The Camden Mystery - January 26, 1889

Was she or wasn't she? On January 26, 1889 nurse Annie Eisenhardt was found cut and bleeding in a restroom at Cooper Hospital. Her tale of what had happened to her and the physical evidence were in conflict, and it appears that her wounds were self-inflicted. Or were they?

I've only found a few articles relating to this event, so until I find some more, or some intrepid researcher hits the microfilms at the Camden County Historical Society, all I can tell you is what the press of the day, across the country, had to say about what allegedly occurred. I don't know what became of Miss Eisenhardt after she left Cooper Hospital. It appears however, that she did not remain in Camden.

Besides Nurse Eisenhardt, other significant players in the story include Dr. Harry Jarrett of Cooper Hospital, Camden Chief of Police Samuel Dodd, Camden Mayor Jesse Pratt, Cooper Hospital night watchman Samuel Ellis, and Camden County prosecutor Wilson H. Jenkins.

Phil Cohen
April 6, 2005

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