Camden, NJ


BUREN AVENUE, which is in the Cramer Hill section of Camden NJ,  was named after President Martin Van Buren. That he was named for President Van Buren is a pretty easy deduction, given that many of the other streets in the immediate vicinity wee named after Presidents of the same era, Adams, Polk, Pierce, Harrison, and Tyler, to be precise. However, when Stockton Township was annexed by Camden, there already was a Van Buren Street, so the "van" was dropped and the street became simply "Buren".

Buren Avenue runs east from North 27th Street and ends at North 30th Street, between Harrison Avenue and Adams Avenue. The old Noecker & Rickenbach Shipyard was located in the 2700 block of Buren Avenue, and Jimmie's Tavern stood at 2802 Buren for many years. 

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 Phil Cohen

Intersection of North 27th Street & Buren Avenue
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2700 Block of Buren Avenue
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  2701 Buren Avenue

1924 Smith & Sinclair Machine Co.
1929-1947 John A. Neef

  2712 Buren Avenue


  2714 Buren Avenue

Harry W. Rickenbach & Famiuly
Harry & Eugenia Rickenbach
Lydia M. Rickenbach

1924-1929 William F. Stayton
1947 William T. Stayton

  2716 Buren Avenue

1910 Nathan Rickenbach
1924 George Beam
1929 Clifford Kelchner
1947 William G. Trimbach

  2718 Buren Avenue

William Schlitz & Family
Willima M. & Josephine Schlitz
William C. Schlitz
Harry B. Schlitz

1924-1929 George Schenck
1947 Robert L. Trimbach

  2720 Buren Avenue

1924-1929 Frederick Trimbach
1947 Julius Trimbach

  2724 Buren Avenue

1924 Charles Twelves
1929 Mrs.Lottie Laird
1947 John M. Bergman

  2726 Buren Avenue

1924-1929 Nathan Rickenbach
1947 Alex Martin

  2731 Buren Avenue

Frederick L. Fritz & Family
Frederick L. & Isabell Fritz
Nellie Fritz
Dewey Fritz
Susie Fritz
Chester Fritz
Ida Fritz


  2733 Buren Avenue

William H. Rickenbach & Family
William H. & Lydia Rickenbach
Irvin Rickenbach


  2735 Buren Avenue

Noeker, Rickenbach & Ake Shipbuilding Company

Noeker & Ake Shipbuilding Company

Intersection of North 28th Street & Buren Avenue
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Northwest Corner
North 28th Street
Buren Avenue


2800 Block of Buren Avenue
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  2802 Buren Avenue

1924 No Listing
1929 August F. Oswald Jr.
1947 No Listing

  2802 Buren Avenue

1910s-1960s August F. Oswald Jr.

2802 Buren Avenue

1947-1970s Jimmy's Tavern

1947 Camden City Directory Ad

2802 Buren Avenue

1947-1970s Jimmy's Tavern

Camden Courier-Post

2802 Buren Avenue

Late 1970s The Step Inn

  2805 Buren Avenue

1924-1929 Frederick Will
1947 No Listing

  2806 Buren Avenue

1924 Peter McNichols
1929 No Listing

  2808 Buren Avenue

1924 Harry T. Carver
1929 Harry G. Meeks
1940 Newbold Meeks
1947 No Listing

  2810 Buren Avenue

1929 No Listing
1947 No Listing

  2814 Buren Avenue

1924 No Listing

2814 Buren Avenue

John E. Lingo & Son Inc.
flag poles

1955 New Jersey Bell Telephone
Yellow Pages Ad

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  2819 Buren Avenue

1924-1929 Mrs. Bertha E. King
widow of William King
1947 Richard Richardson

  2825 Buren Avenue

1924 Edmund Thomas
1929 No Listing 

  2827 Buren Avenue

1980s-2008 Express Marine
1984-2008 Exact Boat Company 

  2836 Buren Avenue

1924 No Listing

John B. Barry & Family
Albert Barry (nephew)

  2839 Buren Avenue

1924 Edward Beideman
1929 Vacant
1947 No Listing

  2841 Buren Avenue

1924 Roy J. Krouse
1929 Mrs. Margaret DeHart
1947 No Listing

“Harry and Julia owned a two and half story block home next to Lingo' flagpole factory on Buren Avenue. It had a large side and back yard with several garages and an outside raised ramp to work on cars from underneath. A large weeping willow tree was the centerpiece of the yard. Back in the days before inside plumbing the outhouse used to get moved around the back yard as needed. They also raised chickens and had a garden. I remember a piano that played rolls as a child and loved to pretend to play the songs. They moved to Trenton during the war, and when the moving truck pulled away from the front of the house the front steps were caught on the tailgate of the truck and separated from the house. Elmer, Helen, and Ethel used to swim in the Delaware River as youngsters which was only a block away. They remembered boatloads of people coming from Philadelphia across to be baptized on the Camden side of the river. The river used to be a clean place for all sorts of recreation back then. ”-  

Harry C.
Harry E. Strickler's grand-son

2850 Buren Avenue

late 1910s-1942
Harry Strickler & Family
Harry & Julia Strickler

  2850 Buren Avenue


1947 Mrs. Emily DeLaney

2852 Buren Avenue

1924 Vacant
1929 Earl S. Phillips

Martin Shocklin & Family
Martin & Nina Shocklin

1947 Howard G. Johnston

Photograph Taken August 29, 2008

  2854 Buren Avenue

1924 Louis Greis
1929 John Kantz

  2854 Buren Avenue

William Ulrich & Family

William & Emma Ulrich

Edward F. Ulrich
William Ulrich
Virginia Ruth Ulrich

  2854 Buren Avenue

George E. Brown Sr. & Family
George E. & Emma Virginia Ulrich Brown

  2859 Buren Avenue

1924 Clara V. Vandegrift
1929 Robert Brandt
1947 Mrs. Kate Mousely

  2865 Buren Avenue

1924 No Listing
1929 Charles T. Evans
1947 Raymond C. Vasey

2868 Buren Avenue

1924 No Listing

Alfred Nelson & Family
Alfred & Florence Nelson
Florence Nelson
A. William Nelson

Photograph Taken August 29, 2008

  2870 Buren Avenue

1924 Mrs. Catherine Williamson

Harry W. Clinger & Family
Harry W. & Mary Clinger
Edith Clinger
May Clinger
Harry W. Clinger Jr.

  2871 Buren Avenue

1924-1929 William R. Reger
1947 Mrs. Lucretia Reger 

2871 Buren Avenue

W.C. Hawk

1955 New Jersey Bell Telephone
Yellow Pages Ad

  2872 Buren Avenue

1924 Cecil A. Thorne

Mrs. Mary E. Tyler & Family
widow of Edward King & William S. Tyler
Clayton Tyler - William Tyler
Elmer Tyler - Bertha Tyler
John Dill (grandson)


Announcement has been made of the marriage of Miss Bertha King of 2872 Buren Avenue, and Henry Clifton Spruill, 3532 Farragut Avenue, which took place on June 3 in the parsonage of the Broadway M. E. Church, Pitman, with the pastor, Rev. H. J. Belting, officiating. Miss Sarah Britt and Lucas Britt of this city, were the attendants.

2872 Buren Avenue

1933 Miss Bertha King

Camden Courier-Post
June 10, 1933

  2873 Buren Avenue

1924-1947 William C. Knoedler

I found some old pictures of John E. Lingo & Son. My Pop worked for Lingo's. They made flagpoles, and antennas for RCA. Whenever we would go on vacation, Pop always checked the flagpoles to see if they were made at Lingo's. The one in Cooperstown is from Lingo's. Here is a picture of Pop (William C. O'Brien),  Harry Santo, unknown, Ted Hall, boss, boss, Jackie Lingo. They are standing by an antenna made  for RCA. Pop helped make the antenna's for RCA that were on top of the World Trade Center..

Patay O'Brien Maggiulli
January 2008

From Left: William C. O'Brien,  Harry Santo, unknown, Ted Hall, unknown, unknown, and on the far right, Jackie Lingo. 

Intersection of North 29th Street & Buren Avenue
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  Northwest Corner
North 28th Street
Buren Avenue


This picture is looking east on North 29th Street towards Buren Avenue, in the 1950s.  Left side, 1512- renters, 1510- Old Man Frye. 0ur house with white siding at 2901 Adams Avenue;  1356- the Shlams, 1354- the Kerbaughs. This was a twin, the two houses joined together. Last on left is 1348 North 29th Street, I don't know who lived there. The last cross street is Buren Avenue.  The big house on the corner of North 29th and Buren, upper right in this picture, is 2904 Buren Avenue, the Hawk family.

Patay O'Brien Maggiulli
January 2008

2900 Block of Buren Avenue
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2901 Buren Avenue

1924 Walter L. Kinsey
1929 Mrs. Annie Kinsey
1929 Irwin S. Decker

Photo taken around 1928

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2901 Buren Avenue

Although this fronts onto North 29th Street, the address is 2901 Buren Avenue. This was originally built as a single family house. The house was later divided, a addition built on at the far end is visible in the picture at left.

Photo taken June 24, 2011

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  2904 Buren Avenue

1924-1929 John J. Barwick
1947 William C. Hawk
1947 Emery A. Hawk


George Albert Leary, 21, of 650 Berkley Street, and Ellen Jane Frame, 19, of 525 North Sixth Street.

Joseph C. Rapa, 25, of 606 South Fourth Street, and Margaret R. Schiave, 24, of 220 Royden Street.

Louis Doerr Jr., 22, of 810 Fern Street, and Marian Hawk. 17, of 2904 Buren Avenue.

Roman Bielicke, 20, of 1184 Lansdowne avenue, and Steffie Krystanovicz. 20, of 1077 Van Hook street.


Leon J. Kirk, 23. 934 Carpenter Street, and Ida V. Hope, 36, Oaklyn.

2904 Buren Avenue

Emery Hawk & Family
Emery & Anna Hawk
William C. Hawk
Earl Hawk
Daniel F. Hawk
Amos Hawk
Enos Hawk
Marian Hawk
Sarah Hawk Ulrich

Camden Courier-Post
February 8, 1938

2904 Buren Avenue

Private Daniel F. Hawk

  2905 Buren Avenue

1934 Emery Hawk Jr.

Died April 15, 1934, 26 years old

  2906 Buren Avenue

1924 Robert B. Montgomery
1929 Charles Eicholtz
1938 Earl Hawk 

  2906 Buren Avenue

Torpedoman's Mate Third Class
Russell E. Vasey

  2906 Buren Avenue

1947 George B. Vasey 

2906 Buren Avenue

1950s-1995 William F. Large Jr.

  2907 Buren Avenue

1924 John Mount

  2907 Buren Avenue

1929-1981 John J. Burke Family
John J. & Julia Burke
Julia Burke

  2912 Buren Avenue

1924-1929 James M. Sherrard
1947 Albert J. Overkampf

  2914 Buren Avenue

1924-1947 James W. Bell

  2920 Buren Avenue

1924 Samuel A. Hatley
1929 Vacant
1947 Zachias Ray

  2922 Buren Avenue

James J. Slomkowski & Family
James & Katherine Slomkowski

1929 Vacant
1930 Charles Becker & Family

  2922 Buren Avenue

1929 Vacant
1930 Charles Becker & Family

2922 Buren Avenue

Private First Class
Joseph E. Becker

  2922 Buren Avenue

1947 Earl W. Keller

  2933 Buren Avenue

1924-1929 Harry J. Baker
1947 Mrs. Martha A. Baker

Buren Avenue Remembered

 The Large Family lived across the street. Also the Hawk Family lived across the street many many years ago.  You’ll find members of the Hawk family all over Camden. They had a large family. The one son Bill moved up the street on 2800 block of Buren Avenue. He had a trucking company and five children.  When the Hawk homestead in the 2900 block was sold, people by the name of Carr bought it and for a short time they turned a portion in to a store with a bumper pool table.  

When I was growing up, there was a lady at the end of Buren Avenue by the name Baker [Martha A. Baker- PMC]. She died in the 50’ or 60’s.  

In the late 40’s or early 50’s the city was going to turn the end of Buren Avenue to River Road in to a dump. It was a swamp [Baldwin's Run- PMC] until they dredged the river and blew the river bottom in there.  All the neighbors stood in front of the trash trucks, moms & dads and children even ones in baby coaches blocked the street.  

I remember standing there while the truck kept moving closer and closer to my mom and me.  We all went to city hall where the people were screaming and shouting.  But, eventually we won and the city gave the land to the Cramer Hill Boys Club to build baseball and football fields instead of a dump. When my sons were growing up they played ball on the same field.  The dump was moved to where it is now.  I know it is closed but at one time it was a mess. 

Julia Burke
January 2008