Camden, NJ


Empire Avenue is in the Parkside section of Camden. It runs parallel four blocks east of Haddon Avenue, from Walnut Street, to Baird Boulevard, crossing Park Boulevard and Wildwood Avenue.

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 Phil Cohen

1000 block of Empire Avenue
1042 Empire Avenue

Auto Tops and Seat Covers

Camden Courier-Post Advertisement
May 19, 1964


  1059 Empire Avenue

Empire Transport Co. Inc

Imperial Transport & Leasing Company LLC

Intersection of Park Boulevard & Empire Avenue

1100 block of Empire Avenue

1109 Empire Avenue

Benjamin F. Harvey
building contractor
Benjamin F. & Lillie Harvey
Charles Howard Harvey
Milton Harvey
Elmer Harvey
Doris Harvey

Camden Courier-Post
June 18, 1932
(street address is the newspaper's error)

Camden Courier-Post
July 5, 1941

  1111 Empire Avenue

1918 Howard Sanders
1947 Max I. Bernstein

  1113 Empire Avenue

1947 Mrs. Mary E. Murray

  1115 Empire Avenue

1947 Clarence A. Briant

  1117 Empire Avenue

1947 Anthony M. Beals

  1118 Empire Avenue

1947 William G. Hill

  1119 Empire Avenue

1918 Howard Eisenhardt
1947 Henry Pinsky

7 Arrested in Bingo Numbers Racket; 4 Seized in Betting Place

Ten men and a woman were arrested in gambling raids over the weekend by Camden city and county authorities.

Seven were arrested for operating a "bingo numbers" racket. A warrant also was issued for Frank Palese, 400 Spruce street, a member of a widely known South Camden family, as the "big shot" of the racket, according to Chief Lawrence T. Doran, of county detectives. Doran said last night Palese is still a fugitive.

In another raid by Camden police, three men and a woman were arrested in an alleged horse racing betting establishment at 1149 Lansdowne avenue. The place was on the second floor over a grocery store, according to Sergeant Gus Koerner, City Detective Thomas Murphy, Jr., and Patrolman James McLaughlin, who made the raid. Koerner and Murphy also figured in the second raid.

Several racing forms and four telephones with two direct wires to tracks now in operation were seized, according to Koerner and Murphy, The police first arrested Roland Flynn, 36, of 589 Carman street; Neil Zeidman, 43, of 1064 Langham avenue, and James O'Donal, 27, of 1119 Empire avenue, and held them in $1000 bail for violating the State crimes act.

1119 Empire Avenue

1938 James O'Donal
James O'Donnell

Camden Courier-Post
February 14, 1938

  1119 Empire Avenue

1947 Henry Pinsky

  1120 Empire Avenue

1947 Charles K. Mitchell

  1122 Empire Avenue

1947 Herman Smith
1955 Leslie Smith

  1124 Empire Avenue

1947 Harry Joseph

  1126 Empire Avenue

1947 Moe & Sylvia Weisenfeld

  1128 Empire Avenue

1947 Nathan L. Troub

  1132 Empire Avenue

1947 Joseph B. Hamilton

  1134 Empire Avenue

1947 Philip Shenker

1975-1980 R. Mangeliso Davis

  1136 Empire Avenue

1947 Hyman R. Silber

  1138 Empire Avenue

1947 Ralph Rosenberg
1947 Louis Rosenberg

  1140 Empire Avenue

1947 Nathan H. Eisenberg

  1142 Empire Avenue

1947 Samuel Bellitz

  1144 Empire Avenue

1947 Samuel Troub
1947 Albert Lowenthal

  1146 Empire Avenue1947 

Simon R. Yaffa

  1172 Empire Avenue

1947 Joseph J. Gerber

  1174 Empire Avenue

1947 Louis Troiano

Intersection of Wildwood Avenue & Empire Avenue

1000 block of Empire Avenue
  1211 Empire Avenue

1919-1920 Alexander Romm
1947 Harry A. Kaplan

  1213 Empire Avenue

1919-1920 Philip C. Rothenberg

1213 Empire Avenue

Harry Melamed & Family
Harry & Jennie Drucker Melamed
Lena "Lee" Melamed
Bertha Melamed
Sylvia Melamed

Lena Malemed
Miss Camden 1935

Camden Courier-Post
August 30, 1935

  1213 Empire Avenue

1947 Benjamin C. Kohm

  1214 Empire Avenue

Samuel Kantor & Family
Samuel & Anna Kantor
Solomon Kantor
Miriam Kantor

1214 Empire Avenue

Staff Sergeant
Solomon A. Kantor

  1215 Empire Avenue

Joseph Galanter & Family
Joseph & Alice Galnter
Robert Galanter
Jeanne Galanter

1947 Simon Hermann

  1216 Empire Avenue

1918 Howard T. Brown
1947 Harry Gerber
1947 Charles Reiff

  1217 Empire Avenue

1919-1920 Daniel O. Leeds
1947 Charles McLain

  1219 Empire Avenue

1918-1920 Alexander Batchelor
1947 Jack Kriede

  1220 Empire Avenue

1938 Charles Brodson
1947 Jack Waldman

  1221 Empire Avenue

1947 Anthony Scarengille

  1222 Empire Avenue

1947 Israel Boudov

  1223 Empire Avenue

1947 David D. Hyman

  1224 Empire Avenue

1947 Howard W. Levy

  1226 Empire Avenue

1947 Nathan Asbell

  1228 Empire Avenue

Built in 1914

1947 Aaron Ginsburg

2010 Budget Friendly Bookkeeping

  1230 Empire Avenue

1947 Max M. Geltzer

  1232 Empire Avenue

1947 Howard M. Laskin

  1234 Empire Avenue

1947 Moses E. Saitz


1236 Empire Avenue

1947 Maurice Russell

  1240 Empire Avenue

1947 Herman H. Blank

  1242 Empire Avenue

1947 Joseph Baldino

  1244 Empire Avenue

1947 Harold H. Bloom

  1245 Empire Avenue

1919-1920 William B. Graham
1947 Max C. Hechter


1246 Empire Avenue

1947Joseph Palermo

1247 Empire Avenue

Henry L. "Harry" Barroway & Family
Henry L. & Sarah Barroway
James Barroaway
Sarah Barroway
Ruth Barroway
Lillian Barroway
Miriam Barroway 

  1247 Empire Avenue

1947 Maurice H. Clyman

  1248 Empire Avenue

1926 Alva L. Kleinberg
1947 Max Sherman

  1249 Empire Avenue

1947 William H. Carey

  1250 Empire Avenue

1930-1947 Harry A. Bush

Mrs. J. Franklin Johnson's guests at luncheon today at her home, 1251 Empire Avenue, are the following members of her Fourth Day Club, Mrs. George Trouts, Mrs. Harry L. Reyno, Mrs. William Dinan, Mrs. Clarence Powell, Mrs. William Pattison and Mrs. Frank MacCullough.

1251 Empire Avenue

1931 Mr. & Mrs J. Franklin Johnson

Camden Courier-Post
October 15, 1931

  1251 Empire Avenue

1947 Murray H. Fischer

  1252 Empire Avenue

1933 Albert Becker
1947 Edward A. Comita
1947 Joseph T. Miller

  1253 Empire Avenue

1947 Mrs. Anna Stevens

  1254 Empire Avenue

1947 Benjamin Weintraub

  1255 Empire Avenue

1947 Paul J. Bare

  1257 Empire Avenue

1947 Simon Weiss

2010 Church Of God & Saints Of Christ

  1258 Empire Avenue

1947 Herman Weintraub

  1259 Empire Avenue

1947 Mrs. Nellie Segal

  1260 Empire Avenue

1947 Herman Rosenberg

  1262 Empire Avenue

1947 Jacob B. Fisher
1947 Bernard Fisher