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WARREN AVENUE ran for one block, southeast from Mickle Street to what was 781 Wright Avenue, parallel to Haddon Avenue and Carteret Street. Warren Avenue first appeared in Camden's City Directories in 1899. There were homes occupied on Warren Avenue into the 1960s, however by 1969 Warren Avenue had no listings in the New Jersey Bell Telephone Reverse Directory, and was most likely gone. Like Carteret Street, which followed Warren Avenue into oblivion shortly afterwards, it was erased to make way for Route 676 and the Three Cooper Plaza medical building. Warren Avenue's exact location is roughly underneath the access ramp to Route 676 from what is now Mickle Boulevard.  

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 Phil Cohen

Map published in 1914 showing Carteret Street
Look for Carteret Street in the 9th Ward
Look for Warren Avenue in the 9th Ward, where the rail line curves west to south.

1946 Map of Camden

Warren Avenue diagonally northwest to southeast, in upper right hand corner of map

Warren Avenue

This aerial photo, cropped from a larger photograph showing the dismantlement of the railroad that had run from the old ferry terminal through the heart of Camden, shows Warren Avenue Street from it's "head" at the end of Mickle Street one block east of the old Armory, known as "Convention Hall" when this picture was taken. The homes on Warren Avenue are in the lower right corner, as you can see, some homes had the railroad tracks at their backdoors.  

Intersection of Mickle Street and Warren Avenue

300 block of Warren Avenue
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  300 Warren Avenue

1924 Benjamin I. Brooks 
1929 George Deegan
1947 Joseph Marruchella

  301 Warren Avenue

1924-1929 Earl Mitchell
1947 Carl E. Mitchell- 
engineer P.R.R.

  302 Warren Avenue

1924 Mrs. Louisa Wishart
1929 vacant
1947 Alex Slaon

Six Grandchildren, Two Nephews and Friend Named By Mt. Ephraim Woman

An inventory filed yesterday with Surrogate Frank B. Hanna sets the value of the estate of Mrs. Pauline H. Friedrich, late of Mt. Ephraim, at $50,842.62.

The inventory was prepared by the Camden Safe Deposit &. Trust Co., executors of Mrs. Friedrich's will. Mrs. Friedrich died last June 12.

Under provisions of the will, two nephews, Henry F. and Frank Burnett, of Philadelphia, will each received $200; Anna Buckingham, a friend, will get $400, and the remainder will be divided equally among six grandchildren. They are Edna, Freda, Ida, Helen, Louis and Frank Bader, of Lawndale, Pa. Edna Bader also inherits the Friedrich property at Kings Highway and Black Horse pike, Mt. Ephraim.

Mrs. Edna C. Wasserman, Camden, a daughter, inherits the residue of the $2900 estate of Mrs. Laura Boone who died January 27. Although the husband, George Boone, is not mentioned in the will, Walter S. Keown, executor of the estate, said he will get his share as allowed by law.

Mrs. Helen R. Carr, a daughter, of this city, gets $500 of the estate left by Frank Riggins who died February 1. Mrs. Mary Riggins, the widow, of 303 Warren Avenue, is named executrix and gets the residue. 

303 Warren Avenue

Frank Riggins & Family
Frank & Mary Riggins
Helen Riggins Carr

Camden Courier-Post
February 26, 1936

  303 Warren Avenue

1947 Charles P. Hill

304 Warren Avenue

194 Theresa Mader

Philadelphia Inquirer
June 30, 1914

304 Warren Avenue

Otis Harrington & Family
Otis & AnnaMay Harrington

Philadelphia Inquirer
October 19, 1916

  304 Warren Avenue

1924-1929 John J. Coyle
1947 Mrs. Ida E. Callahan

  305 Warren Avenue

1924 Irving Boileau
1924-1929 Ralph Boileau
1924 George Birch

305 Warren Avenue

Real Estate Listing Photo

Leon E. Todd, realtor



305 Warren Avenue

Real Estate Listing Photo

Leon E. Todd, realtor


  305 Warren Avenue

1947 Andrew Truman

  306 Warren Avenue

1924-1929 Mrs. Catherine Maher
1947 Mrs. Loretta Garner
1957-1962 William Gallagher

  307 Warren Avenue

1924-1929 Frank C. Engelhardt
1947 William H. Claypoole

308 Warren Avenue

1909-1910 William Hall

Philadelphia Inquirer
January 11, 1910

  308 Warren Avenue

1924 vacant
1929 Bernard A. Dunn
1947 Robert t. Hindle

308 Warren Avenue

William Yeager & Family
William & Fannie Yeager
Ruth Yeager Mecca
Thelma Yeager
MArion Yeager Mitchell
Irma Yeager Murphy
William J. Yeager
Edward Yeager
George Yeager

Camden Courier-Post
March 11, 1954

  309 Warren Avenue

1924-1929 William A. Slimm
1947 William H. Hunter

  310 Warren Avenue

1924-1929 Mrs. Hannah McNichols
1947 Stanley J. Kurczewski

  311 Warren Avenue

Harrison W. Bennett Family
Harrison W. Bennett
Harrison Bennett
employed by Camden Fire Insurance Assn.
1947 Mrs. Sadie B. Bennett

  312 Warren Avenue

1924 John S. Harrison
1929 Lloyd W. Cameron

312 Warren Avenue

1933 Mary Downey

Camden Courier-Post
October 14, 1933

  312 Warren Avenue

1947 John Hayes

  313 Warren Avenue

1924-1929 Samuel S. Fox
1947 William T. Roland

  314 Warren Avenue

1924 G.C. Senderling
1929 Paul Sanders
1947 Mrs. MArgaret E. Sunderling

  315 Warren Avenue

1924-1929 John O'Leary
1947 Mrs. Elizabeth O'Leary

  316 Warren Avenue

1924 Harry T. McNeill
1929 Wallace Wright
1947 Louis F. Rothamel

  317 Warren Avenue

1924-1947 Byron Webster

318 Warren Avenue

Ralph Hartman

Philadelphia Inquirer
November 7, 1921

Frank H. Miller

  318 Warren Avenue

1921 Ralph Hartman
1924 Frank Cunningham
1929 Earl Fairbrothers
1947 Walter W. Hyatt

  319 Warren Avenue

1924 Mrs. Bertha Goldberg
1929 Mrs. Rebecca Goldberg
1947 Lewisl L. Gilbert

320 Warren Avenue

Morris J. Steelman

  320 Warren Avenue

1947 Robert B. Rich

  321 Warren Avenue

1924 Charles Orth
1929 William H. Beale
1947 Samuel J. Price

  322 Warren Avenue

1924 Samuel B. Hunt
1929-1947 Dominick Zucchi

Slain Politician's Son Must Stand Trial for Killing of Father

William Schiller, 30-year-old former summer cop, was indicted for murder today and must stand trial for the fatal shooting of his father, Jacob Schiller, 72, well-known and well-liked politician.

The indictment was one of 39 true bills in a presentment made by the new September term of grand jury to Judge Samuel M. Shay.

In addition to Schiller, five other men were indicted for murder.

These are Peter Citeroni, 28, of 919 South Fifth Street; Samuel DiGiacomo, 18, of 314 Berkley Street; Stanzo Palumbo, 20, of 314 Clinton Street; Joseph Patricci, 21, of 320 Berkley Street, and Fred Williams, colored, of Camden. All are in the county jail without bail and awaiting trial.

Schiller shot and killed his father at their home, 2420 Carman Street, last Saturday night. The elder Schiller had long tried to act as a conciliator between his son and the latter's wife, Augusta, who were estranged. Mrs. William Schiller wrote what police described as a "suicide note" and was found wandering dazedly through the city streets Monday, asserting that her father-in-law had been killed while trying to protect her. 

Citeroni fatally shot his sweetheart, Jennie Zucchi, 21, of 322 Warren Avenue, on August 30, at Haddon and Wright avenues. She died September 3. Citeroni, who has twice attempted to commit suicide, claimed Miss Zucchi had ended their friendship because of her father's objections to him.

322 Warren Avenue

Camden Courier-Post
September 22, 1933


The funeral of Capt. Charles H. Thomas, 63, veteran of the Spanish-American War, will be held at 3 p. m. tomorrow, with full military honors. Burial will be in Harleigh Cemetery.

Captain Thomas commanded Company M, Third Regiment, New Jersey National Guard,, during the war. He was a member of General John A. Mather Camp, No. 39, United Spanish War Veterans, which will hold 
services tomorrow. Captain Thomas also was a member of Collingswood Lodge, No. 210, Free and Accepted Masons.

He is survived by his widow, Elizabeth R. Cunard Thomas; four sons, W. Carroll and J. Milford, of Haddon township; Edgar A., of Moberle, Missouri, and Charles H., Jr., of Collingswood, and a sister, Mrs. Warren 
Laricks, of South Seaville. Captain Thomas had been suffering from a heart ailment.

THOMAS—Suddenly on February 12, 1938, Captain Charles H. Thomas, beloved husband of Elizabeth R. Thomas (nee Cunard) age 63 years of 858 Maple Ave., Collingswood, N. J.
Relatives and friends of the family, also Collingswood Lodge No. 210, F. & A. M. and General John A. Mather Camp No. 39, Spanish American War Veterans, are invited to attend the funeral services Tuesday afternoon at 3 o'clock at Foster's Funeral Home, 800 Haddon Ave., 
Collingswood, N. J. Interment at Harleigh Cemetery.- Friends may call Monday evening after 7 o'clock.

323 Warren Avenue

1900 Charles H. Thomas

  323 Warren Avenue

1924-1929 William Wilshire
1947 Mrs. Blanche Phillips

323 Warren Avenue

Clarence E. McMullen

  324 Warren Avenue

1924 Christopher J. Creamer
1929 vacant
1947 Charles E. Wilson

  325 Warren Avenue

1924-1929 Charles C. Greenwood
1947 Fred C. Lenze

  326 Warren Avenue

1924 George Jackson
1929 Harry Fairbrothers
1947 Paul W. Freeland

  327 Warren Avenue

1924 Samuel H. Brown
1919 Mrs. Catherine Mueller
1947 Fred J. Mueller

  328 Warren Avenue

1924-1929 Ernest Smith
1947 Charles G. Arnold

  329 Warren Avenue

1924 James Long
1929 Bessie B. Isele

329 Warren Avenue

Samuel J. Price & Family
Samuel J. & Alice Price
Edith Price

Camden Courier-Post
October 14, 1933

  329 Warren Avenue

1947 Hugh Roberts

  330 Warren Avenue

1924 John J. Deckenback 
1929 Mrs. Abbiel L. Miller

  330 Warren Avenue

Joseph P. McEvoy & Family
Joseph & Laura V. McEvoy
James P. McEvoy

  330 Warren Avenue

No return

  331 Warren Avenue

1924-1929 Thomas J. Brett
1947 Andrew O. Clymer - contractor

  332 Warren Avenue

1924-1929 Frank Jordan
1947 James Barry

  333 Warren Avenue

1924-1929 Patrick Sully
1947 Mrs. Margaret Laughlin

  334 Warren Avenue

Clarence N. Matthews & Family
Clarence & Catheine Matthews
Edwin Winchester Matthews 

334 Warren Avenue

Edwin Winchester Matthews 

  334 Warren Avenue

1924-1929 Charles E. Hall
1947 no return

  335 Warren Avenue

1924 Mrs. Marion Joslin 
1929 Anthoiny DeMarco
1947 James A. O'Neill

  336 Warren Avenue

1924-1929 Joseph Neal
1947 Mrs. Mary E. Ashbridge
1947 Miss Mary E. Ashbridge
1947 William A. Ashbridge

  337 Warren Avenue

1924-1929 William H. Dunbar
1947 Ear V. Fairbrothers - ice
1956-1959 George C. Wagner

  338 Warren Avenue

1924 Richard H. Ramsey
1929 Mrs. Mary E. Ramsey
1947 George A. Leathem

  340 Warren Avenue

1924-1929 Frederick Strasser
1947 Raymond E. Burr

  342 Warren Avenue

1924 William Doerschner
1929 John S. Harrison
1947 Frank Rescigno

344 Warren Avenue

Lorenzo Morris & Family
Lorenzo & Florence Bailey Morris

Philadelphia Inquirer
June 18, 1899

  344 Warren Avenue

1924-1929 Elijah T. Davis
1947 Fred S. Laird

  346 Warren Avenue

1924 Frank Hearn
1929 John A. Bellshot
1947 John Mehl

  348 Warren Avenue

Royal C Wagner Sr. & Family
Royal C. & Carrie Wagner
Royal C. Wagner Jr.
Frank Wagner

  348 Warren Avenue

Ray V. Fuchs & Family
Ray V. & Julia Fuchs

Warren Avenue

Jacob Kember & Family
Jacob & Bella Kember
Joseph Kember
Mollie Kember
Richard Kember
John A. Hubler

Warren Avenue

Jacob Sher
Jacob Tubis

Intersection of Wright Avenue and Warren Avenue