anthony A. Darpino
Joseph Palermo - Pat Barbalace - Albert Aceto
Angelo Levecchia aka Joey Allen
John La Placa - Jack O'Neil - Gene R. Mariano

Rev. Michael Argullo - Frank A. Abbott - John R. DiMona - Joseph P. DeLuca - Anthony F. Marino
Angelo A. DePersia - Dr. Lawrence Palese - Michael Greenetz - Joseph Greenetz - William Denof Sr.
Louis Bantivoglio - John Bantivoglio - Pat DiSmone - Samuel E. Fulton - Joseph Macciocca
Leonard Garaguso - Joseph Wood - Al Seri