1906 Camden City Directory

I have reproduced in its entirety the 1906 edition of the Camden City Directory, published by the C.E. Howe Company of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This book is over 1000 pages in length.

The directory is in Adobe PDF format, which means you will need the free Adobe Reader software to view it. It can be accessed in its entirety if you so desire, the file is over 306,000 kilobytes, which may take a bit of time if you have a slow connection. You can also download specific sections by clicking the links below.

Once downloaded and opened up in Adobe Reader, you will have to rotate the image 90 degrees counter-clockwise.

It is MUCH EASIER to use this directory by downloading it and viewing it from your own computer than trying to view the entire thing over the internet 

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Phil Cohen
January 16, 2009



Pages 0-50: Title Page, Preface, Table of Contents, Index of Advertisers, Index to Camden Business Directory, Index to Philadelphia Commercial Register, Camden Street Guide, Philadelphia Commercial Register, Legal Directory, Abbreviations

Aachen & Munich Fire Insurance Company to Abendroth, Lulu 


Pages 50-99

Abendroth, William to Bennett, Charles W. 


Pages 100-139

Bennett, Edgar F. to Brunk, George 


Pages 140-149

Brunner, Albert to Bush, Israel


Pages 150-208

Bush, John to Cotton, Isaac


Pages 209-271

Cotton, William G. to Eckels, Robert D.


Pages 272-325

Eckener, Julius to Gallagher, John


Pages 326-369

Gallagher, John B. to Hall, John

Pages 370-441:

Hall, John B. to Ivory, William A.

Pages 442-499:

Jablonski, Anthony to Lafferty, William K.

Pages 500-535:

Laginski, R. to McCauley, Robert J.

Pages 536-615:

McBlain, James T. to Navara, Tony

Pages 616-685:

Navin, James E. to Randle, William G.

Pages 686-831:

Randles, Della to Taliaferro, Hannah L.

Pages 832-873:

Tarter, Samuel to Wagner, Philip

Pages 874-971:

Wagner, Royal C, to Zwirner, William F.

Camden Business Directory: Accountants to Dry Goods

Pages 972-1047:

Camden Business Directory: Dry Goods to Yeast

Miscellaneous: U.S. Government, State Government, County Government
City Government, Markets, Libraries, Banks, Newspapers, Post Office, Churches, Cemeteries, Educational Institutions, Associations & Societies, Charitable Institutions, Incorporated Companies


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