Camden, NJ


DAVIS STREET runs southeast from a point north of Sheridan Street, until it intersects with Copewood Street, then continues on until it ends at Ferry Avenue. Davis Street was not the site of homes but several significant Camden businesses and institutions were and/or are located on Davis Street. In the 1960s, after the Ferry Avenue station of the PATCO high speed line opened, a garden apartment complex known as the Ferry Station Apartments was built along the west side of Davis Street below Sayrs Avenue, as was a high rise office building. On the east side of Davis another office building was erected, and of course there was and is a large parking lot to accommodate PATCO commuters.

The buildings, businesses and institutions that were and/or are on Davis Street include the Municipal Hospital for Contagious Diseases for the City of Camden, which became the South Jersey Medical Research Foundation (and later was renamed the Coriell Institute for Medical Research), Radio Condenser Corporation (present day RF Products, Inc.), Morgan Village Little League clubhouse, Thomas Nelson Inc., a firm which publishes Bibles and religious works, whose building is now occupied by the Dr. Charles Brimm Medical Arts High School, and City Line Lumber Company, whose site is now the Speedline Station. The Ferry Station Apartments were renamed Tamarack Station Apartments around 2000 or so, and the field where the Morgan Village Little League was located was renamed Whitman Park around 2004, despite the fact that their already was a Whitman Park, at Louis and Everett Streets. 

Davis Street was named for Dr. Henry Hill Davis. Besides practicing medicine, Dr. Davis served as a school board member, county coroner, Camden's first medical inspector, and first chief medical inspector. He served for many years on Camden's Board of Health, and was president during the years when the Municipal Hospital for Contagious Diseases for the City of Camden was planned and built. He was also the Chief of the Medical Department of Camden's public schools, and was the first person to serve as a School Medical Inspector in the State of New Jersey. Also named in honor of Dr. Davis was the Henry H. Davis School, for many years the largest elementary school in Camden, was built in 1925 at 3425 Cramer Street in East Camden.

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 Phil Cohen

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