Camden, NJ


MILTON STREET was in Camden's Poet's Row neighborhood. The three blocks of houses that came to be known as Poet's Row first appear in the Camden City Directory of 1890-1891. Named for famous figures of English literature, the streets ran east and west from North 2nd Street, north of Erie Street. The first street north of Erie was Byron Street, followed by Burns Street and Milton Streets. Only a few homes are noted in the 1890-1891 directory on Milton Street, at either end of the block, and only the 200 block is listed. This would indicate that Byron Street was built first, from the ends in, then Burns, and lastly Milton Street. A 300 block of Byron Street was built later, and also a 500 block Byron Street.

North Camden in the 1890s offered many employment opportunities. Camden's industries were booming, and entrepreneurs came to Camden to set up shop. The new houses were snapped up mostly by tradesmen and skilled workers, with more than a few taking advantage of the short walks to the Vine Street and Shackamaxon ferries to commute back and forth to Philadelphia. The builder also made provisions for corner stores so the residents could shop conveniently. The sidewalks, like many of that era, were brick, and the streets were paved with cobblestone.

The Poet's Row neighborhood remained a vibrant place for decades, until, of course, after World War II, when the jobs began to leave North Camden. Perhaps it was poetic, with no pun intended, that the disaster that destroyed Poet's Row occurred when a recently closed factory building caught fire; the fire spreading to the homes, and in one hellish night destroying Milton Street, Burns Street, and the north side of Byron Street, where only two homes at the east end of the block, 241 and 243 Byron Street, were saved. Milton Street was no more. When dawn broke on August 24, 1972 Milton Street was gone.

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 Phil Cohen
Sunday, January 28, 2018

Camden NJ - 1914
Milton Street is the northernmost street in North Camden on this map

Milton Street in the 1910 Census
Camden Ward 1, Enumeration District 34

244, 240, 238, 236 Milton Street

234, 232, 230, 228, 226, 224, 222, 220, 218, 212, 210 Milton Street

208, 206, 202, 200, 203, 205, 207, 209, 211 Milton Street

211, 213, 215, 217, 219, 221, 225, 227, 229, 231 Milton Street

233, 235, 237, 241, 243, 245, 214 Milton Street

242, 223 Milton Street

201 Milton Street

239 Milton Street

 I did not find the sheet with 200 and 204 Milton 

200 Block of Milton Street
  200 Milton Street

People's Ice & Coal Company
William M. Walsh

John Sikova & Family
John & Victoria Sikova

1924 Charles Danley
1924 Ezekiel Gallagher
1947 Clarence W. Henry

201 Milton Street

1909 Evan T. Evans

Philadelphia Inquirer
March 21, 1897

William Searle - Cox Street
William Smart - Milton Street
Fred Leroyd - Byron Street

201 Milton Street

Evan T. Evans Jr. & Family
Evan & Emma Evans
Adrian T. Evans - Percy H. Evans
Louis L. Evans - Edgar Y. Evans
Julian S. Evans - Austin C. Evans
Byard Evans - Ethel E. Evans
Ormond C. Evans
Evan T. Evans Sr. & Amanda Evans

Philadelphia Inquirer
November 30, 1909

John Harmstead - Fulton Place

  201 Milton Street

Joseph Beatty & Family
Joseph & Mary Beatty
Myrtle Beatty

1924 Samuel Norwitz
1929-1933 Joseph Arnopol
1947 George Luncheonette
George W. Burkett 

  202 Milton Street

1906 Mary A. Kenney

Adolph Brown & Family
ship carpenter
Adolph & Sophia Brown

Emil Jentsch & Family
Emil & Anna Jentsch

1924-1947 Louis Bittner

  203 Milton Street

1907 Thomas T. Evans
ship carpenter

Joseph Beatty & Family
Joseph & Mary Beatty
Myrtle Beatty

Mrs. Sadie Hartman & Family
Norris Hartman
Elizabeth Harman
Russell Hartman

1924 William Campbell
1929 Vacant
1947 Thomas M. Andrews 

  204 Milton Street

1906 William F. Driscoll
1907 Samuel Macintosh

George B. Carley & Family
ship carpenter
George B. & Bella Carley
John N. & Carley & Family
John & Ida V. Carley

1924-1947 Charles E. Hearn

204 Milton Street

Seaman First Class Robert E. Hearn

  205 Milton Street

1906-1907 Andrew J. Hall

Henry E. Cannon & Family
Henry E. & Margaret Cannon
Otto Christian & Family
Otto & Vallie Christian

William Garish Sr. & Family
William & Catherine Garish
William Garish Jr.
Catherine Garish

1929 Vacant
1947 George Gobel 

QQUINN, on March 2, 1902, Bella, daughter of Patrick and the late Sarah Quinn in her 14th year. Funeral on Wednesday morning at 7 o'clock from the residence of Patrick Kennedy, 206 Milton Street, Camden, NJ. Internment at Bridgeport, Montgomery County, PA.

206 Milton Street

Patrick Quinn & Family
Patrick & Sara Quinn
Bella Quinn

Philadelphia Inquirer
March 5, 1902

206 Milton Street

1909 Walter Bryen

206 Milton Street

1909 Evan Mitchell

Philadelphia Inquirer
July 5, 1912

  206 Milton Street

1924 Thomas Cummings
1929 George Stemner
1947John J. Sulliivan 

  207 Milton Street

1907 George P. Macklin

William S. Hearn
William S. & Anna Hearn & Family

1924 Clifford Zane
1929 Joseph Collins
1947-1969 Claude Williams 

208 Milton Street

1906 Walter Bryen

Philadelphia Inquirer
May 30, 1906

Robert Beasley - Birch Street
William Pfrommer - Point Street
Milton Street

  208 Milton Street

Mrs. Eliza McNeff & Family
widow of Patrick McNeff
Joseph F. McNeff
Ellen McNeff
Eliza Mcneff

1947 Maurice F. Moharter
1969 N.M. Stephens

209 Milton Street

1906 Samuel R. Beach
1906 Charles E. Lutz

Harry Garwood & Family
Harry & Martha Garwood

1924 Jonas C, Reighn
1929 Mahlon C. Allebach
1947 Mrs. Abbie Higgins 

210 Milton Street

Victor L. Vandegrift & Fanmily
Victor L. & Louise Vandegroft

Philadelphia Inquirer
February 8, 1898

  210 Milton Street

1906-1907 David E. Leisher

Emil Yentsch & Family
Emily & Catherine Yentsch

1924-1929 James J. Maloney
1947 Raymond Stankavage 

211 Milton Street

Daniel D. McConnell & Family
Daniel D. & Teresa McConnell
Daniel P. "Dan" McConnell
May McConnell
Bertha McConnell
Henry F. "Harry " McConnell

  211 Milton Street

1906-1907 Joseph Baxter
1924 William Jenkins
1928 Mrs. Alice Miller 
1947 Mrs. Gertrude E. Taylor 
1969 Mrs. M. Cooker
1969 Mrs. M.E. DeLorenzo

211 Milton Street

Isaac Bennett Keller & Family
Isaac B. & Lily Palmer Keller
Joseph Keller
Mrs. Julia Palmer
Laura Palmer
Jennie Palmer

My grandfather, Isaac Bennett Keller (top) lived on 211 Milton Street in 1900 along with his wife Lilly (bottom), his son Joseph, his mother-in-law Julia Palmer and his two sister-in-laws, Laura and Jennie Palmer.

Dorothy Ouram
October 20, 2013

211 Milton Street

Isaac Bennet Keller & Family
Isaac B. & Lily Palmer Keller
Joseph Keller
Mrs. Julia Palmer
Laura Palmer
Jennie Palmer

My grandfather, Isaac Bennett Keller (top) lived on 211 Milton Street in 1900 along with his wife Lilly (bottom), his son Joseph, his mother-in-law Julia Palmer and his two sister-in-laws, Laura and Jennie Palmer.

Dorothy Ouram
October 20, 2013

Top Left: Julia Palmer
ottom Left: Laura Palmer

  211 Milton Street

1907 Paul D. Judge
1907 Mrs. Kate S. Hale
widow of Howard Hale

211 Milton Street

1909 John Williams

Philadelphia Inquirer
September 6, 1906

E.E. Jefferis - William Oberman
Albert Bealer - Norma Ware
Milton Street - Main Street
Cedar Street - North 5th Street

  211 Milton Street

Alex Martin & Family
Alex & Eva Martin

1924 William Jenkins
1928 Mrs. Alice Miller 
1947 Mrs. Gertrude E. Taylor 
1969 Mrs. M. Cooker
1969 Mrs. M.E. DeLorenzo

212 Milton Street

1924 George Zweigart
1929 William B. Marshall 
1947 Richard E. Phillips
1969 D. Barnes

Left: Ruth V. Marshall and her father, William B.  Marshall. Ruth Marshall married Richard E. Phillips. They later moved to 715 York Street.

  213 Milton Street

1906 Hugh McCaffery
1906 Mrs. Ellen H. Steward
widow of Edwin C. Steward

Charles W. Biehler & Family
Charles & Catherine Biehler
Charles Biehler

1929 Grover C. Stackhouse
1947 Harry J. Condell
1969 G.R. Condell

  214 Milton Street

1906 Detlef Schlueter

Stephen Kujawski & Family
Stephen & Frances Kujawski

1924 Mrs. Mary Simpkins
1929 George Ritchie

214 Milton Street

1947 Thomas Winstanley

  215 Milton Street

Joseph L. Kline & Family
Joseph L. & Elsie Kline

1924-1947 Peter Zastampilo

  216 Milton Street

1906 Oscar T. Ellis

William C. Jones & Family
William C. & Jennie Jones

1924-1929 Joseph Varga
1947 William Stankiewicz 

217 Milton Street

1909 Mrs. Sarah Evans

Philadelphia Inquirer
February 21, 1911

  217 Milton Street

1924 Isidore Strauss
1929-1947 Norman N. Risley

  218 Milton Street

John T. Esbin & Family
John T. & Martha D. Esben
Walter B. Smith, boarder

218 Milton Street

Walter B. Smith

Philadelphia inquirer
August 7, 1911

  218 Milton Street

1929 George W. Reeves
1947 William Stancavage 

WHITTINGTON, on the 2nd inst.,Sarah A., wife of Alfred Whittington, aged 28 years. 
The relative and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral on 
Thursday 4th inst. at 11 o'clock from her late residence, 219 Milton Street, Camden, NJ. 
Internment at Evergreen Cemetery.

219 Milton Street

Alfred Whittington & Family
Alfred & Sarah A. Whittington

Philadelphia Inquirer
February 4, 1897

  219 Milton Street

1890s-1900s Frank McDonald Sr.

219 Milton Street

Axel V. (Alexander) Paulson & Family
Axel & Marie Paulson

Philadelphia Inquirer
May 3, 1908

  219 Milton Street

Herbert Hoopes & Family
Herbert F. & Carrie Hoopes

1924 Frank Lange
1929 Ralph G. Jones
1947 Neal D. Henry 

220 Milton Street

William Rodenbeck & Family
William & Katherine Rodenbeck
Walter Rodenbeckh

Philadelphia Inquirer
May 14, 1906

  220 Milton Street

1924 John F. Taylor
1929 Mrs. Emma F. Taylor
1930s-1940s Wilbert & Estella Epley
1947 Francis V. Flanagan
1947 John V. Walukas 

  220 Milton Street

Private Wilbert Epley

  221 Milton Street

1907 John F. Fry
1924-1929 William J. Smith
1947 Mrs. Elizabeth Merryfield Smith 

  221 Milton Street

William Henry Merryfield 

  222 Milton Street

1906 Elizabeth E. Jesser
1906-1907 Harrison S. Esbin 

222 Milton Street

Rudolph Schilder & Family
Rudolph & Dora Schilder
Reba Schilder
Rudolph Schilder Jr.
Herman Schilder
Henry Schilder
Albert Schilder

Philadelphia Inquirer
June 28, 1916

222 Milton Street

Rudolph Schilder & Family
Rudolph & Dora Schilder
Reba Schilder
Rudolph Schilder Jr.
Herman Schilder
Henry Schilder
Albert Schilder

Philadelphia Inquirer
June 29, 1916

  222 Milton Street

1924 John Shablack
1929 Julian Smith

George S. Cowgill & Family
George & Stella Cowgill

1969 R.T. Williams

  223 Milton Street

1906-1910 Louis A. Hock
1924 Isaac Nienu
1929 Robert M. Owen
1947 Charles I. McNally

223 Milton Street

1967 Patricia Gibbs

Camden Courier-Post
August 26, 1967

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Arthur Batten
Richard Francesconi
Truman F. Maples


224 Milton Street

1906 George Salverson

Philadelphia Inquirer
September 6, 1906 

  224 Milton Street

Joseph Pester & Family
Joseph & Mary Pester

1924 Mrs. Anna Morak
1929 Joseph J. Prosser
1947 Mrs. Ella Polt 

  225 Milton Street

William Begg & Family
William & Janet Begg
John K. Begg - Janet K. Begg
William Begg - Margaret A. Begg
Mary E. Begg
1924 Osman L. Roberts
1929 Mayhew G. Reeves
1947 Carroll Sevick 

  226 Milton Street

1906-1907 Gustavus J. Hughes
1906 Mrs. Caroline Carlin
widow of Frank Carlin
1910s Walter & Anna Reighn

Benjamin W. Reeves & Family
Benjamin & Myrtle Reeves
Benjamin Reeves Jr.
Myrtle Reeves
Frances reeves

227 Milton Street

1906 Paul Kirstein

Philadelphia Inquirer
September 4, 1906

Henry Kurz - Atlantic Avenue
Haddon Avenue
Pear Street (Lansdowne Avenue)
Cooper Hospital

  227 Milton Street

Elwood Powell & Family
Elwood & Anna Powell

1924 Oscar E. Gross
1929 John F. Cook
1947 John T. Davis

  228 Milton Street

1907 William E. Mitchell

John Winstanley & Family

John E. & Sarah WInstanley
John Winstanley- Richard Winstaley
Sadie Winstanley - ELizabeth Winstanley
Thomas Winstanley

1924-1929 Joseph S. Beatty
1947 Mrs. Lillian Laibley
1969 M.W. McCargo

  229 Milton Street

John T. Davis & Family
John & Victoria Davis

1947 Thomas L. Richards 

  230 Milton Street

1906 Charles Klein
1906 John Clevenger
1907 John T. Fetters

Earl Emley & Family
Earl & Mary Emley
Florence Emley

1924 Harry Garwood
1929 Isaac Niemi
1947 A. Galanti 

  231 Milton Street

1906 Mabel Young

Joseph Nece & Family
Joseph & Sarah Nece

1947 Mrs. Stella Nece

  232 Milton Street

1907 Lucien Beque

Alex Martin & Family
Alex & Mary Martin

1924 Joseph L. Kline
1929 not mentioned
1947 Thomas J. Duffin 

LOCKE, on August 17, 1896, Theodore, husband of Sarah A. Locke, aged 52 years. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral on Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock from his late residence, No. 233 Milton Street, Camden, NJ. Internment at Evergreen Cemetery.

233 Milton Street

Theodore Locke & Family
Theodore & Sarah A. Locke
Anna Locke - Louis Locke
William Locke - Sibella Locke
May Locke - bertha Locke

Philadelphia Inquirer
August 20, 1896

233 Milton Street

1916 George W. Smith 

Philadelphia Inquirer
March 21, 1916

Cherry Street - North 2nd Street

  233 Milton Street

Charles F. Hunterson & Family
Charles F. & Kate Hunterson

1924 Thomas A. Campbell
1929 George Polt
1947 Richard J. Studinger 

MANNING, on March 16, 1901 - Grace Elva, daughter of John H. and Luella I. Manning and granddaughter of William T. and the late Mary Dawson, aged 6 months. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral services on Tuesday afternoon, March 19, at 2 o'clock at the residence of her parents, 234 Milton Street, Camden, NJ. Internment at Evergreen Cemetery.

234 Milton Street

John H. Manning & Family
John H. & Louella I. Manning
Grace Elva Manning

Philadelphia Inquirer
March 17, 1901


 234 Milton Street

1906 Charles M. Richmond
1907 Joseph J. Reed
ship carpenter

Oscar Johnson & Family
Oscar & Kate Johnson

1924 Erich Laisi
1929 Thomas A. Cummings
1947 Mrs. Henrietts Vanderheggen 

  235 Milton Street

1906 James G. Mould

Thomas Marella & Family
Thomas & Clara Marella

1924 Cornelius Cheeseman
1929 George W. Wood
1947 Joseph T. Davis
1969 B. Pollard 

  236 Milton Street

1907 George Coleman

Harry Kyler & Family
Harry & Martha Kyler

Richard M. Toal & Family
Richard M. & Marie Toal
Richard Toal - Joseph Tpal
Grace Toal - Marie Tpal

1929 vacant
1947 Leo S. Lake

  237 Milton Street

John B. Goff & Family
John B. & Margaret Goff
Joseph Goff
William Goff
Rose Goff

James Stephens & Family
Walter Stephens & Family
Walter & Nettie Stephens
Dorothea Stephens

1959 S.D. Swift

LAWS, on October 25, 1894, Lillie H., daughter of Enoch D. and Annie E. Laws, aged 15 years and 11 months. The relatives and friend of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral on Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock from her parents' residence, 238 Milton Street, Camden, NJ. Internment at Evergreen Cemetery.

238 Milton Street

Enoch Laws & Family
Enoch D. & Annie E. Laws
Lillie H. Laws

Philadelphia Inquirer
October 28, 1894

238 Milton Street

Mark S. Rowland & Family 

Philadelphia Inquirer
May 18, 1902

Reuben Titis
Rev. Charles Bowden

  238 Milton Street

Mrs. Emma Brown & Family
widow of Horace G. Brown
Horace G. Brown Jr. & Family
Horace G. & Mary Brown

1947 Thomas F. Contravo 

  239 Milton Street

Samuel M. Steer & Family
Samuel & Mary Steer
Laura Steer
Margaret Steer

Charles J. Undorfer & Family
U.S. Navy
Charles J. & Margaret Steer Undorfer

1924 Adolph Veit
1929 Mrs. Bessie Sharp
1947 Romeo Galanti 

  240 Milton Street

1907 Harry Schramm

George H. Comly & Family
George H. & Alice Comly

January 1920 Vacant

1924 George Lohmiller
1929 vacant
1947 Mrs. Rebecca E. Countryman 

  241 Milton Street

Mrs. Mary F. Wood & Family
widow of Daniel Wood
Marie F. Wood
 Joseph C. Wood
Dora K. Wood
George R. Wood

1924 Marie F. Wood

1929 Joseph H. Deroche
1947 Mrs. Mildred Camilli 

  242 Milton Street

1907 Samuel H. Hollingsworth
ship carpenter

Abraham Cohen & Family
Abraham & Sarah Cohen
Max Cohen - Louis Cohen

1924 Vacant
1929 John C. Whittaker
1947 Paul A. Marquardt 

  243 Milton Street

James O'Brien & Family
ship carpenter
James & Louisa O'Brien
Theresa O'Brien
Lawrence O'Brien
James O'Brien

Samuel M. Mackintosh & Family
Samuel & Marie Mackintosh
Charles Mackintosh
Samuel Mackintosh

1929 Arthur Lochard
1947 Joseph Roccaleri 

  244 Milton Street

1906 James P. Moore
1906 Bessie Moore

1918-1920 Frederick Kohlenberg
1919-1920 Mrs. Frances Johnson

1924-1947 Samuel Cohen

  245 Milton Street

Henry Dold & Family
Henry & Clara Dold
Josephine Dold

Frederick Kohlenberg & Family
boat builder head of North 23rd Street
Frederick & Augusta Kohlenberg
Minnie Kohlenberg
Helen Kohlenberg
Gussie Kohlenberg
Catherine Kohlenberg

245 Milton Street

Cletus Eckenrode & Family
Cletus & Mary Eckenrode
Charles Eckenrode
Samuel Mason
Harry Mason

Philadelphia Inquirer
February 20, 1919

John Murray - Dr. William H. Pratt
Camden Shipbuilding Company
Milton Street - North 32nd Street

  245 Milton Street

1924 Hilyard Rodman
1929 Morris Richards 
1947 Morris T. Richards Jr. 

Camden Courier-Post

August 13, 1942

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Milton Street

August 15, 1942

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 Photo courtesy of Marianne Papaycik McMaster

Byron, Burns, & Milton Streets East of North 2nd Street

Fire Started in the former John R. Evans Co. leather factory, a block long factory building at North 2nd and Erie Streets in North Camden on a hot summer night, August 23, 1972. Inadequate water pressure, combined with a stiff breeze from the south indicated that there was trouble ahead. The first responding Fire Company, Engine Company 6, sounded the Second Alarm upon arrival. 

This photograph, taken from the 3rd Street end of Milton Street, shows the houses on the 2nd Street end already ablaze. 

Pandemonium in Poets Row as residents attempt to hurriedly evacuate homes of furnishings as the conflagration took off. High winds and flying embers, combined with the intense radiant heat created fire storm conditions. The Fire Companies arriving on the scene in response to the Greater Alarms entered the Poets Row streets to find everything burning- buildings, trees, fences, parked cars, and telephone poles. Live electrical wires were down and arcing everywhere. 

The 200 Block of Burns Street, as seen form North 3rd Street. The photos of Engine Company 3 doing everything it could with its deck pipe and hand-held hose to cutoff the rapidly spreading fire. In the early stages of the fire Engine Companies often found themselves alone on an entire block, desperately trying to make a stand while awaiting reinforcements. Several units, driven back by the intense fire, would disconnect from the fire hydrants, fall back to the next hydrant further down the street, only to be driven back once again as the fire continued to spread. Engine Company 3 operated by itself for nearly one half-hour until assisted by a subsequent mutual aid fire company. 

Ruins of original fire building and surrounding neighborhood at Poets Row, North Camden, in the aftermath of the worst conflagration in the history of the Camden Fire Department. 

Looking East on the 200 block of Burns Street on the day after the fire. 

Engine Company 3 stands in stark contrast with the devastation surrounding an area of four square city blocks. Ten alarms with aid from fire departments outside of Camden and over two hundred firefighters worked for eight hours before bringing the fire under control. Forty-two homes and the original John R. Evans factory building, where the fire started, completely collapsed, and an additional thirty houses were severely damaged. Hundreds of Poets Row residents lost everything. Although there were scores of injuries to both firefighters and civilians, miraculously all were minor in nature. 

POET'S ROW - The 200 Block of Byron Street - July 5, 2004
Looking East
North 2nd & Byron Street

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214, 212, 210 Byron Street

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Remaining homes on the
South Side
200 Block of Byron Street

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Looking West
North 3rd & Byron Street

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