The Emerson Athletic Club
The Emerson Athletic Association of Camden, N.J.

The Emerson Athletic Club sponsored baseball, football, and basketball teams in Camden from 1908 through at least 1922. The club was based in Camden's Eighth Ward. It may have taken its name form that of Annie Emerson, who operated a cigar store at 1602 Broadway from 1902 through 1908, or it may have had some affiliation with a saloon located at 1819 Broadway that Martin J. Ewe operated from 1884 until the mid-1900s. This saloon was called the Emerson House in the years leading up to Prohibition, and was operated by Chris Waldenmaier. 

The Emerson Athletic Club first shows up in Camden City Directories in the 1910 edition, which shows their clubhouse at 1643 Fillmore Street. The club incorporated on November 10, 1910, and remained on Fillmore Street through at least 1913. The 1914 Directory indicates that the club had moved to 1616 Broadway. On May 14 of that year the club incorporated as the Emerson Athletic Association of Camden, N.J. where they remained until 1921. The club then disappeared from Camden's City Directories.

Although there a quite a few news articles about games the Emerson teams played, and many of them have the names of players, to date it has not been possible to identify many of these players, as only the last names have been given in most cases. Frank McLaughlin and George Hallowell definitely played for Emerson, one of the Bunting brothers, either William or Walter did, and possibly Joe Hyde, who went on to play professional basketball and baseball. 

As more is learned about the club, it will be posted. If you, the reader have any knowledge to share, please e-mail me.

Phil Cohen

Philadelphia Inquirer * January 3, 1909

George Hallowell - George Ludlam - Charles Andrews

Camden Post-Telegram * October 28, 1909
Emerson Athletic Association Baseball Team 
C. Wilson - C. Gandy - Harry Dease - H. Storms - J. Singer
Horace B. Parker Jr. - Fish - Osborne
Tomlin - Rumford

Philadelphia Inquirer * April 1, 1917

Dan McConnell - James V. McAdams - William Kenney - Frank P. Gallagher

Bridgeton Evening News * May 27, 1918

James Gartland - Chelton A.A.

Undated Photograph
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