Camden, NJ

Berkley Street

BERKLEY STREET was originally and was for many, many years spelled Berkeley Street. The street was named for Lord Berkeley, who, with Sir George Carteret owned the colony of New Jersey from 1664 to 1674. When originally laid out, Berkley Street east of Broadway was known as Hamilton Street, in honor of Hamilton Beckett of London, England, the son of Henry and Mary Beckett. The Becketts at one time owned the land from Royden to Line Street and from West to Second Street. In 1882, to avoid confusion, the name of Hamilton Street was dropped, and the street became Berkley Street for its entire length. Similar adjustments were made for Washington Street and Clinton Street. 

In 1902 the Pennsylvania Railroad opened up a series of freight sheds on South Second Street at Berkley Street. 

The 200 Block of Berkley Street was razed along with several other blocks west of South 3rd and south of Mickle Street around 1970 to make room for the Royal Court Townhomes and the Mickle Tower apartment building. 

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 Phil Cohen

....I have fond remembrances of wonderful neighbors on Berkley Street. Everyone would help keep streets tidy.  Whoever would go out to sweep their own sidewalk, would also sweep neighbor's on both sides.  Berkley Street then was predominately inhabited by Italian, Polish and Irish families.  Our family was the first black family in the 700 block.  We got along fine and did not discover till years later that we were being eyeballed by the community to see what kind of folks we were....... 

      Sally Star was a friend to our neighbor's sister, and at the height of her popularity, would visit with her get up on, which we thought was a big deal.

Annette (Hudson) Rushing

200 Block of Berkley Street
  200 Berkley Street

1947 William Shanks

  202 Berkley Street

1947 John Alpheaus

  204 Berkley Street

1947 Clarence B. Wilkins

  206 Berkley Street

1947 Samuel Mose

  208 Berkley Street

1947 Edward Lucas

209 Berkley Street

William McKinley

  209 Berkley Street

Thomas McKenna
Thomas & Kate McKenna

  210 Berkley Street

1947 Edward Lucas

  211 Berkley Street

1947 Nahan Williams

  212 Berkley Street

1947 Mrs. Lenore Haley

213 Berkley Street

Letitia A. Fine

Camden Courier
October 22, 1894

  213 Berkley Street

1947 Joseph H. Taylor

  214 Berkley Street

1947 Melvin Jones

  216 Berkley Street

1947 William Brown

  217 Berkley Street

1947 Rosario Fusco

  218 Berkley Street

1947 Catherine Owens

  220 Berkley Street

1947 Joseph Oglesby

  222 Berkley Street

1947 Jeannette Lipscomb

  224 Berkley Street

1947 John Oglesby

  225 Berkley Street

1947 Antonio Fargnoli

  226 Berkley Street

1947 Glenn Sandridge

  227 Berkley Street

1947 Pasquale Constantino

  228 Berkley Street

1947 Joseph Affrunti

  229 Berkley Street

1947 Mrs. Betty A. Galasso

230 Berkley Street

Michael A. Comanda

World War II Draft Card

Samuel Yellin

  230 Berkley Street

1947 Inez Funderburk

  231 Berkley Street

1947 Mrs. Antoinette Rossi

  232 Berkley Street

1947 Charles Finney

  233 Berkley Street

1947 Ralph DiSibio

  234 Berkley Street

1947 George W. Turlington

235 Berkley Street

1917 Conrad Herberow

Philadelphia Inquirer
July 24, 1917

  235 Berkley Street

1947 Patsy D. Speno

  236 Berkley Street

1947 Connie Howard

  237 Berkley Street

1947 Dominck A. Debellis

Intersection of South 3rd Street and Berkley Street
  451 South 3rd Street
James Monahan's Saloon 
Berkeley Bar 
Razed and replaced by
The Royal Court Townhomes
  452 South 3rd Street
John W. Sutton's Saloon
Pietro Bernardo
Patsy's Coffee House
Cinderella Cafe
Blevin's Cove
2003 Gone
  501 South 3rd Street

Wilmer Flitcraft
Victory Meat Market

  502 South 3rd Street

Tedeschi & Son Grocery

300 Block of Berkley Street
310 Berkley Street

Frank Iannelli & Family
Frank & Mrs. Rose Ianelli
Leonard Iannelli
Carmen Iannelli

  311 Berkley Street

1929 Vacant
1947 Edward Peoples

  312 Berkley Street

1929 Nick DiAngelo
1947 Dominick Carbone

  313 Berkley Street

1929 Vacant
1947 Mrs. Ethel E. Bullock

314 Berkley Street

Henry Paul & Family
Henry & Emily Osler Paul

Philadelphia Inquirer
October 20, 1902

  314 Berkley Street

1924-1947 Ottavio DiGiacomo
1929-1933 Samuel DiGiacomo

  315 Berkley Street

1929 Henry Redmond
1947 Modern Electric Company
1947 Joseph Tulini

  316 Berkley Street

1924-1947 Joseph Turse

  317 Berkley Street

1924-1947 Frank Montone

  318 Berkley Street

1890s Harry C. Sharp & Family

Walter J.A. Stanton Sr. & Family
Camden Police officer 1900s-1930s
Walter & Elizabeth Stanton
Walter Stanton Jr.
Thomas C. Stanton
Camden Police Officer 1928-1950s

1929-1947 James Perno

  319 Berkley Street

1924-1947 Michael Tedeschi

  320 Berkley Street

1929-1933 Rudolph Petracci
1929-1933 J. Petracci
1947 Mrs. Lillian Petracci

  321 Berkley Street

1929 Frank Montone
1947 William Petracci

  322 Berkley Street

1929 Biagio Ronine
1947 Angelo Vettese

  323 Berkley Street

1929 John Brown
1947 Dominick Farquini

324 Berkley Street

Benjamin Cavanaugh

  324 Berkley Street

1924-1947 Dominic Pucci

  325 Berkley Street

1924 Giuseppi Fulginiti
1929 Antonio Falcone
1947 Joseph Fulginiti

  326-330 Berkley Street

1929 No Listing
1947 Klean Way Laundry Inc.

326-328-330 Berkley Street

1955 Domestic Coat & Apron Company

1955 New Jersey Bell Telephone
Yellow Pages Ad

  327 Berkley Street

Armer P. Shannon

John Dalanni & Family
John & Marie Dalanni
Dominic Dalanni

  327 Berkley Street

1947 Joseph Santone

  329 Berkley Street

1929-1947 Michael Fanelli

  331 Berkley Street

1929 Vacant
1947 Henry T. Howell

  332 Berkley Street

1916-1920 E.W. Howell
builder & carpenter

1929 Christopher Orsini
1947 Santo Terranova

333 Berkley Street

George W. Kelley & Family

  333 Berkley Street

1929 Joseph J. Attison
1947 David R. Williams

  335 Berkley Street

1929 Mrs. Gertude Carmody
1947 Mrs. Mary M. Davis

  337 Berkley Street

1929 John Valenti
1947 Lewis Bobitt

337 Berkley Street

Giovanni Valenti & Family
Giovanni & Annunziata Valenti
Nicholas Valente
Louis Valente
Carmina Valente
Joseph Valente
Vittorio Valente
Angelina Valente

Joseph Valente
on Royden Street


  337 Berkley Street

1947 Lewis Bobitt

Intersection of South 4th Street & Berkley Street

400 Block of Berkley Street


Burglars who broke into two stores and a private home Thursday night got exactly $2.50, a radio, and some cigars for their trouble.

At the store of Basile Constantine, 402 Berkley Street, cigars valued at $1.50 were stolen by the intruders, who forced a rear shutter. Michael Kelly, of 11 South Fourth Street, reported his store was broken Into and $2.50 in pennies stolen. Entrance was gained through a rear window. James Hayes, of 1287 Decatur Street, told the police his radio set was stolen by the thieves after they entered his house through a rear window. 

Detectives Clarence Arthur and Clifford Carr are investigating..

402 Berkley Street

1930s-1947 Basilio Constantino

Camden Courier-Post
June 17, 1933


404 Berkley Street

Charles F. Turner & Family
Charles F. & Emma Turner
Louise C. Turner
Evelyn M. Turner
Elizabeth Turner
Elinor Turner

Top Left: Louise Turner
Bottom Left: Evelyn Turner



  404 Berkley Street

1947 Candelora Corillo

404 Berkley Street

Charles F. Turner & Family
Charles F. & Emma Turner
Louise C. Turner
Evelyn M. Turner
Elizabeth Turner
Elinor Turner

Top Left: Charles Turner
Bottom Left: Louise & Evelyn

406 Berkley Street

Albert Saumenig & Family
Albert & Ella Kenney Saumenig
Albert Saumenig
Ada Saumnenig
Mary Saumenig

Philadelphia inquirer
June 19, 1915

John J. Smith
Julius Narcinski -
Burns Street
James Crawford -
Linden Street

  406 Berkley Street

1947 Mrs. Rachel Davis

  408 Berkley Street

1947 Mrs. Grace E. Scott

  410 Berkley Street

1947 Harvey Howard

  412 Berkley Street

1929-1947 Theo S.F. Gleason

  413 Berkley Street

1924 Theo S.F. Gleason

414 Berkley Street

Amos R. Dease & Family
Amos R. & Emma E. Dease
Harry Dease - Walter Dease
William Dease

  414 Berkley Street

1947 Gertrude E. Cottoms

  415 Berkley Street

1947 Mrs. Barbara O'Neill

  416 Berkley Street

1947 William E. Collins

417 Berkley Street

Anthony Aceto & Family
Robert V. Aceto

Camden Courier-Post
June 30, 1944

  417 Berkley Street

1947 Mrs. Zella Read

  419 Berkley Street

1947 Monroe J. Davis

420 Berkley Street

Earl Warrington

Philadelphia Inquirer
August 6, 1906

  420 Berkley Street

1947 William H. Hicks

  421 Berkley Street

1929-1947 Joseph Colacci

Intersection of Berkley Street & Riley Street
422 Berkley Street

Benjamin L. Kellum

  422 Berkley Street

1947 James DaSilva

423 Berkley Street

Arthur Salimena

Camden Courier-Post
July 25, 1941

1947 John Norton

424 Berkley Street

Benjamin L. Kellum

  424 Berkley Street

1947 Prospebt Borregine

  425 Berkley Street

1947 Albert Parsella

  427 Berkley Street

1947 Joseph C. DelPalazzo

428 Berkley Street

1929-1947 Samuel Falco
Carmen Falco

Camden Courier-Post
July 5, 1941

429 Berkley Street

Charles M. Lane

429 Berkley Street

1947  Ralph Palladino

1950 Jessie McCloud
1950 Byron McCloud

Camden Courier-Post
December 30, 1950

  430 Berkley Street

1929-1947 Louis N. Carrigan

  431 Berkley Street

1929 Albert Marzi
1947 No Return

432 Berkley Street

Mrs. Bessie M. Baxter
beauty shop

Camden Courier-Post
February 22, 1938


  434 Berkley Street

Samuel Kesler

  434 Berkley Street

1947 Mrs. Joshua Hammond

  436 Berkley Street

1947 Mrs. Alexina Toadvine

  438 Berkley Street

1887-1888 Micijah Bates
Logan Bates

  439 Berkley Street

1870s-1881 Enoch Allen Ward
1929 Gone

Intersection of Berkley Street & West Street
  441 Berkley Street

1926 Lemuel Jeffries
1947 Vacant

  442 Berkley Street

1926 Wheatley Beachwood
1947 Mrs. Henrietta Freeman

442 Berkley Street

John Holland

443 Berkley Street

1897 Edward Kinn

Philadelphia Inquirer
July 22, 1897

  443 Berkley Street

E.W. Howelll & Family

  443 Berkley Street

Camden Church of Christ Disciples

444 Berkley Street

1896 John Curry

Philadelphia Inquirer
MArch 14, 1896

  444 Berkley Street

1947 Mrs. Henrietta Freeman
1947 Robert Brown
1947 Laura Gordon

445 Berkley Street

Edward J. Dodamead

445 Berkley Street

1910s-1920s Harry A. Stahl

  445 Berkley Street

1910s - December 1917
Otto H. Bean Sr.

445 Berkley Street

1926 William N. Morrison
1926 Fowler Brothers
1947 Mrs. Anna Sherman


446 Berkley Street

Joseph W. Buck & Family
Joseph W. & Elizabeth E. "Lizzie" Buck
Julius Buck - Elsie Buck
Leo F. Buck
Nellie Buck - J. Franklin Buck
William F. Buck - Grace E. Buck

Joseph W. Buck was the grandfather of Warren Buck

  446 Berkley Street

1929 Mrs. Rebecca Borden
furnished rooms
1947 No Listing

  447 Berkley Street

1947 Mrs. Mary E. Marsden

  448 Berkley Street

1929 Mrs. Rebecca Borden
furnished rooms
1947 No Listing

  449 Berkley Street

1947 Francis J. Eberhart

  450 Berkley Street

1926-1929 Edward E. Borden 
1947 Mrs. Bessie DeShields

  451 Berkley Street

1926 Thomas P. Foster
Mrs. Philomena Saccomanno

Berkley Street


  452 Berkley Street

William H. Collins & Family
William H. & Sarah Collins
Mary E. Collins
Grace Collins
Sarah Collins
Amelia Collins
Lillian Collins

My husband's great-great grand- parents William H. & Sarah Collins lived at 452 Berkley Street in Camden for many years.

They first appear at this address in the 1884 Camden City Directory. William H. died in 1891, but his widow, Sarah, continued to live there until 1924-1926. I still don't have an exact date of death for her. Her name last appears in the 1924 Camden City Directory as living there. 

Bette Collins
June 6, 2012

  452 Berkley Street

1926 James T. Prickett
1929 Daniel McDonald
1947 No Listing

Intersection of Berkley Street & Henry Street
  453 Berkley Street

1947 Luigi Rulli

  455 Berkley Street

1931-1933 Fourth Ward Democratic Club
1947 James Willis

457 Berkley Street

George Osler

  457 Berkley Street

Richard O'Neill

  459 Berkley Street

1947 Edward Borden
building wrecker

461 Berkley Street

William Few Reed

  462 Berkley Street

Theodore Meade Sr. & Family
Theodore & Anna Meade
Theodore Meade Jr.
Mary Meade - Adam W. Meade

463 Berkley Street

John Danser

Camden Courier-Post
April 4, 1928


  463 Berkley Street

1924 Glenwood Watson
1947 Gone

500 Block of Berkley Street
501 Berkley Street

1929 Vacant
1932 Camden News Company
1947 Berkley Welding Company

Camden Courier-Post
June 9, 1932

  502 Berkley Street

1884-1885 Micijah Bates

Samuel Ellis Family
Dr. Alexander Ellis
Zellie Ellis
Theodore Ellis
1929 Gone

  503 Berkley Street

1882-1883 Benjamin Lytle
1882-1883 Mrs. Mary Lytle

1929 Antonio DeAngelis
1947 David H. Brady

  505 Berkley Street

1880s-1890s John Weldy
1929 Gone

  506 Berkley Street

1884-1885 Logan Bates

508 Berkley Street

Thomas J. Francis

Philadelphia Inquirer
May 30, 1903

508 Berkley Street

Daniel M. Stevens
Mrs. Clara Stevens (widow)

Camden Daily Telegram
March 21, 1915

Daniel Stevens in 1880 was boarding at 610 Clinton Street, the home of Civil War veteran  Leonard L. Roray. Stevens was also an officer in the Improved Order of Red Men in 1890

  510 Berkley Street

1870s-1890s Charles H. Ellis Sr.
Charles H. Ellis Jr.
Wilbur Bodine Ellis
Walter P. Ellis
1929 Gone

  514 Berkley Street

 William C. Davis Baking Company
Freihofer Bakery Company

Intersection of Berkley Street & William Street
521 Berkley Street

1930s - late 1940s
Werner Moving & Storage
William Werner

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521 Berkley Street

Werner's Up-To-Date Warehouse
August Werner
William Werner

Camden Courier-Post October 22, 1931

521 Berkley Street

Werner's Up-To-Date Warehouse
August Werner
William Werner

Camden Courier-Post March 28, 1932

521 Berkley Street

1930s - late 1940s
Werner Moving & Storage
August & Anna Werner
with daughter Alma Werner Aceto


521 Berkley Street

1930s - late 1940s
Werner Moving & Storage

also known as
Werner's Storage Warehouse

Photo is of newly painted truck in front of the T. C. Tiedeken & Brother truck body shop in the 400 block of Van Hook Street, sometime in the 1930s.


521 Berkley Street


My  Grandmother-Jennie Long Werner-this picture was taken in 1941 in front of Werner's Moving & Storage on Berkeley Street. The little girl on the left is my Mother, Anna Werner Miller; the girl on the right is my Aunt Evelyn Werner Camp.

Floyd Miller, April 2005

It looks like William Werner had erected a new warehouse and office building for his business during the time when the above photo and the one at left were taken.

Phil Cohen, August 2005

  521 Berkley Street

1947 William Werner

  523 Berkley Street

1947 Mrs. Anna M. Werner

523 Berkley Street
1910s through at least 1959
August & Anna Werner

August Werner founded  a moving and storage business in 1897. When he passed away in the 1930s his son William carried the business forward. His widow, Anna Werner, was living at 523 Berkley Street as late as the fall of 1959.

  525 Berkley Street


Private First Class
Joseph Pinto

  525 Berkley Street

1947 Mrs. Mildred Palombo

  527 Berkley Street

1929-1947 Joseph A. Mignona

  529 Berkley Street

1929-1947 Luigi Doto

531 Berkley Street

Philadelphia Inquirer
July 18, 1896

Charles S. Newkirk

  531 Berkley Street

1947 John Dancoe

533 Berkley Street

Charles M. Lane

  533 Berkley Street

1947 Raymond C. Haines

  535 Berkley Street

1924-1929 Frank Knitter
1947 Mrs. Anna M. Knitter

  537 Berkley Street

1947 George W. Wright

  539 Berkley Street

Lewis F. Holl & Family
Lewis F. & Wilhelmina Holl
Arthur Holl

Emma L. Holl

1947 Gone

539 Berkley Street

Emma L. Holl
1909 Principal, John S. Read School

1947 Gone

  541 Berkley Street

1887-1888 James G. King
1887-1888 Harry R. Larzelere
1887-1888 Thomas Larzelere
1887-1888 Gertude Patton

In May of 1890, Officer Isaac Shreve, while answering a call reporting a burglary at the laundry of Lee Luck, was shot by Ben Hudson, a notorious burglar and river pirate of that era.. Officer Shreve, though seriously wounded, recovered. Hudson made his escape, only to be shot while attempting to escape capture in Virginia in October of 1895.

541 Berkley Street

1890-1891 Lee Luck
Chinese Laundry


  541 Berkley Street

1929 Gone

Intersection of Broadway & Berkley Street
  443 Broadway

Northwest Corner
Broadway & Berkley Street

450 Broadway

Northeast Corner
Broadway & Berkley Street

Carl Evered

Evered Inc. Real Estate

Click on Image to Enlarge

500 Broadway

Southeast Corner
Broadway & Berkley Street

Click on Image to Enlarge

501 Broadway

Southwest Corner
Broadway & Berkley Street

Methodist Episcopal Church

Click on Image to Enlarge

500 Block of Berkley Street
  550 Berkley Street

1880s - 1890s
Levi E. Farnham
1929 Gone

  553 Berkley Street

Mrs. Mary Threfall & Family
Edmund Threfall
Sarah Threfall
John Lucas & Family
John & Elizabeth Threfall Lucas

  554 Berkley Street

1880s - 1890s
Levi E. Farnham
1929 Joseph Springer
1947 Raymond J. Wood

554 Berkley Street

April 8, 2005
1:05 PM

Engine 1 driving down Broadway found smoke coming from Berkley St. Engine 1 arrived in front of 554 Berkley St. to find a 2 story vacant boarded up and vandalized with heavy smoke throughout. The box was filled out bringing in Engine 6, Engine 8, Ladder 1, Rescue 1 and Battalion 1. Car 3 arrived and struck the all hands and requested an additional Engine and Ladder. Engine 9 and Ladder 2 were added to the box. Crews operated with 2 1 3/4 handlines. Searches were negative. Fire was placed under control at the 30 minute mark.

Info and photos By Ted Aurig

554 Berkley Street

April 8, 2005
1:05 PM

Photos By Ted Aurig


  555 Berkley Street

Mrs. Mary Fish & Family
Lizzie Fish
Eva L. Fish

555 Berkley Street

John E. Lucas & Family
John & Elizabeth Threfall Lucas
Sarah Threfall (sister-in-law)

Philadelphia Inquirer
July 4, 1917

  556 Berkley Street

1895 Thomas R. Grapevine
1947 Elpidio G. Cirii

  557 Berkley Street

1947 Charles F. Pennington

  558 Berkley Street

1947 Samuel Lee

  559 Berkley Street

1947 Sol Tonker
1947 Samuel Louker

Miss Mary A. Fenimore of this city, new president of the Camden County Business and Professional Women's Club, announced her committee appointments for the 1933-34 season at the annual luncheon held at Boxwood Lodge, Lumberton. 

Miss Fenimore succeeds Miss Bessie Y. Stewart, of Haddon Heights, who has served for the last two years.

The following appointments nave been made: education, Mrs. Lelia D. Wiggins, Haddonfield; emblem, Mrs. Clara F. Ramoth, Audubon; finance, Miss Christina F. Lacy, Camden; health, Dr. Lettie Allen Ward, Camden; international relations, Miss Bessie Y. Stewart; legislation, Miss Mary E. Grisel, Collingswood; magazine, Miss Mary A. Evaul, Haddon Heights; membership, Mrs. Cecelia Bailey, Camden; music, Mrs. Myrtle Johnson, Camden; publicity, Miss Maud Lawrinson, Merchantville; public relations, Miss Helen Farrell, Camden; program, Miss Helen A. Buecker, Camden; research, Miss Florence L. Tisdale, Haddonfield; and transportation, Miss F. Victoria Kebler, Haddonfield. 

In addition to Miss Fenimore, officers installed were Miss Jessie L. Winkworth, Haddon Heights, first vice president; Miss Emma Davenport, Camden, second vice president; Mrs. Marguerite A. Mitten, Laurel Springs, corresponding secretary; Miss Beatrice E. Caldwell, Camden, recording secretary and Miss Nettie M. Jones, Camden, treasurer. 

561 Berkley Street

1920s Christina Lacy

Camden Courier-Post
June 12, 1933

561 Berkley Street

1912 Charles Atkinson

Philadelphia Inquirer
August 2, 1912

  561 Berkley Street

1947 Charles E. Hurley

  562 Berkley Street

1947 Arthur W. Zuber
1947 John Sturgess

  563 Berkley Street

1929-1947 Charles M. Bessey

563 to 579
Berkley Street

November 2004

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  564 Berkley Street

1924 Mrs. Amelia L, Thomas
1947 Edwin S. Thomas

  565 Berkley Street

1947 Charles F. Fillipo

563, 565, 567, & 569
Berkley Street

November 2004

566 Berkley Street

Thomas R. Grapevine

  566 Berkley Street

1947 Mrs. Elsie D. Jones

  567 Berkley Street

1947 Laurence Farrell

  568 Berkley Street

1947 Mrs. Marie Zane

  569 Berkley Street

1900 Logan Bates
1910 Frank S. Albright
1947 Maude W. Smith

  570 Berkley Street

1947 Mrs. Rachel Powell

ALDERSON—In loving memory of a dear mother and grandmother, Minnie Alderson, who passed away February 14, 1936. 

Just a line of sweet remembrance, Just a memory fond and true. Just a token of love's devotion, That my heart still longs for you. 

Though suffering she breathed not a murmur, For the Comforter stood by her side And whispered, "Fear not, I am with thee, With Me shalt thou ever abide." 

On the river a pale boatman hastened, She heard the soft dip of his oar; Then from earth and sorrow he bore her Across to that beautiful shore. 

Sadly missed by 
Granddaughters, Daughter and Son-in-law.

571 Berkley Street

1936 Minnie O. Alderson

Camden Courier-Post
February 14, 1938

  571 Berkley Street

1947 Salvatore Cardello

571 Berkley Street

November 2004

  572 Berkley Street

1929-1947 James R. McKernan

  573 Berkley Street

1924-1947 Edward C. Clare

  574 Berkley Street

1883-1884 Micijah Bates
Logan Bates
1947-1967 Louis Abbattista

1967- president Union of Brotherly Love club

  575 Berkley Street

1947 Francis Smith

575 & 577 Berkley Street

November 2004

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  576 Berkley Street

1924-1947 John R. Sutton

  577 Berkley Street

1870s - 1890s Alexander J. Milliette
1929 Reuben H. Gaskell
1947 Vacant

577 Berkley Street

November 2004

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  578 Berkley Street

1880s-1930s William H. Neale Family
William H. Neale
Paul B. & Carrie M. Neale
William H. "Bill" Neale

  578 Berkley Street

1947 Mauro Gallo

  579 Berkley Street

1929 Edward L. Burke
1947 Vincent J. DiCiana

579 Berkley Street

November 2004

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  580 Berkley Street

1929 Joseph Moore
1947 Otto Kulber

584 Berkley Street

1932 Robert H. Myers

Camden Courier-Post
June 10, 1932

Samuel M. Shay
Austin Swackhammer
THomas Myers
John Wambach

  588 Berkley Street

1947 Cora Gideon
1947 Alfred Viti

Intersection of South 6th Street & Berkley Street
  457 South 6th Street

Northwest Corner
South 6th & Berkley Street

Richard O'Neill
Real Estate & Insurance

  501 South 6th Street

Southwest Corner
South 6th & Berkley Street

Oscar A. Moore

Sarah Lawrence
Candy Store

600 Block of Berkley Street
  600 Berkley Street

1924-1929 American Stores

  600 Berkley Street

Sgt. George T. Griffiths

  600 Berkley Street

1947 The Radio Exchange
1947 Dave Wartman

601 Berkley Street

1895 to Present Day
Berkley Hall

Click on Image to Enlarge

1898 Wesley J. Barrett
1924-1929 Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. (A&P)
1947 Fairlawn Stores


  602 Berkley Street

1924 John Zane
1929 Mrs. Nettie Zane
1947 Mrs. Jeanette Zane

  603 Berkley Street

1947 Arthur W. Allen
1947 Frank Geiger

604 Berkley Street

Charles Butler & Family
Charles G. & Nettie Butler
Wellington Butler

Philadelphia Inquirer
November 24, 1910

Marguerite Austin
Camden High School

  604 Berkley Street

1934 to 1962
Everett Johnson & Family
Everett T. & Mary K. Johnson & Family
Ted Johnson
Mrs. Carrie Taylor (mother-in-law)
Helen Taylor (sister-in-law)
Agnes Taylor (sister-in-law)
William Taylor (brother-in-law)

  605 Berkley Street

1947 John A. Kehner

  606 Berkley Street

1947 Joseph J. Hope

  607 Berkley Street

1929-1947 Philip K. O'Keefe

  608 Berkley Street

1947 Roland Henderson

  609 Berkley Street

1947 James Craft
1924-1947 Samuel Bond

Intersection of Chambers Avenue & Berkley Street
400 Block
Chambers Avenue
Facing North from Berkeley Street

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600 Block of Berkley Street
Click on Image to Enlarge
  610 Berkley Street

1947 Mrs. Katherine Robinson

612 Berkley Street

Smith Moore

  612 Berkley Street

1947 Vacant

614 Berkley Street

Private First Class
Charles A. Rutecki

  614 Berkley Street

1947 Mrs. Clara M. Wythe

  616 Berkley Street

1924 Clarence H. Harden
1947 Mrs. Emma V. Harden

618 Berkley Street

1910 Joseph R. Graw

  618 Berkley Street

1947 Joseph Grabowski

  620 Berkley Street

1947 Matthew R. Jordan

620 & 622
Berkley Street

Photograph Taken June 15, 2012


  622 Berkley Street

1947 Cooper C. Johnson

624 Berkley Street

1924-1947 Nelson Ireton

Photograph Taken June 15, 2012

624, 626 & 628
Berkley Street

Photograph Taken June 15, 2012


626 Berkley Street

1924 Charles L. Creely
1947 Emily S. Creely

Photograph Taken June 15, 2012

628 Berkley Street

1918 Charles M. Ferat Jr.
1947 Mrs. Clara Perry
1947 Ray F. Warner
1947 Mrs. Florence Miller

Photograph Taken June 15, 2012

630 Berkley Street

Ulysses G. Lee & Family

Philadelphia Inquirer
August 18, 1901

Click on Image for PDF File
of Complete Article

630 Berkley Street

1947 Louis J. Scholl

630 Berkley Street

Photograph Taken June 15, 2012

632 Berkley Street

1899 Logan Bates
1947 Mrs. Lois L. Wilson

634 Berkley Street

Thomas M. Stanger

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Henry R. Elliott, Jr., 72, veteran of the Spanish- American War, died Saturday at the Soldiers' Home, Vineland, after two years illness.

Mr. Elliott served in Company L, Third Regiment, New Jersey National Guard, under Capt. Winfield S. Price, now major general commanding the 44th Division. He had been at home five years.

Mr. Elliott is survived by one son Henry R., Jr., two grandchildren, one great grandchild, and three sisters, Mrs. Albert L. Dudley and Mrs. William Delamater, Camden, and Mrs. Charles H. Sullivan, Haddonfield. Mr. Elliott was a member of General John A. Mather Post, No. 39, United Spanish War Veterans, which will conduct, military rites at 2 p.m., Wednesday, at 1401 Princess avenue. Burial will be in Harleigh Cemetery.

634 Berkley Street

Henry R. Elliott

Camden Courier-Post
February 14, 1938

  634 Berkley Street

1947 Elmer A. Sheppard

  636 Berkley Street

1888-1889 Woodrow C. Hughes Family
1914 Logan Bates

1919-1920 Charles Alcott
1919-1920 Logan Bates

1947 Charles Kelvey

  638 Berkley Street

1924 Nelson Ireton Jr.
1947 Mrs. Myrtle A. Marshall

640 Berkley Street

James Brown

Philadelphia Inquirer
November 17, 1899

  640 Berkley Street

1947 Carl Schwaiger
1947 William M. Smith

  642 Berkley Street

1947 Mrs. Sarah Swain

644 Berkley Street

Robert Pierson

September 27, 1914

  644 Berkley Street

1947 James Lafferty
1947 Mrs. Bertha M. Gilbert
1947 Mrs. Florence Ray

  646 Berkley Street

1947 Joshua A. Jackucki

  648 Berkley Street

1947 Mrs. Ella Sheppard


George Albert Leary, 21, of 650 Berkley Street, and Ellen Jane Frame, 19, of 525 North Sixth Street.
Joseph C. Rapa, 25, of 606 South Fourth Street, and Margaret R. Schiave, 24, of 220 Royden Street.
Louis Doerr Jr., 22, of 810 Fern Street, and Marian Hawk. 17, of 2904 Buren Avenue.
Roman Bielicke, 20, of 1184 Lansdowne avenue, and Steffie Krystanovicz. 20, of 1077 Van Hook street.


Leon J. Kirk, 23. 934 Carpenter Street, and Ida V. Hope, 36, Oaklyn.

648 Berkley Street

1938 George Albert Leary

Camden Courier-Post
February 8, 1938

650 Berkley Street

Mrs. Angeline Earley

Philadelphia Inquirer
September 8, 1899

  650 Berkley Street

1947 John F. Passwater

  651 Berkley Street

1924 Benjamin F. Trego
1932-1933 Edna Trego
Rev. Elwood A. Harrar
1957 Alan F. Morlor

  652 Berkley Street

1924 John Severns
1947 Mrs. Mary Severns

  653 Berkley Street

1947 Ruth V. Hall

  655 Berkley Street

1947 Alfred C. Rose

  657 Berkley Street

1947 Charles E. Hench

659 Berkley Street

Clarence B. Richardson & Family
Clarence B. & Ada J. Richardson

1915 Patriotic Sons of America Ad Booklet

  659 Berkley Street

1947 Alex Sliney
1947 Charles A. Fitzgerald
1947 Ruth Hughes

Intersection of South 7th Street &  Berkley Street
Looking East on Berkley Street from South 7th Street - April 28, 2009
Click on Image to Enlarge
Looking East on Berkley Street from South 7th Street - April 28, 2009
Click on Image to Enlarge

700 Block of Berkley Street
700 to 712 Berkley Street

April 28, 2009

Click on Image to Enlarge

700 to 712 Berkley Street

April 28, 2009

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  700 Berkley Street

1924-1947 William H. Fish

701 to 711 Berkley Street

April 28, 2009

Click on Image to Enlarge

  701 Berkley Street

1924-1947 Albert Lewis

  702 Berkley Street

1924 John G. Durges
1947 Mrs. Keith K. Durges

703 Berkley Street

Thomas W. Thornley


  703 Berkley Street

1947 Mrs. Theresa K. D'Agostiono

  704 Berkley Street

1947 Walter F. Foster

704 Berkley Street

1956-1957 Mrs. Theodosia Conaghy
1956-1965 Eli E. Conaghy

Memories from Berkley St. 

A dozen kids from Berkley Street. Hanging out on our front step, if not there the abandoned house at 702, we called it the Ghost House and let imagination run wild. Back in the day windows were not boarded, house was full of furniture knickknacks dishes could be seen in the china closet, nice carpet. We never knew where the occupants were or why it was left that way, only that supposedly two sisters lived there and they got sick? House stayed in described condition for 15 years I can swear to, probably much longer. Played stick ball in the street. Step ball cross way in the street, old fogey at 705 would chase us, me and Jerry put nails under some guys Ford tires, he knew we did it but had no proof, said he got 4 flats. Home Run on that job. 

Neighborhood kids were into mischief but really weren't bad, used to collect bottles for the deposit would take then to 7th and Royden Street. The little butcher shop and market, ate candy until we were sick. Played football on the island that ran down middle of 7th Street, burned Christmas trees there too, boy we could get those flames up to the electric wires running across island, don't think we ever damaged them! Played many hours in the cannon park or the monument park around 7th and Haddon Avenue near the old section of Cooper Hospital. Monument Park had concrete walks all around cutting in to center of park from each corner and around the fenced circle contain the monument, which I can't recall what it was but I probably rode my bike all thru that park a thousand times or more. All kinds of Corner stores and taverns, hung out at McKenna's corner with 2 or 3 sons, kid we called German George lived across the street never did know if he was German? 

Back alleys. I was king of the back alley, the other kids were good but I was the best. I could travel from school on Spruce Street to home, to hide in all the parks, the hospital the church and much more thru the back allies without ever going down the street only had to cross streets at certain places. Thru snowballs at cars and the drivers would try to get us, but could never catch us. Some hot rodders lived down the street and we loved them to stop at our corner were you had to turn left and squeal the tires as they pulled around the corner. I could go on and on here and I only covered year I was 11 to 13 years old.  I was in the younger group of kids, it would be nice to have my sister come on here as I sure she has many beloved memories of Berkley Street in Camden, New Jersey.

Berkley was the typical 50's 60's street you may see in any era movie.

Eli Conaghy Jr.
April 2009

704 Berkley Street

Mrs. Theodosia Conaghy

1956-1965 Eli E. Conaghy


















  705 Berkley Street

1947 Edwad M. Brunair

  706 Berkley Street

1947 Mrs. Reba Warner

  707 Berkley Street

1947 No Return

707 Berkley Street

James O. Jones & Family
James O. & Doris A. Jones

I have fond memories of my sister and I spending weekends with my grandmother, Sarah Tubis and my aunt Louise Tubis at 708 Berkley Street, where they spoiled me rotten and took us for walks to the park with the cannons, or to the local butcher (Abe something or other), etc.... this was mid 1950s to mid 1960s.

Bill Tubis, November 2007

708 Berkley Street

1940S-1960S Mrs. Sarah Tubis

709 Berkley Street

Camden Courier-Post
March 28, 1932

Richard O'Neill

  709 Berkley Street

1947 Frank Cavalier 

  710 Berkley Street

1918 Logan Bates
1947 Victor V. Ferrari

  711 Berkley Street

1947 Michael Doto

  712 Berkley Street

1947 Harold W. Jones


Sought since his death in Los Angeles last week, Camden relatives of Harry Piper, Jr., were located yesterday by police.

Piper's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Piper, Sr., live at 713 Berkley street. The father, reading of his son's death, appeared at police headquarters for additional information. He said his son had lived in California the last seven years.

In a long distance telephone conversation with Los Angeles police, the elder Piper learned his son had left $1000 in insurance to a Mrs. Hanley there and that she was arranging for his burial.

Piper said he would agree to such arrangements and would wire his permission.

713 Berkley Street

1935 Harry Piper Sr.

Camden Courier-Post
October 29, 1925

  713 Berkley Street

1947 Anthony T.  Deraga

  714 Berkley Street

1947 William R. Jones

  715 Berkley Street

1947 Robert A. Coligan

  716 Berkley Street

1947 Eva M. Wood

  717 Berkley Street

1947 Mrs. Mary E. Betson

  718 Berkley Street

1924 James E. Stanger
1947 Thomas M. Kennedy
1947 John J. Clark Jr.

  719 Berkley Street

1947 Vacant

Intersection of Edmunds Street & Berkley Street
  720 Berkley Street

1947 Mrs. Lydia A. Black

  721 Berkley Street

1947 Christopher C. Wacker

  722 Berkley Street

1947 Frank. W. Addison

  723 Berkley Street

1947 Leonard R. Forsman

  724 Berkley Street

1947 Mrs. Edna M. Horay 

  725 Berkley Street

1947 Louis Consallo

  726 Berkley Street

1947 Joseph W. Mangle

727 Berkley Street

Frank S. Jones 

  727 Berkley Street

1947 Chester W. Powell

728 Berkley Street

Thomas W. Thornley


  728 Berkley Street

1947 Mrs. Iona Mills 

  729 Berkley Street

1947 Israel Cohen

  730 Berkley Street

1947 William G. Carpo

  731 Berkley Street

1947 John N. Grosmich

  732 Berkley Street

1947 Charles H. Haubois

  733 Berkley Street

1947 Edwin Burchett

  734 Berkley Street

1947 Frank DiBiaso

  735 Berkley Street

1947 John W. Coleman

  736 Berkley Street

1947 Samuel T. Finley

  737 Berkley Street

1947 Mrs. Mary A. Cowgill
widow of Isac F. Cowgill

  738 Berkley Street

1947 Thomas R. Fargnoli

  739 Berkley Street

1947 Louis M. Iapalucci

  740 Berkley Street

1947 M. Nick Storli

  741 Berkley Street

1947 James A. Veronica

  742 Berkley Street

1947 John Locantore

  743 Berkley Street

1947 Vacant

744 Berkley Street

1912 Gee Hop

Philadelphia inquirer
July 5, 1912

  744 Berkley Street

1947 William DerLong

  745 Berkley Street

1947 Mrs. Anna Beatrice

  746 Berkley Street

1947 William DerLong

747 Berkley Street

Edward J. Weston

Philadelphia Inquirer
July 5, 1889

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  747 Berkley Street

1947 Charles F. Wood

  749 Berkley Street

1947 John Habel Jr.

  751 Berkley Street

1947 Harry Wunsch

  751-1/2 Berkley Street

1947 Vacant

Intersection of Berkley Street & Newton Avenue
Berkley Street
West of Newton Avenue

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Intersection of Marlton Avenue & Berkley Street
(West of Marlton Avenue, the road is called Midvale Street)
  349 Marlton Avenue

Southwest Corner
Marlton Avenue & Midvale Street

1963 to present day
Panzarotti Tarantini 

  Marlton Avenue

Northwest Corner
Marlton Avenue & Berkley Street

1950s to present day
Washington Park Apartments

402 Marlton Avenue

Northeast Corner
Marlton Avenue & Berkley Street

1966 to present day
Erlton Italian Bakery

Click on Image to Enlarge

  401 Marlton Avenue

Southeast Corner
Marlton Avenue & Berkley Street

2600 Block of Berkley Street
  2662 Berkley Street

1947 Dominic Scramanna

  2664 Berkley Street

1947 Mrs. Blanche Kitchen

  2666 Berkley Street

1947 Raymond C. Smith

  2668 Berkley Street

1947 Harwood Hall

  2670 Berkley Street

1947 Thomas E. Marston

Intersection of Eutaw Avenue & Berkley Street
  2676 Berkley Street

1947 Harry S. Reed

  2678 Berkley Street

1947 Harry R. Vandegrift

  2680 Berkley Street

1947 John H. Schorpp
1947 George Haggio
1989-1990 Phil Cohen

  2682 Berkley Street

1947 Mrs. Anna A. Callahan

  2684 Berkley Street

1920s (After 1924) - 1970
The Lorang Family

Harold Lorang was a member of the Camden Fire Department until his death in 1931. He left a wife, Margaret, and sons Harold Jr. and John. The family stayed on Berkley street until  1970, when Mrs. Lorang passed.

  2686 Berkley Street

1947 W. Stanley Horne

2800 Block of Berkley Street
  2820 Berkley Street

1947 James E. Hay

  2821 Berkley Street

1924 William H. Wohlken
1947 Leroy Wohlken

  2822 Berkley Street

1947 Thomas T. Pfeffer

  2823 Berkley Street

1924-1947 Joseph Brinton

  2824 Berkley Street

1947 Michael J. Gello

  2826 Berkley Street

1947 Frederick P. Baker

  2828 Berkley Street

1947 Clarence R. Wallace

  2830 Berkley Street

1947 John J. Gilbert

  2832 Berkley Street

1924-1947 Mrs. Emma I. Schriner

  2834 Berkley Street

1924 Maternity Hospital
Mary E. Sell
Charles H. Sell
1947 William Manns

  2836 Berkley Street

1924-1947 Charles F. Hennig

2838 Berkley Street

Dr Arthur L. Stone

Click on Image to Enlarge

1947 Mrs. Olive D. Stone

2900 Block of Berkley Street
  2901 Berkley Street

1924 Wilson E. Hampton
1947 Mrs. Lillian Hampton

2902 Berkley Street

Robert T. Gemmell

Camden High School
Purple & Gold Yearbook Ad
February 1940

  2903 Berkley Street

1947 Ernest T. Kalich

  2907 Berkley Street

1924-1947 Francis A. Gorman

  2908 Berkley Street

1947 Walter B. Tully

  2909 Berkley Street

1924-1947 James H. Jones
1924-1960s May A. Jones

  2913 Berkley Street

1947 Edwin A. Schillinger

  2914 Berkley Street

1947 Frederick W. Jarvis

  2915 Berkley Street

1924-1947 Frank L. Godshall

  2919 Berkley Street

1947 Seriano DiMarco

  2920 Berkley Street

1947 Frank E. Reardon
1967 Isaiah Pitts

  2921 Berkley Street

1924 Robert J. Selfridge
1947 Elizabeth M. Selfridge

  2925 Berkley Street

1924-1947 Lorenzo G. Lingle

  2926 Berkley Street

1947 Lawrence M. Davis

  2927 Berkley Street

1924-1947 Edward J. Daley

2931 Berkley Street

1947-1972 Joseph R. Guarino
Camden Fire Department

2932 Berkley Street

John H. DeRoche & Family
John Henry & Bertha DeRoche
Percy DeRoche

Camden Courier-Post
February 19, 1938

  2933 Berkley Street

1947 Warren C. Eastlack

  2937 Berkley Street

1947 John O'Connor

2938 Berkley Street

1947 Louis M. Bobo

  2939 Berkley Street

1947 Walter G. Rowand

  2943 Berkley Street

1947 Rasco Palese

  2944 Berkley Street

1947 Henry B. Christensen

  2945 Berkley Street

1924 John B. Parkinson
1947 Mrs. Sarah M. Parkinsonn

3000 Block of Berkley Street
3004 Berkley Street

Photo taken about 1939

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  3004 Berkley Street

1947 Mrs. Pauline Beale

Click on Image to Enlarge

  3008 Berkley Street

1947 Alberto L. Ribiero

Click on Image to Enlarge

3008 Berkley Street

William H. "Bill" Neale

Click on Image to Enlarge

  3008 Berkley Street

Steve & Joyce Quarles

Click on Image to Enlarge

  3012 Berkley Street

1947 Carmine P. Sparano
1947 Mary Jane Beuaty Shop

Click on Image to Enlarge