Camden, NJ

Boyd Street

BOYD STREET is in East Camden, and runs parallel to Marlton Avenue from Carman Street to the city limits in Pennsauken.

Boyd Street acquired a very bad reputation in the late 1980s and all through the 1990s as part of the open-air drug market known as "the Alley", which centered on the alley one end of which was on Bank Street between Morse Street and Boyd Streets.

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 Phil Cohen

1914 Map of Camden & Stockton Twp.
Boyd Street then ran only about two blocks
Somehow, MORSE STREET was missed....
Boyd Street is Pfeiffer Street 
Note the other streets whose names were later changed

1929 Aerial Photo
Rand Street, Boyd Street, Morse Street & Marlton Avenue
Only 2 houses then were on Rand Street, 20 on Boyd Street, a few more on Morse.
Nothing had been built yet on Baird Boulevard.
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1940s Map of Camden
Stockton Park is Gone, streets have been renamed

1946 Map of Camden
McGuire Gardens were built in 1954

The Proposed Site of Project 10-4 - McGuire Gardens - February 1951

East Camden & Cramer Hill in 2003

Boyd Street
Boyd Street,
South 20th Street,
& Carman Street

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29, 31, 35, & 37 Boyd Street

Photograph Taken January 2, 2008


29 Boyd Street

1947 Margaret Deschin

All houses were built before 1924 and were occupied that year

Photograph Taken March 15, 2012

29 & 31 Boyd Street

Photograph Taken March 15, 2012

31 Boyd Street

1947 Edward G. Glaze

Photograph Taken March 15, 2012

35 Boyd Street

Irvin K. Lederman

  35 Boyd Street

1947 John Bates

35 & 37 Boyd Street

Photograph Taken January 2, 2008

  37 Boyd Street

1947 David H. Streaker

  41 Boyd Street

1947 Martin Fredrickson

  43 Boyd Street

1947 Harry C. Scholz

43, 45 & 47  Boyd Street

Photograph Taken January 2, 2008

44 Boyd Street

Irvin K. Lederman

  44 Boyd Street

1947 Joseph E. Packer
2007 Gone

45 Boyd Street

Irvin K. Lederman

  45 Boyd Street

1947 Arthur H. Burkett

  46 Boyd Street

1947 Thomas B. Fitzpatrick
2007 Gone

  47 Boyd Street

1947 Joseph L. Reeve

  48 Boyd Street

1947 William E. Toole
2007 Gone

  50 Boyd Street

1947 Warren O. Eachus
2007 Gone

  52 Boyd Street

1947 Raymond H. Mitchell
2007 Gone

  54 Boyd Street

1947 John G. Eckert
2007 Gone

  56 Boyd Street

1947 Frank F. Bennett
2007 Gone

  58 Boyd Street

Bernard "Barney" Tracy
& Family
Barney & Freda Tracy
Thomas Tracy
Harry Tracy

1947 Russell T. Snyder
2007 Gone

  62 Boyd Street

1947 Edgar F. Bennett
2007 Gone

  64 Boyd Street

1947 Mrs. Frances Schneider
2007 Gone

Looking Northwest
Boyd Street
Carman Street
South 20th Street

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Intersection of Boyd Street & Watson Street
  86 Boyd Street

1924 Joseph Swain
1947 Harry Williams
2007 Gone

  88 Boyd Street

1924 Benjamin J. Snuffin
1947 Carl Bensel
2007 Gone

Intersection of Boyd Street & Berwick Street
128 Boyd Street

David Lavender & Family
Deborah Dee Lavender

Camden Courier-Post
November 9, 1967

153 Boyd Street

William Thorn
Late 1950s-1960s

182 Boyd Street

Robert Hartmann
Late 1950s-1960s

Intersection of Boyd Street & Bank Street

Looking towards intersection of
Boyd Street & Bank Street

February 14, 1951

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Looking towards intersection of
Boyd Street & Bank Street

February 14, 1951

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  226 Boyd Street

1933 Earl Stopfer

  234 Boyd Street

1947 John Arleth
1947 Nathan Sacks

  236 Boyd Street

1947 Benjamin B. Levinson
1947 Myer Barton

  237 Boyd Street

1947 George T. Atkins

  238 Boyd Street

1947 Harry Benn
1947 Alex Volkman

  239 Boyd Street

1947 Julius Kasten
1947 Norman Finkelstein

239 Boyd Street

Rufus S. McKillip & Family
Rufus & Anna McKillip
Marjorie McKillop

Harry Leonard Funeral Home
Public Service Post 231 American Legion
Camden County Beverage Co.


  240 Boyd Street

1947 Herbert Wessel
1947 Samuel Glostein

  241 Boyd Street

1947 Edward Sacks

  242 Boyd Street

1947 Mrs. Ethel Stern

  243 Boyd Street

1947 Hancy E. Salasin

  244 Boyd Street

1947 Harry S. Pont
1947 Robert Kress

  245 Boyd Street

1947 Alf Remsteins
1947 Harry A. Sheldon

  246 Boyd Street

1947 Richard J. Rafter
1947 Mrs. Pauline Mackler

  247 Boyd Street

1947 Raymond A. Smallwood
1947 Leo Zweigel

  248 Boyd Street

1947 Paul S. Bellino

  250 Boyd Street

1947 Mrs. Sadie Jantas
1947 James W. Wells

  251 Boyd Street

1947 F. Warren Wolfson
1947 Albert H. Perloff

  252 Boyd Street

1947 William J. Morgan
1947 John L. Cullin

  253 Boyd Street

1947 Maurice Rosen
1947 Andrew S. Edell

  254 Boyd Street

1947 Charles Wexlin
1947 Gilbert M. Garte

254 Boyd Street

Charles Wexlin & Family
Charles & Mary J. Wexlin
Leehamn Wexlin
Mary Jane Wexlin
Ellena Rose Wexlin

My parents operated the M&H Sweet Shop in the Fifties and sold it in 1960.  We grew up on 227 Morse Street.  We first lived on 254 Boyd Street.  That is my father Charles Wexlin pictured at the register in the M&H. The two girls on the step are my sisters Mary Jane and Ellena Rose at 254 Boyd St

Leehman Wexlin
December 14, 2010

  255 Boyd Street

1947 Albert E. Rosner
1947 Rocco J. Sansone

  256 Boyd Street

1947 Richard F. Torpey
1947 Robert Cohen

  257 Boyd Street

1947 Harold Barsky
1947 Joseph Ceasar

  258 Boyd Street

1947 William H. Feinberg
1947 Albert A. Bush

  259 Boyd Street

1947 Mrs. Hildegarde M. Cawman
1947 Walter G. Schafer

  260 Boyd Street

1947 John E. Frye
1947 Norman MacCauley

  261 Boyd Street

1947 Norman E. Greiner
1947 Herman Greenberg

  262 Boyd Street

1947 John P. Moss
1947 John M. Garrigle

  264 Boyd Street

1947 Anton Vasil
1947 William M. Meade

  266 Boyd Street

1947 Edward Naden

  268 Boyd Street

1947 Lester B. Mead

Painting & Paperhanging 

PAPERHANGING Painting, reduced price. Go anywhere. 32 years' experience. Hoffman, 270 Boyd St. Camden 3099-W. 

270 Boyd Street

Samuel Hoffman Family
Samuel & Anna Hoffman

Camden Courier-Post
February 17, 1938

Miss Beatrice Hoffman

  272 Boyd Street

Sidney Bauman

I lived at 274 Boyd Street in Camden from sometime in the late 1930's until 1950, when my brother Bernard and I moved to New York City and our father, Jack L. Freedman, moved to Los Angeles. Our mother, Reba, had died in 1945.

Previous to that, we had lived at 243 Morse Street for a short period beginning in 1937.

Both Bernard and I went to Cramer School and Woodrow Wilson High.  I graduated from Wilson in June 1941 as valedictorian; my brother five years later.

Bernard now lives in Los Angeles with his wife.  They have two daughters and two grandchildren.  In 1972 I married Dr. Sheppard Siegal; we separated in 1974 and he died in the '80s.

Adele Freedman Siegal
June 5, 2010

274 Boyd Street

Late 1930s-1950
Jack L. Freedman & Family
Jack & Reba Freedman
Bernard Freedman
Adele Freedman

Intersection of Baird Boulevard & Boyd Street
  315 Boyd Street

1924 Not Built
1947 Louis Skulnick

  316 Boyd Street

1924 Not Built

  316 Boyd Street

1920s-1932 John A. Ashton

  316 Boyd Street

1940 Nathan Petit
Camden Police Department
1947-1959 Thomas S. Kauffman
Camden Police Detective

  318 Boyd Street

1924 Not Built
1947 Andrew Douglas Jr,

  320 Boyd Street

1924 Not Built
1933 Nathan Petit
Camden Police Department
1947 Joseph D. Maroccia

  322 Boyd Street

1924  Not Built
1947 William J. Lovallo

 322 Boyd Street

early 1960s-early 1968
Louis J. Martelli & Family
Canden Fire Department
Louis J. & Rose I. Martelli
Frank Martelli
Carmella Martelli - Roseanne Martelli

  324 Boyd Street

1924  Not Built
1947 Victor A. Voight

  326 Boyd Street

1924 Not Built
1947 Anthony Palma

  327 Boyd Street

1924 Edward E. Esham Jr.
1947 Jack Bryen

  328 Boyd Street

1924 Not Built
1936 Heber McCord

Camden Police Department
1947 Anthony M. DeFazio

  330 Boyd Street

1924 Not Built
1947 Rocco C. Vesper

  331 Boyd Street

1924 Mrs. Sarah V. Paul

Jobless Men Aid Police to Trap Suspects 
Surround House in East Camden and Prevent Escape of Two

 Surrounding a vacant house at 331 Boyd Street which two alleged thieves had entered, a group of unemployed men yesterday cut off every avenue of escape until police arrived. 

The men, who were found hiding in a second floor closet, police said, gave their names as Barney Runyon, 26, and William Newcomb, 22, both of 2301 Mickle Street

A telephone call to the home of Patrolman Earl Stopfer, of 226 Boyd Street, by a resident in the vicinity of the vacant house, informed Mrs. Stopfer that two men were in the house. With her husband on desk duty at city hall, Mrs. Stopfer went to the home of Lieutenant Nathan Petit, 320 Boyd Street, but he was out. She then sent a group of unemployed men working on community gardens in the rear of her home to the scene and telephoned police. 

The unemployed men were circled about the house when a patrol crew, under Patrolman George Getley arrived. The two men already had dismantled plumbing fixtures, Getley said. They were committed in default of $500 bail each for a hearing in police court this morning. 

331 Boyd Street

1933 Vacant

Camden Courier-Post
June 19, 1933

  331 Boyd Street

1947 Mrs. Otie M. Wood

  332 Boyd Street

1924 Not Built
1947 Alfred A. Rithschild

  334 Boyd Street

1924 Not Built
1947 Sidney Goodwin
clerk Harry Rose Hardware

  336 Boyd Street

1924 Not Built
1920s-1930s Thomas S. Kauffman
1947 Frank H. Vesper

  337 Boyd Street

1924 Not Built
1947 Jack H. Bryen

  338 Boyd Street

1924 Not Built
1947 George J. Boch

  340 Boyd Street

1924 Not Built
1947 Maurice & Dorothy Altshuler

  343 Boyd Street

1924 Not Built
1947 Edward A. Durkin

  344 Boyd Street

1924 Not Built
1947 Hyman Beck

  344a Boyd Street

1924 Not Built
1947 Thomas W. Moore

345a Boyd Street

1924 Not Built
1947 Not Built
1972 Earl Clover

Camden Courier-Post
June 26, 1972

  346 Boyd Street

1924 Not Built
1947 Jerry P. Williams

  348 Boyd Street

1924 Not Built
1947 Henry C. Wille
1947 Vernon L. Rosenberg

  349 Boyd Street

1924 Not Built
1947 Ralph Reese

  350 Boyd Street

1924 Not Built
1947 Harry Levin

  353 Boyd Street

1924-1947 Edward A. Underwood

  363 Boyd Street

1924 Not Built
1947 Edward G. Smith
1947 Chandler D. Baldwin

  365 Boyd Street

1924 Not Built
1947 Sol Caldwell
1947 Joseph Cone

Intersection of Boyd Street & Thorndyke Street
  402 Boyd Street

1924 Vacant
1947 Not Built
1950s-1970s Anthony Petrillo & Family
Anthony & Peggy Petrillo
Anthony Petrillo Jr.

  403 Boyd Street

1924 Vacant
1947 Frederick W. Smith

  409 Boyd Street

1924 Not Built
1947 Samuel L. Rosenberg

420 Boyd Street

1924 Not Built

William Rulis & Family
William & Alice Rulis
Thomas Waugh & Family
Thomas & Agnes H. Swift  Waugh

Camden Courier-Post
November 17, 1949

  446 Boyd Street

1924 Not Built
1947 John Hanson

  458 Boyd Street

1947 Edward M. Link

  459 Boyd Street

1947 Howard S. Wallace

  465 Boyd Street

1947 Voris Runyon

  466 Boyd Street

1947 Lillian Reading

  469 Boyd Street

1947 George D. Pew

  470 Boyd Street

1947 Andrew Morrison

  475 Boyd Street

1947 James Blaxland

  476 Boyd Street

1947 William E. Mazzare

  480 Boyd Street

1947 Michael J. Broaderick Sr. & Family

  480 Boyd Street

Corporal Michael J. Broaderick Jr.

Mrs. Annie Garbrecht & Family
Mrs.  Annie Garbrecht
Leonard Garbrecht
  486 Boyd Street

Private First Class 
Edward G. Ferguson


1947 Daniel L. Toal
1947 Mrs. Ethel Conley
1947 Lettie Jackson


  486 Boyd Street

1947 Daniel L. Toal
1947 Mrs. Ethel Conley
1947 Lettie Jackson

Camden Courier-Post - June 2, 1939

Steal Merchants's Auto and Cash, Get Only Tin Box From Bus Driver 

Three masked men, one with a nickel-plated revolver, held up Edward Rosenfeld, wholesale grocer, as he was backing his car into the garage in the rear of his home, 308 Rand street, last night. They took $12 from his pockets, forced him out of his new machine and drove it away.

Rosenfeld told police the bandits had handkerchief-type masks,  but appeared youthful, of medium height.

A short time before two men similarly masked, one also brandishing a nickel-plated revolver, approached Sidney Bauman, of 272 Boyd street, a block distant from the Rosenfeld house as he was putting his car into his garage.

"They told me it was a stickup," Bauman reported to police, "but I gave them an argument and they turned away and beat it. One was wearing a cap and one a hat. It was hard to get an accurate description in the dark, but they seemed youngish and about five feet five or six."

At 1:00 AM today a car answering the description of the one stolen from Rosenfeld was used by masked men who held up Edward Heaton, 824 Woodland Avenue, a bus driver, as he was turning in his receipts at the Newton avenue car barn of Public Service.

There were four men in the machine, Heaton told police. Two jumped out, each handkerchief masked and with a revolver, and stood on either side of him. He was carrying a tin box, in which were his change carrier and other articles, but no money. He had placed, the receipts in his pockets. The men grabbed the tin box and jumped back into the car, which sped away.

At about the same time two Negro men wearing masks, one with a gun, entered a taproom at 673 Ferry Avenue. Philip Knast, the proprietor, was behind the counter and there were four customers in the place. The masked men moved quickly toward Knast and told him "This is a stick-up."

He dodged behind the bar and escaped into a room in the rear. One of the bandits then went  behind the bar and rifled the cash register, getting between $5 and $6, Knast told police. They fled, apparently on foot.