Camden, NJ

Borton Street

BORTON STREET runs for one block, north from Pearl Street to Elm Street, between Ray Street and North 10th Street. The street first appears in city directories in 1890. The1969 New Jersey Bell Telephone Directory show nine families living on Borton Street. A reverse directory published in 1980 shows two houses still occupied. The last house standing on Borton Street, the long vacant number 528, fell to fire on June 1st of 2008.

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 Phil Cohen

1946 Map of Camden
Borton Street runs north from Pearl Street, east of Ray Street

Intersection of Pearl Street and Borton Street
Looking West
Pearl Street
Borton Street


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Looking West
Pearl Street
Borton Street


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Satellite Image
Borton Street


Borton Street
beginning and end marked by

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Satellite Image
Borton Street


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500 block of Borton Street
  509 Borton Street

1947 Lewis B. Todd
1969 B. I. Parker

  511 Borton Street

1947 Mrs. Sadie Markward
1969 T. A. Cox

512 Borton Street

1929 Raymond A. Miller
1930 Louis Works
1947 Gone

Camden Courier-Post
December 4, 1930

  513 Borton Street

1918 Levering Minister
1947 Mrs. Mary E. Durham
1969 M. Ross

  514 Borton Street

1947 Raymond E. Becker

  515 Borton Street

1947 Mrs. Anna Williams
1969 Betsy Williams

  517 Borton Street

1947 Mrs. Mary S. Yates

  519 Borton Street

1947 Americo Passarella

  520 Borton Street

1947 Vacant

  521 Borton Street

1947 Frank F. Rocanella
1969 R. L. Sherman

  522 Borton Street

1947 Mrs. Isabel Long

  523 Borton Street

1947 Robert W. Gresch

524 Borton Street

1906 William Walsh

Philadelphia Inquirer
May 16, 1906

  524 Borton Street

1947 Henry J. Williams

525 Borton Street

1927-1928 Harry & Helen Cowley

February 25, 1928

Rox Saponare


  525 Borton Street

1947 John F. Warren

526 Borton Street

1947 Vacant

  527 Borton Street

Philip Schucker & Family
Philip & Mary Schucker
Mary Schucker
Fred Schucker
Ernest Schucker
William Schucker

1947 Stewart D. MacIntosh

  528 Borton Street

1947 Benjamin J. Merckel
1969 occupied, no telephone
1980 J. Gresch
2008 Vacant

Destroyed by fire June 1, 2008

  529 Borton Street

1947 Mrs. Edith C. Simpson

  530 Borton Street

1947 Ellis Hurst
1969 occupied, no telephone
1980 J. Dent

531 Borton Street

Norman E. Billet & Family

Philadelphia Inquirer
October 16, 1917

1947 Frederick Gresch

532 Borton Street

John M. Reeves

Camden Courier-Post
February 22, 1927

  532 Borton Street

1947 Mrs. Marian McCann

533 Borton Street

George Jordan

Philadelphia Inquirer
July 29, 1906

  533 Borton Street

1947 Ellsworth H. May - hauling

  534 Borton Street

William Kunitz & Family
William & Bessie Kunitz

  534 Borton Street

1947 James E. Coughlin

  535 Borton Street

1947 Francis Coughlin
1969 C. Cain

  536 Borton Street

1947 Cornell A. Prosser
1969 B.L. Colangelo

  537 Borton Street

William Bessing & Family
William & Bessing Bessing
James Bessing
William Bessing

  537 Borton Street

1947 Mrs. E. Dyer

  538 Borton Street

1947 Mrs. Mary E. Mount
1969 H.J. Smith

  540 Borton Street

1947 William Tucker
1969 Mrs. A. Del Baugh

June 1, 2008
The Last House on Borton Street Lost to Fire
Camden, NJ Fire Fighters Save Minnie Mouse From Blazing Dwelling

Shortly after I:30 p.m. on June 1, 2008 Camden New Jersey fire fighters were dispatched to the 500 block of Borton Street in the North Camden section of the City for a reported dwelling fire.  As the companies were responding fire radio gave an update that they were receiving numerous calls for a working fire.  A large column of smoke was seen in the sky as the first due units turned the corner they reported that they had a two story vacant vandalized dwelling with heavy fire showing, and that they were going into service with a 2 1.2 inch line.  

Due to the condition of the building an exterior attack was being made.  Within 10 minutes the bulk of the fire was knocked down and an unusual event took place.  A fire fighter found an unconscious figure of Minnie Mouse laying in the rear of the dwelling.  Fire fighter Javier Matos of Ladder Company 3 knew that something had to be done to save Minnie.  To the delight of his brother fire fighters, fire fighter Matos  removed his face mask and placed it on Minnie Mouse.  Within a few minutes Minnie Mouse was revived and a loud cheer went up applauding fire fighter Matos for his gallant bravery saving the life of one of the country's National Heroines.  

Someone hollered "Where is Mickey Mouse"???

Members of Ladder Co. 1 immediately made a secondary search of the burned out dwelling but were unable to find any signs of Mickey Mouse.  The matter was turned over to the Fire Marshal's office to find out why Minnie Mouse was in this section of the City without Mickey by her side.  As one fire fighter put it "A lot of strange things happen in this City" and this was one of them.

Left: First arriving Units find a heavily involved dwelling fire. 
Right: Ladder Company 1 fire fighter Mariano Pinto ascending ladder
for ventilation and over haul.

Above: Ladder Company 1 fire fighter Mariano Pinto
ascending ladder for ventilation and over haul.

Fire fighter Matos of Ladder Company 3 holding a happy Minnie Mouse
after reviving her from her rescue from a blazing dwelling

Fire fighters were unable to find any signs of Mickey Mouse.
An investigation will begin.