Class of 1953

Here is another yearbook found on eBay which is reproduced below. This one os sort of special to me, as three friends of mine graduated in this class. The book is presented here in its entirety, with some hyperlinks to pages within and outside of this website, with more to come as time permits.

If you have any comments or questions, please e-mail me.

Phil Cohen
March 20, 2010

Camden High School has a long and distinguished history. Many of its graduates went on to careers in public service in the city, to success in business, sports, and in the arts. As time goes by, I will be adding pictures, news articles, and other material about Camden High School.

If you have any material that you would like to see posted on this page, PLEASE contact me by e-mail.

Phil Cohen

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NANCY ADAMS-Dance Club, Chess Club, Badminton, Purple and Gold Business Staff.

ARLENE ALBERT-Crocheting Club, Girls' A.A., Dramatic Club, Charm and Fashion Club.


ROSS AMES-Fix-It-Yourself Club, Hi-Y Club.

CATHERINE AMOS-Twirling Club, Basketball, Archery, Hockey, Canasta Club, Typing Club, Home Room Leader.

DOROTHY ANDERSON-Game Club, Art Club, Art Slides, Home Room Secretary, Typing Club, Nurse's Office,. Guidance Office.

ANITA ANICICH-Dance Club, Purple and Gold Business Staff, Record Subscription Staff, Senior Prom Committee, Dr. Koppenhaver's Office.

EDMUND ANYZEK-Contract Bridge Club, Red Cross Club, Red Cross Arts.

CLARA ARNOLD-Game Club. Pantomime Club, Glee Club, Senior Steering Committee, Guidance Council, Nurse's Office, Big Sister, Refreshment Committee, Hostess for. Children's Home Party and National Honor Society Tea.

CHARLOTTE AVIS-Typing Club, Red Cross Activity Club.

ROBERTA BABIN-Crocheting Club, Basketball, Purple and Gold Business Staff, Manager of Purple and Gold Subscriptions, Senior Steering Committee.

DELORES BAISDEN-Crocheting Club, Red Cross Club, Dra­matic Club, Intramural Sports.


MILDRED BALSAMA-Lieutenant Varsity Majorettes, Maj.or­ette Club, Twirling Club, Record Distributing Staff, Senior Guidance Council.

NINA BANKS--Pantomime Club, Knitting Club, Basketball, Advanced Typing Club.

JOHN BASKERVILLE-President Hi-Y Club, Baseball, Foot­ball Club, Usher, Football, Traffic.

LUTHER BATES-Hi-Y Club, Boys' Sports, Baseball.

DELORES BAUM-Dance Club, Home Room Secretary, Purple and Gold Business Staff, Student Government, Home Room Leader, Library Council, Decorating Committee, Nurse's Office, Social Committee.

ALFONSO BETHEA-Sports Club, Typing Club.

JOAN BICKER-Chess and Checkers Club, Library Council, Charm and Fashion Club, Junior Decorating Committee, Nurse's Office, Dr. Koppenhaver's Office, Guidance Office, Big Sister, Senior Steering Committee.

DIANE BIEDERMAN-Dance Club, Air Raid Aid, Red Cross Club ..

JOAN BLACKNIAK-Art, Club, Classical Club, Halloween Painting, Red Cross Art Club, Junior Decorating Committee, Tennis, Badminton, Swimming Club, Camden Figh Calendar Art Staff, Associate Art Editor, Purple and Gold, Charm Club.

SHELDON BODNER-Stamp Club, Pinochle Club, Psychology Club.

BARBARA BONE-Home Room Leader, Record Salesman, Golf Club, Swimming, Assistant Manager Record Sales and Circula­tion, Student Government Office, Big Sister, Secretary-treasurer Chess and Checkers Club.

CATHERINE BOYLAN-Twirling Club, Home Room Vice­President, Air Raid Aid, Typing Club, Nurse's Office, Record Sales and. Circulation, Swimming, G.A.A. Representative, Rep­resentative to Citizenship Institute.

JOSEPHINE BORREGGINE-Fix-It-Yourself Club, Golf Club, Library Council, Traffic Club Office, Record Literary, Nurse's Office, Senior Class Show.

BRUCE BORTNER---'-Hunting and Fishing Club, Psychology Club, Speech Assembly Program, Junior Class Play, Castle Crier Photography Editor, Record Photography Editor, Semi-Finalist Public Speaking Contest, Golf team.

LOUIS BOVINO-Sports Club, Junior Class Play, Baseball, Pantomime Club, Home Room Leader, Finalist Public Speaking Contest, Co-Captain of Cheerleaders, Student Government, Chairman Brooks-Irving Trophy Committee, Purple and Gold Literary Staff, Associate Editor, Senior Class Treasurer, Big Brother; Decorating Committee ..

DELLA BOYD-Public Speaking Club, Crocheting Club, Girls' A.A., Record Business and Advertising Staff.

DONALD BRIGHT-Basketball, Baseball, Assembly Program Committee, Junior Decorating Committee, Junior Prom Committee, Basketball Club, Junior Class Show, "Good News," Senior Class Play, Senior Class Steering Committee, Chi"istmas Decorat­ing Committee, Big Brother.

EARL BROWN-J.V. Football Team, Football Club, Canasta Club.

ESTER BROWN-Future Teachers Program Chairman, Begin­ners Typing, Record Sales and Circulation, Library Council.

HERBERT BROWN-Hi-Y Club, Boy's Sports Club, Track Team.

SYLVIA BROWN-Gifts and Accessories, Classical Club, Arch­ery, Hockey, Basketball, Baseball, Psychology Club, Girls' A.A. Secretary, Library Council, Purple and Gold Literary Staff, Traffic, Senior Show, Big Sister. Quill and Scroll.

LORRAINE BUCZYNSKI-Purple and Gold Social Activities, Checkers Club, Bowling, Purple and Gold Business Staff Secretary, Dr. Koppenhaver's Office.

SAMUEL BUELL-Football Club. Football Team, Baseball, Ushers, Welfare Chest Committee, President Boys' A.A., Home Room Leader, Baseball Club.

ANTHONY BUTCH-Football Manager, Fix-It-Yourself Club, Hunting and Fishing Club.

DOROTHY COLLOPY-Red Cross Art, Record Art Staff, Home Room Secretary, Scenery Painter, Quill and Scroll, Purple and Gold Business Staff.

HARRY CANDERA-Fix-It-Yourself Club, Art Slides, Red Cross Art.

ROBERT CANTERMAN-Red Cross Art, Red Cross Art Club.

RUTH CARR-Home Room Secretary, Dramatics Club, Home Room Leader, Red Cross Club.

CYNTHIA CANNON-Twirlers Club, Knitting Club, Volley Ball, Charm and Fashion Club, Big Sister.

JOAN CANNON-Gifts and Accessories Clubs, Basketball, Christmas Decorations, Purple and Gold Business Staff, Home Room Secretary.

EVELYN CAPLAN-Red Cross Aids, Coral Reading, Spring Show, Red Cross Club, Library Council President, Music Office, "Good News," Red Cross Program Chairman, Welfare Chest Committee, National Honor Society.

FRANK CARDUCCI-Classical Club, Hi-Y Club, Pantomime Club, Pinochle Club.

LEWIS CARP-Fix-lit- Yourself Club, Christmas Play, Junior J,J.'s, Usher, Traffic, Student Government, Welfare Chest Committee, Golf Team.

HARRY CARSON-Stamp Club, Fix-It-Yourself Club.

GLADYS CHAPMAN-Game Club, Charm and Fashion Club, Color Guard Manager, Typing Club, Varsity Color Guard Club, Guidance Office.

THOMAS CICCHITTI-Red Cross Art, French Club, Junior Play, Hi-Larities of '51, Junior Prom Committee, Band, Christ­mas Decorating, Senior Play Committee, Ticket Committee, Social Committee, Student Government, Stage Manager for Public Speaking Contest. r-

JOAN CLARK-Basketball, Badminton, Hockey, Volleyball, Games Club, Vice-President V-Teen Club, Swimming Club, Senior Steering. Committee.

JACK COHEN-Fix-It- Yourself Club, Canasta Club.

NICHOLAS COLANGELO-Football, Basketball, Football Club.

LOUIS COLLINS-Art Club, Calendar Sale, Canasta Club.

WILLARD COLLICK-Fix-It-Yourself Club, Boys' A.A. Repre­sentative, President' Hi-Y Club.

MARY COOK-Art Club, Calendar Sale, Hallowe'en Contest, Purple and Gold Art Staff, Art Slides Club Treasurer, Senior Class Play, Children's Home Party, Club Helper, Guidance Council.

GEORGE CREELEY-Football, Football Club.

EILEEN COUNTISS-Red Cross Afghan Club, Baby Sitting Club, Home Room Secretary, Nurse's Office, Library Council, "Good News," Guidance Council, Children's Home Party, Senior Class Play, Purple and Gold Assessment Manager.

DELORES COWARD-Purple and Gold Circulation, Canasta Club.

ROBERT COX-Concert, Band, Hi-Larities of '51.

GRACE DANCE-Crocheting Club, Typing Club.

HENRY D'ANDREA-Ticket Club, J.V. Basketball, Football, Football Club, Baseball, Junior Decorating Committee, Junior Class Prom Committee, Junior Class Show, Baseball Social Committee.             '

JOAN D'AVELLA-Typing Club, Senior Play Committee, Sec­retary of Home Room,

DAMIA DE BELLIS-Fix-It-Yourself Club, Library Council, Purple and Gold Business Staff, Record Business Advertising Club, Nurse's Office, Guidance Council, Senior Show, Hally Hop, Children's Home Partv.

LESLIE DENBO-Classical Club, Hunting and Fishing Club, Hi-Larities of '51, "Good News," Concert, Choir, Speech Pro­gram, Assembly Program Committee, Junior Class S o,,:, Christ­mas Play, Castle Crier, Public Speaking Contest Finahst,. Children's Home Party, Cheerleader, Senior Cla"s Play, Library Program, Social Committee.

MARTIN DE NINNO-Dance Club, Ticket Club.

THERESA DE NINNO-Twirlers Club, Semi-Finalist Posture Contest, Varsity Majorette, Distribution Education .Program, Junior Class Show, Modern Dance Club, 0.A.A. Fash~on Club, Social Committee, Insignia Committee, Senior Decorating Com­mittee, Senior Class Show, Children's Home Party.

ANGELA DE VITO- Hi-Larities, Twirling Club, Assembly Committee Social Committee, "Good News," Junior Class Play, Varsity Twirlers, Junior Prom Committee, Chris,tmas Decorat~on Committee, Speed Program, Dr. Koppenhaver s Office, ?pnng Show Committee Scheduling Editor Purple and Gold Literary Staff Senior Sho~ Modern Dance Club, G.A.A. Fashion Show, Music Office, Children'S Home Party, Semi-Finalist Public Speaking Contest.

RICHARD DI DONATO-Football Club, Hi-Y Club, Red Cross Club.

JOHN DI MARCO-Sports Club, Social Committee, Student Government, Football, Football Club, Junior Prom Committee, Children's Home Party.

EVELYN DI MASSIMO-Twirling Club, Social Committee, Junior Class Play, Pantomime Club, Speech Program, Junior Class Christmas Decorating Committee, Social Committee, Cheerleader, Charm and Fashion Club, Children's Home Party, Student Government Office.

ROSE MARIE DI MICHELE-Gifts and Acces"ories Club, Choir, Concert, "Good News," Children's Home Party, Spring Show of '53.

COLLEEN DI VELLo-Captain Color Guard, Vice-President Junior Class, Social Committee, Student Government Office, Student Teacher, Junior Prom Committee, Junior Decorating Committee Children's Home Party, Holly Hop Committee, Senior Class Vice-President, Insignia Committee, Senior Decorat­ing Committee, Senior Play.

MAE DOCKERY-Archery, Twirlers, Pantomime Club, Junior Class Play, Concert, Children's Home Party, National Honor Society Tea, Purple and Gold Business Staff, Senior Class Play.

LAWRENCE DOUGLASS- J .V. Basketball Team, Basketball Club, Basketball Team.

ROSE DOTO-Hi-Larities of '51, Pantomime Club, Home Room Secretary, "Good News," Social Committee, Junior Prom Com­mittee, Decorating Committee, Cheerleading, Finalist Public speaking Contest, Children's Home Party, Senior Write-Up Editor Purple and Gold Literary Staff, Music Office, Christmas Decorating Committee.

LORRAINE DOWNS-Red Cross Art, Typing Club, Volleyball, Basketball, Dramatic Club.

IRENE DROURR-Psychology Club, Choir, Library Council, Pantomime Club, Treasurer National Honor Society, G.A.A. Representative, Record Subscriptions, Dr. Koppenhaver's Office, Senior Class Show, Guid:mce Show, Spring Show of '53.

RITA DURACZYNSKI - Red Cross Art, Red Cross Show,­Library Council, Art Show, Office Club.

JOAN DZIAKOWSKI - Twirling, Dramatics Club, "Good News," Junior Prom Committee, Cheerleader, Junior Decorating Committee, Junior Class Show, Social Committee, Red Cross Art, Children's Home Party, Student Government, Assembly Program Committee, Accounting Office.

STANLEY DZIOMBA-Vice-President Ches; and Checkers Club, Home Room Secretary, Concert, Fix-It-Yourself Club, "Good News," Senior Council, Children's Home Party.

ANNABELLE ENGLISH-Pantomime Club, V-Teen Club, Basketball, Advanced Typing Club.

HENRIETTA ERNST-Twirling Club, Christmas Decorating Committee, Purple and Gold Business Staff, Home Room Leader, Guidance Office.

DOLORES ERRICHETTI-Record Subscription and Circula­tion, Hi-Larities of '51, Girls' A.A. Representative, Junior Class Secretary, Student Government, Recording Secretary Executive Committee, Junior Prom Committee, Decorating Committee, Student Government, Senior Class Secretary, Children's Home Party.

ISABELLA EVANS-Band, Twirlers, Student Government, Hockey, Archery, Basketball, Volleyball, Classical Club.

JOHN FAIR-Chess and Checkers Club, Hunting and Fishing Club, Fix-It- Yourself Club.

DOLORES FEAIRHELLER-Twirling Club, Treasurer Clas­sical Club, Library Council, Canasta Club, "Good News," Arch­ery, Senior Class Show, Dr. Koppenhaver's Office, Children's Home Party, Personality Club.

CLARINDA FERIOZZI-Red Cross Art, Purple and Gold Business Staff, Senior. Class Show.

LEONARD FIDERKO-Hi-Y Club, Classical Club, Panto­mime Club, Decorating Committee, Pinochle Club, Stage Man­ager for Public Speaking Contest.

CURTIS FISHER-Track, Football, Football Club.

SALLY FORD-Charm and Fashion Club, Dance Club, Student Government, Senior Steering Committee, Home Room Secretary.

NANCY FORREST-Pantomime Club, Chess Club, National Honor Society, Bowling, Badminton, Purple and Gold Business Staff, Library Council.

JUDITH FRANZEN-Chess and Checkers Club, Home Room Vice-President, Home Room Treasurer, Golf Club, Library Council, Nurse's Office, Swimming Club, Guidance Office, G.A.A. Representative, Children's Home Party, Record Subscription and Circulation.


ALLAN FRIEDMAN-Fix-It-Yourself Club, Psychology Club, Junior Class Play, Senior Show, Public Speaking Contest Semi­Finalist, Cheerleader, Choir, Social Committee, Children's Home Party, Assembly Committee.

ROSELYN FRIEDMAN-Twirling, Psychology Club, Charm and Fashion Club, Dr. Koppenhaver's Office.

RICHARD FULGINITTI-Red Cross Art, Classical Club, Pan­tomime Club, Spring Show, Christmas Decorating Committee, Christmas Play, Senior Steering Committee, Stage Manager for Speech Contest, Social Committee.

DONALD GARBACK-Sports Club, Spring Show, Football, Record, Student Government, President, Honorary Rotarian.

ALBERT GEORGE-Fix-It-Yourself Club, Baseball Club.

SALVATORE GIAMBRONE-Sports Club, Pinochle Club.

DELORES GIBSON-Charm and Fashion Club, Senior Class Play.

CONSTANCE GLAZIER-Art Club, Treasurer, Red Cross Newspaper, Bowling, Badminton, Record Circulation, Hal­lewe'en Painting, Cheerleader, Tennis, Camden High Calendar, Christmas Decorating Committee, Traffic, Purple and Gold, Art Editor, Senior Steering Committee, Secretary.

MARY ARLINE GORDON-Red Cross Aids, Golf Club, Class Leader, French Club.

RICHARD GRABOWSKI-Classical Club, Basketball, Basket­ball Club, Baseball, Class Secretary, Home Room Leader, Football, Football Club, Boys' State Representative, Social Commit­tee, Insignia Committee, Assembly Committee.

MARGARET GREENE - Golf, Senior Steering Committee, Basketball Captain, Bowling, Senior Decorating Committee, Senior Show.

DORISANN GROSSMAN-Pantomime Club, Choral Reading, French Club Vice-President, Junior Class Plav, G.A.A. Social Committee, Record Subscription, Junior Prom Committee, Pub­lic Speaking Contest, Finalist, Children's Home Party, G.A.A. Program Committee Chairman.

PATRICIA GURVAL-Red Cross Art', Record Art, Air Raider, Quill and Scroll, Purple and Gold subscription, Advanced Typing Club, Home Room Secretary.

DONALD HAILEY-Red Cross Club, Football, Football Club, Track, Usher, B.A.A. Representative, Pinochle Club.

ALFRED HAMILTON-Hi-Y, Baseball, Purple and Gold Business.

THEODORE HAMILTON-Fix-It-Yourself Club, Hi-Y, Golf Club.

JOHN HARE-Fix-It-Yourself Club. Baseball.

JOHN HARVEY-Canasta Club, Hunting and Fishing Club, Classical Club, Pinochle Club.

CHARLES HELMETAG-Red Cross Club, Classical Cluh, Honor Society, Junior Play, Traffic, Homework Committee, Temple Tournament, Red Cross Treasurer, Christmas Decorating Committee, Red Cross President, Senior Play, Traffic, Ushers.

RUBY HENDERSON-Twirling Club, Basketball Co-Captain, Advanced Typing Club.

MARY HENLEY-Pantomime Club, Checkers Club, Record Subscription and Circulation Club, Girls' A.A.

RUTH HERMANN-Record Literary, Junior Christmas Decor­ating, Junior Prom Committee, Home Room President, Student Government, Library Council, Senior Show, Guidance Office, Spring Show Committee, Purple and Gold Editor, Children's Home Party Big Sister, Quill and Scroll, National Honor Society.

MARIE HEWEL-Library Council, Record Business Staff, Jr. Red Cross, Club Office.

JOSEPH HERZSTEIN-Basketball J .V .. Basketball Club, Base­ball, Student Government, Boys' State, Junior Class Decorating, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Decorating, Student Govern­ment Organization, Holly Hop, Children's Home Party, Social Committee, Insignia Committee.

WILLIAM HILL-Red Cross Club, Hi-Y President, Student T a her, Boys' A.A.

MURRAY HIRSHORN-Hunting and Fishing Club, Cbristmas Play, Public Speaking Contest Semi-Finals, Senior Class Show, Purple and Gold Business, Guidance Council.

PATRICIA HOGATE-Twirling Club, Typing Club, Charm and 'Fashion Club.


RICHARD HYLAND-Band, Orchestra, Syncopaters, Hi-Lar­ilies of '51, Home Room Secretary, Junior Class Treasurer, Na­tional Honor Society, Boys' State Representative, Record Lit­erary, Traffic, Good News, Junior Prom Committee, Concert of '52, Junior Christmas Decorating, Purple and Gold Literary, Student Government, Social Committee, Assembly Program Committee, National Honor Society Vice-President, Traffic Cap­tain, Welfare Chest Committee-Program Chairman, Semi-Finals Public Speaking Contest, Children's Home Party Master of Ceremonies.

BERNARD JACKSON-Boys' Sports, Baseball Club.

EVA JACKSON-Game Club, Typing Club, Volley Ball, Man­ners Club.

JUSTIN JACKSON-Canasta, Hunting and Fishing Club, Traf­fic, Ushers, Library Council, Children's Home Party.

NATHANIEL JACKSON-Hi-Y Club, Boys' Sports Club.

NAOMI JACKSON-Charm and Fashion Club

JESSE JACKSON-Boys' Sports, Choir.

ROBERT JABLONSKI-Classical Club, Dance Club, Tennis Team, Christmas Decorating Committee, Junior Class Play Junior J J's, Ushers Lieutenant, Student Government, Hom~ Room Leader, Assembly Program Committee, Welfare Chest Committee, Purple and Gold Literary Copy Editor.

ARTHUR JAMES-Football, Baseball, Track, Football Club, Chess Club.

JOHN DAVID JOHNSON-Basketball, Baseball, Basketball Club, Usher, Traffic.

DAVID JONES - Fix - It - Yourself Club Student Teacher Pinochle Club. "

ELIZABETH J ONES-Twirling, Hockey, Volley Ball Y -Teen Advanced Typing Club. ' ,

LEROY JOHNSON-Red Cross, Typing Club.

MORRIS JOHNSON-Band, Hi-Y, Choir, Children's Home Party, Holly Hop Chairman, Senior Play.

RONALD JONES-Sports Club, Usher, Traffic, Hi-Y Club, Syncopaters.

RONALD JOYCE-Basketball Club, Basketball Team Baseball Team, Junior Prom Committee, Children's Home pa/ty Holly Hop Committee.             '

RICHARD KAPLAN-Sports Club, Track, Junior }J's, Speech Assembly Committee, Spring Show, Choir, Insignia Committee, SOCIal Committee, Cheerleading, Senior Steering Committee.

WALTER KATO-Fix-It-Yourself Club Hunting and Fishin" Club, Pinochle Club. ' 0

STANTON KATSOFF-Classical Club, Fix-It-Yourself Club, Spnng Sho,:", Home Room Secretary, Junior JJ's, Junior Executive Committee, Public Speaking Contest Stage Manager, Music Con~ert, Sen~or Class Play, Purple and Gold Business Auditor Pubhc Speakmg Contest Semi-Finalist '

BEATRICE KATZ-Pantomime Club, Psychology Club, Junior Class Play, NatIOnal Honor Society, Library Council Senior C!ass Play, Public Speaking Contest Semi-Finals, Purple ~nd Gold Literary.


DOLORES KEATING-Christmas Plav Pantomime Club. Purple and Gold Literary, Traffic, J.v.' Cheerleader "Good I'WS,'~ Student. Government Social Committee, J uni~r Prom (, JUnior Decorating Committee, Castle Crier Asso­11111' Edlt?r, C~-CaPtain Varsity Cheerleader, Student Govern­1I\('nl, Children-s Home Party, Speech Contest Semi-Finalist I JI Koppenhaver's Office. '

JUDITH KELLY-Twirlers Club, Concert, Junior Class Com­mittee, Varsity Majorettes, Captain .Majorettes, Assistant G.A.A. Gym Office, Assistant Dr. Koppenhaver's Office, Entertainment Committee, Senior Play, Basketball, Refreshment Club.

PAUL KELLY-Hi-Y Club, Football Club.

WALTER KENDZIERSKI-Red Cross Art, Hallowe'en Paint­ing, Baseball, Calendars, Pantomime Club, Castle Crier Sports Editor, Purple and Gold Sports Editor, Basketball Manager, Welfare Chest Committee Progress Chairman, Children's Home Pa~ty, Big Brother.

WALTER KENNEBREW-Hi-Y, Game Club, Choir.

CLINTON KILROY-Football, Football Club, Boys' A.A. Rep­resentative, Baseball.

ELSIE JOAN KORTH-Game Club, Record Subscription and Circulation, Chess Club.

FRED KORTH-Fix-It-Yourself Club, Canasta Club.


REINA KRAKOWER-Psychology Club, Choral Reading Club, Camden Hi-Larities Business Staff, Record Literary, Library Council, National Honor Society, U.N. Trip, Temple Math. Tournament, Junior Prom Committee, National Honor Society Secretary, Purple and Gold Literary, Swimming, Children's Home Party Welcoming Committee.

BARBARA KRYZA-Red Cross Club, Sewing Service, Classical Club, Charm and Fashion, Majorette Uniforms, Color Guard Uniforms.

MARYANN KUDA-Home Room Treasurer, Checker Club, Record Circulation, Record Subscription, Library Council, Golf Club, Swimming Club, Badminton, "Good News," Costumes, Nurse's Office, Guidance Office, Children's Home Party, Welfare Chest Committee.

WALLACE KULIGOWSKI-Basketball, Basketball Club, Foot­ball Team, Baseball Team, Student Government, Junior Class President, Senior Class President.

ANITA KUMOVE-Camden Hi-Larities, Chotal Reading, Jun­ior Class Play, Christmas Decorating Committee, "Good News," Junior Prom Committee, Quill and Scroll, National Honor So­ciety, G.A.A. Program Committee, Temple Math Tournament, Public Speaking Finalist, Senior Show, Record Assistant Editor, Purple and Gold Literary, Children's Home Party Committee, Dance Group Chairman, Welfare Chest Committee.

JOHN KUSCH-Fix-It-Yourself Club, Canasta Club, Photo Club.

ALLAN LAIKEN-Student Government, Record Castle Crier and Purple and .Gold Photographer, Boys' A.A. Representative, "Good News," Fix-it-Yourself Club.

JANET LAMP'L-Glee Club, Charm and Fashions Club.

STEPHEN LATKO-Sport Club, Manners Club.

PHILIPPA LATNEY -Classical Club, Knitting Club, Y -Teen.

NICHOLAS LATRELLA-Antique Club, Fix-It-Yourself Club.

SHIRLEY LAYSER-Gltt.> and Assessories Club, Knitting.

NOMA LEIDER-Choir, Concert, "Camden Hi-Larities," "Good News," Record Subscription Staff, Junior Class Play, Public Speaking Contest Semi-Finalist, Senior Play, Children's Home Party, Dr. Koppenhaver's Office, Economics Play, Spring Show.

RICHARD LENARD-Football Club, Fix-It-Yourself Club.

SHIRLEY LEWANDOWSKI - Fix-It- Yourself Club, Purple and Gold Collector, Homeroom Treasurer, I Want to Talk Club Children's Home Party, Holly Hop, Charm and Fashions Club:

ESTHER LOMBARDI-Fix-It- Yourself Club, Library Council, Golf Club, Student Teacher, Swimming Club, Record Literary, Club Office, Record Business and Advertising, Traffic, Dr. Koppenhaver's Office, Nurse's Office, Senior Class Show, Children's Home Party.

RITA LUCIANI-Twirling, Record Art Staff, Red Cross Club, Record Art Staff, Orchestra. Scenery Painting, Bowling Club, Swimming Club, Assistant Principal's Office.

SIDNEY LUTZ-Football Club, Football Team, Senior Steering Committee; Senior Play, Football Manager.

MIRIAM MACKLER-Future Teachers' Club Vice-President, French Club, Traffic, Purple and Gold Business, Library Council, Christmas Decorating Committee, Christmas Home Party, Semi­Finalist Public Speaking Contest, Senior Class Show, Guidance Office Service

JEANETTE MAIALE-Dance Club, Psychology Club, Nurse's Office, Assistant Principal's Office .•

DARLENE MAGEE-Twirling Club, Color Guard, Majorettes Charm and Fashion Club. '

DOLORES MALINOWSKI-Red Cress Club Air Raid Aids Charm and Fashion. "

MURIEL MANSMANN-Twirling Club, Purple and .Gold Busi­ness Staff, Record Circulation, Welfare Chest Committee.

VITO MANGANARO-Sports Club, Golf Club, Pinode Club.

MILDRED MANN-Secretary Future Teachers' Club, Ba~y Sitting Club, Spring Show, Choir, Children's Home Party, Semor Class Show.


DOMINIC MARROCCO-Social Committee, Boys' A.A.

CLIFFORD MARTIN-Publications Art, Football, Football Club, Track, Red Cross Club.

RALPH MASSETTI-Chess and Checkers Club, Band, Synco­pators, Hi-Larities, Spring Show, Choir, Orchestra, Concert, "Good News."

ROBERT MASLANSKI-Football, Football Club, Ticket Office Manager.

CARL MATAUSHEK-Chess and Checkers Club, Hunting and Fishing Club, Red Cross Art.

RONALD MATTHEWS-Basketball Club, Pin ode Club.

IDELLA MATTHIAS-Choir, Spring Show. Guidance Office, Record Business Staff, Nurse's Office, Glee Club, Concert.

RONALD MAZZA-Bridge Club, Golf Club, Pinode Club, Student Government, Social Committee, Dramatic Club.

PATRICIA M. McCLAFFERTY-Red Cross Afghan Club President, G.A.A., Pantomime Club, Charm and Fashion Club, Basketball.

AUDREY E. McGRIFF-Fix-It-Yourself Club, Cla,sical Club, Archery, Dramatic Club Show, Basketball,. N. J. G.irls' Stat~, Senior Steering Committee, Welfare Committee Chauman, LI­brary Council, Traffic Force, Senior Class Show, Senior Decorat­ing Committee. Guidance Office.

NORVAL McHENRY - Children's Home Party, Decorating Committee, Fix-It- Yourself Club.

BERTHA E. McSHAY-Dramatic Club, G.A.A.

MARY LOU MELONI-Red Cross Afghan Club President, Purple and Gold Business, Record Business, Christmas Decorating Committee, Home Room Secretary, Assistant Principal's Office, Social Committee, Senior Program Committee, Senior Class Play, Big Sister Children's Home Party.

FRANK L. MENOKEN - Football, Football Club, Track, Pin ode Club.

PETER MIGLIACCIO-Sports Club, Senior Steering Commit­tee.

GLADYS MILLER - Classical Club, Knitting Club, Choral Reading, Children's Home Party, Junior Class Play, Purple and Gold Business, Library Council Vice-President, G.A.A. Social Committee, Purple and Gold Literary, Public Speaking Contest Semi-Finalist, Senior Clas, Play, Guidance Council.

SHARON MILLMAN-Purple and Gold, Record Business Staff, Spring Frolic, Basketball, Tennis, Children Home Party, Christ­mas Decorating, Record Subscription.

MILTON MINUS-Basketball Club, Basketball.

VERNA MITCHELL-Future Teachers' Club, Dramatic Club.

JOAN MOFFA-Twirling, Golf Club, Record Subscription.

CIPRIAN MOLES-Band, Orchestra, Syncopators, Hi-Larities, "Good News."

URSULA MOLES-Record Subscription and Circulation, Hi­Larities, Charm and Fashion Club, Social Committee, Junior Prom Committee, "Good News," Dr. Koppenhaver's Office, Assembly Committee, G.A.A. Fashion Show.

DAVID MOUNT-Classical Club, Fix-It-Your,elf Club, Can­asta Club, Pinocle Club.

WILLIAM MORE-Bridge Club, Golf Club, Stage Manager, Traffic.

WILLA MAE MORELAND-Red Cross Club, Glee Club, Advanced Typing.

RUTH MORRIS-Library Council, Record Literary, Hallowe'en Window Painting, Calendar Sale, Quill and Scroll, National Honor Society President, Purple and Gold Art Staff, Junior Class Show, Temple Math Tournament, Peer Gynt Suite Con­test, Latham Foundation Contest, Purple and Gold Associate Edi­tor, Christmas Play, Children's Home Party, Public Speaking Contest Semi-Finalist, Senior Class Play, Junior Prom Com­mittee.

BETTY MOORE-Twirling, Senior Guidance Council, Children's Home Party, Advanced Typing, Y- Teen Club, Basketball, Vol­leyball, Hockey.

GERALD W. MOSCIKI-Sports Club. Manners Club.

JAMES MOSLEY-Sports Club. Hi-Y Club, Psychiatry Club.

DAVID MOY-Bridge Club, Classical Club, Canasta Club, Pinode Club.

 JAMES MURO-Sports Club, Red Cross Club.

FRANK MURPHY--'Basketball Club..- Boys' A.A.

SHIRLEY NUHN-Twirling Club, Red Cross Club, Red Cross Art, Guidance Office ...

MARIE NUZZO-Twirling, Golf Club, Record SubscnptIon and Circulation.

LEONARD OSTROFF-Classical Club, Fix-It-Yourself Club, Canasta Club, Junior Assembly, Ushers, Tennis, Traffic Senior CIa,s Play, Pinocle Club ..

ELEANOR PALECKI - Girls' Lockers, Advanced Typmg, Swimming, Student Government Treasurer, Children's Home Party, Clerical Work English Department.

ROBERT PALESE-Dance Club, Red Cross Club, Manners Club.

LOUIS PALMARINI-Footbalf, Ba,eball, Basketball.

DONALD PANCRAZIO-Football, Home Room Leader, Social Committe, Student Government.

DA VID PARENTE-Pantomime Club, Golf, Pinccle Club.

MELVIN PARKER-Fix-It- Yourself Club, Hi- Y Club.

ELIZABETH PAYNE-Archery, Hockey, Classical Club, Fix­It-Yourself Club, Swimming, Art Club, Library Council.

ROBERT PAYNE-Hunting and Fishing Club, Fix-It-Your­self Club.

HELEN PERARIA-Red Cross Club, Concert, Lunch Room Service.

BERTHA PERCIVA1-I Want to Talk Club, Baby Sitting Club, Cook. for National Honor Society, "Good News," Nurse's Office, Junior Prom Committee.

CLARENCE PIERCE-Football, Basketball, Football Club, Baseball.

SHIRLEY PIZZUTILLO-Purple and Gold Patron Manager, Record Business Staff, Choral Reading, Hi-Larities, Badminton, Harvest Moon Dance, Concert, Senior Class Play.

ELAINE PLASKY-Choir, Christmas Show, Concert, Hi-Lar­ities, "Good News," Traffic, National Honor Society! Christmas Decorating, Junior Class Show, Children's Home Party, G.A.A. Fashion Show.

BETTY POJAT-I Want to Talk Club, Fix-It-Yourself Club, Record Subscription and Circulation, Senior Guidance Council President, Children's Home Party, Holly Hop, Home Room Treasurer.

MICHAEL POMPEANO-Sports Club, Football Club, Foot­ball, Baseball Manager.

MARBELL POOLE-Typing Club, Twirlers Club, Chess Club.

CONSTANCE POTTER-Dance Club, Dramatic Club, Senior Guidance Council, Library Council.

ALBERT PROFICO-Antique Club, Home Room President, Record Subscription, Ticket Club.

DOROTHY QUINTON-Dance Club, Golf, Swimming, Per­sonality Club, Nurse's Office, Accounting Office, English Office.

ELEANOR RADOMSKI-Checkers Club, Charm and Fashion Club, Record Subscription and Circulation.

ANTHONY RAGONE-Boys' Sports, Baseball Club.

JOAN RAND-Junior Red Cross Club, Homeroom Secretary, Dramatic Club, Library Council, French Club, Welfare Chest Committee.

ARTHUR RANDOLPH-Hi-Y Club, Canasta Club, Traffic, Ushers, Library Council.

NILA REDLUS-Record Editor, Classical Club, Calendar Sale, Castle Crier Editor, Quill and Scroll, Junior Class Show, National Honor Society, Temple Press Tournament, Temple Math Tour­nament, Junior Prom Committee, Secretary Assembly. Program Committee, Chairman Handbook Revision Committee, A.A.U.W. Trip to U.N., Christmas Party, Author Senior Show, Semi-­Finalist Public Speaking Contest.

CARLTON REID-Football, Junior Varsity Basketball, Foot­ball Club.

JOSEPH REVELS-Stamp Club, Fix-It-Yourself Club, Base­ball Club.

ANTHONY RICCIARDELLI-Hunting and Fishing Club, Clas­sical Club, Golf Club, Pinochle Club.

ERNEST RICCO-Football, Red Cross Club, Hi-Larities. Home Room President, "Good News," Glee Club, Student Teacher, Concert, Junior Class Show, Art Show, Junior Prom Commit­tee, Senior Class Show, Senior Steering Committee, Welfare Chest Committee, Social Committee, Holly Hop Committee, Children's Home Party, B.A.A. Representative, Choir, Cheer­leader.

JACQUELINE RICHARDSON - Record Literary, Classical Club, Traffic.

ETTA ROBBINS-Art for School Publications, Classical Club, Psychology Club, School Calendar, Purple and Gold Art Editor, Tennis, Library Council, National Honor Society, Student Gov­ernment, Senior Class Play.


CHRIS RODENBAUGH - Golf Club, Fix-It-Yourself Club Children's Home Party.

RONALD ROSENGARD -:- Fix-It-Yourself Club, Track Co­Captain, Usher, Psychology Club, Junior. CIa,s P.lay, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Class Show, Public Speakmg Co?test Finalist, Children's Home Party, Assembly Program Committee, Pinode Club, Social Committee.

ALAN ROSS-Classical Club, Fix-It-Yourself Club, "Auror~," Purple and Gold Literary, Red Cross Club, Public. Speakmg Contest Semi-Finalist, Ushers, Christmas Play, Semor Class Show, World Affairs Council, Children's Home Party, Honorary h~rim ..

FLOYD ROSSI-Hi-Y Club, Stage Manager, Senior Steenng Committee ..

LORETTA RUCHALSKI-Record Literary, Purple and Gold Business, Medical Office.

STELLA RYCHARSKI - Red Cross Aids, Psychology Club, Charm and Fashion Club, Children's Home Party.

MARIANNE SACKER-Dance Club, Purple and Gold Business, Harvest Moon Dance Committee, Children's Home Party.

DORIS SALERNO-Basketball, Game Club, Purple and Gold Business Children's Home Party, Charm and Fashion.

DOLORES SANTOSUOSSO-Dramatic Club, Christmas Decor­ating, Charm and Fashion Club, Record Subscription, Bowling.

MELVIN SARSON-Sports Club, Baseball, Pinode Club.

CHARLES SCHRAM-Fix-It-Yourself Club, Record, Purple and Gold Photographer.

ELIZABETH SCHUMAKER - Pantomime Club, Badminton, Concert, Choir" "Good News," Children's Home Party, Public Speaking Contest Singer, "Fortune Teller."

BEATRICE SCHWAB-Library Council, Baby Sitting Club, Swimming Club, Cooking and Sewing for: National Honor So­ciety, Football Banquet, Children's Home Party, Library Coun­cil Tea; Senior Guidance, President of Home Room, Children's Home Party Committee.

JOHN SCICCHITANO-Sports Club, Baseball Club, Study Club.

GILDA SENESE-Library Council, Senior Steering Committee, Medical Office.


PATRICIA SERWEIN-Twirling, Red Cross, Volley Ball.

LENORE SHAPIRO-Psychology Club, Discus,ion Club, Senior Steering Committee, Senior Show, Castle Crier, Children's Home Partv.

DONALD SHEPP-Basketball Club, Football Club, Football, Track, Chess Club.

ALMA SHIELDS-Pantomime Club, Y-Teen Secr~tary; G.A.A. Representative, Basketball, Advanced Typing Club.

VELTON SHOWELL-Football Club, Football.

GLADYS SIMMONS-Classical Club, Home Room Leader, Typing Club, Archery, Crocheting Club.

HOWARD SIMONS-Sports Club, Track, Jr. J.].'s, Spring Show '52, Record Literary.

DORIS SIMPSON-Purple ,and Gold Social Committee, Bowling Club, Purple and Gold Business, Dr. Koppenhaver's Office.

BARBARA SIRISKY - Pantomime Club, Psychology Club, Junior Class Play, Concert, Library Council-Treasurer, Senior Class Play, Children's Home Party, Medical Office, Choir.

BARBARA SKELLY-Color Guard, Majorettes, Color Club, Girls' A.A. Office.

ELAINE SOCHACKI-Home Room President, Christmas Show, Hi-Larities, Record Literary, Concert, Choir, "Good News," Chairman Ticket Committee for Concert, Junior Class Play Director, Chairman Junior Prom Committee, Student Government, Chairman Christmas Decorating Committee, Traffic Lieu­tenant, National Honor Society, Temple Math Tournament, Purple and Gold Associate Editor, Chairman Assembly Program Committee, Cheerleader Co-Captain, Children's Home Party, Senior Class Show Director, Public Speaking Contest Semi­Finalist.

ROWLAND SPECTOR-Sports Club, Choir, Senior Show.

PHYLLIS STAIANO--'Twirling, Majorettes, Assembly Program Collector, Sewing Service, Social Committee, Medical Office, Children's Home Party, Purple and Gold Business Staff.

GEORGE STANSKI-Record Art Staff, Spring Play Scenery, Publicity Manager of Harvest Moon Dance, Spring Frolic Dance, Children's Home Party, Senior Steering Committee.

GEORGE STECK-Sports Club, Usher, Traffic, Pinochle Club.

DELORES STEMBOROWSKI-Checkers, Flx-It-Yourself Club, Record Subscription and Circulation.·             ...

MARION STIRES-Bowling, Twirling, Swimmmg, Badmitton, Dr. Koppenhaver's Office, Student Teacher, G!ee Club, Medical Office Record Subscription, Library CounCil, Typmg Club, G.A.A. President, Basketball, G.A.A. Office Assistant..

ALBERTA STONE-Basketball National Honor SOCiety, Purple and Gold Business Manager and Treasurer, Swimming Club.

MARIE SULETA - Home Room Vice-President, Basketball, Medical Office, Home Room Leader Red Cross Secre~ary ..

EDWARD SUSKI-Baseball, Sports Club, Castle Cner, Semor Steering Committee, Traffic, Usher.

JOANN SUYDAM-Red Cross Art Club, Twirling, Glee Club, Student Teacher, Library Council, Senior Class Show, Account­ing Office, Swimming Club, Choir.

SHIRLEY TAMBURRI-Pantomime Club, Purple and Gold Business Staff.

ENRICO TAMBURRI-Horne Room President, Record Literary Staff, Student Government, Classical Club, Pinode.

NANCY TANDOI - Fix-It-Yourself Club, Psychology Club, Record Literary Staff, Senior Class Play, Club Office, Library Council, Medical Office, Children's Home Party, Traffic.

MARGARET TANKSLEY-Twirling, Home Room Secretary, Golf Club, Advanced Typing Club.

BERNARD TARNECKI-Hunting and Fishing Club, Hi-Y Club, Typing Club.

LEROY TATUM-Dance Club, Hi-Y Club.

ROBERT TATUM-Dance Club, Typing Club, Baseball, Trade

ILEEN THOMAS-Red Cross Club, Golf Club, Psychology Club, Bowling Club, Swimming Club.

AUDREY TOLL-Canasta Club, Dramatics' Club, Junior Prom Committee, Dr. Koppenhaver's Office.

JOHN TORTELLA-Sports Club, Red Cross Club, Basketball.

ROBERT VAN DEVENTER-Football, Football Club, Base­ball Club, Baseball.

GINA VASILE-Basketball, Tennis, Decorating Children's Home Party, Christmas Junior Decorating Committee, G.A.A. Social Committee, Insignia Committee, Social Committee, Student Gov­ernment Organization, Dancing Club, G.A.A. Refreshment Com­mittee, Personality Club, Children's Home Party, Student Gov­ernment Office.

LEON WAGNER - Hi- Y Club, Speech Assembly Program, "Good News," Pantomime Club, Public Speaking Contest Semi­Finalist.

WILLIAM WALKER-Sports Club, Hunting and Fishing Club, Usher, Library Council, Traffic, Children's Home Party, Canasta Club.

SUSANNE W ALLENTIN-Red Cross Aid Club, Typing Club, Personality Club, Accounting Office.

JOAN WATERS-Knitting Club, Red Cross Art.

LAWRENCE WEINTRAUB-Football, Basketball Club, Base­ball, Football Club, Speech Assembly Program, Junior Class Play, Christmas Decorating Committee, Junior Prom Committee, Usher Lieutenant, Traffic, Social Committee.

ROBERT WESLEY-Contract Bridge. Band, Pinode Club,

EDWARD WILSON-Football, Football Club. Sports Club. GLADYS WILSON-Dance Club, Dramatic Club, Volley Ball, Library Council.             .

ALBERT WILLIAMS-Red Cross Art, Record Art Staff, Chair­man Spring Play Scenery, Welfare Chest Committee.

BETTY WILLIAMS-Knitting Club, Girls' A.A.

CLARA WILLIAMS-Knitting Club, Basketball, Hockey, Ad­vanced Typing, Typing Club.

IDELLA WILLIAMS-Canasta Club, Classical Club, Y-Teens Club.

JUANITA WILLIAMS-Sewing Service Club, Costuming for "Good News," Twirling Club.

LOVIE WILLIAMS-Psychology Club, Fix-It-Yourself Club, Record Circulating Club.

VIVIAN WILLIAMS - Twirling Club, Hockey, Volley Ball, Basketball, Y - Teen Club. Baseball, Advanced Typing Club, G.A.A. Vice-President, G.A.A. Sports Manager.

GERALD WILLIS-Hunting and Fishing Club, Sports Club, Children's Home Party, Hi-Y Club Vice-President, Home Room Secretary.

JEAN WISNIEWSKI-I Want to Talk Clul). Fix-It-Y(l'mplf Club. Children's Home Party, Hollv Hop Committee, Senior Steering Committee, Purple and Gold Business, Club Office Helper, Senior Decorating Committee.

WALLACE-WITKOWSKI-Red Cro'S Representative. Hi-Lar­ities, Golf Club, Castle Crier, Record Business ..

GRACE YOUNG-Twirlers. Majorette, Color Guard, Record Advertising Club, Medical Office



In appreciation:

To our patrons, our mothers and fathers, relatives, and friends­
To our general student body for loyal support we say, "Thanks."
To our Commercial patrons, our business friends-
To our classmates for willing co-operation-

ALBERTA STONE Business Manager


Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Adams
A Friend
A Friend from C.C.H.S.
Al and Harry
Mr. Walter R. Anderson, '52
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Andress
Mrs. Anna Anicich
Edmund E. Anyzek
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Anyzek
Elaine Anyzek
Maryann Anyzek
Mrs. M. Applegate
Mr. David Arensberg
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Arensberg
Diane Asbell
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Asher
Karnig Avedissian
Kathleen Avedissian

Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Babin
Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Baisden
Mrs. Dorothy B. Baker
Miss Irene Baker
Mr. Thomas A. Baker
Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Baum
Mr. and Mrs. L. Beck
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Behn
Mr. and Mrs. Norman W. Behn
Martin and John Bertman, '50
Mr. and Mrs. P. Biambrone (Giambrone)
Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Bicker
Bill and Betty
Pat Blackniak, '52
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Blackniak
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Blackson
Mrs. Jeanne Blair
Mr. Joseph Blasko
Jeremiah Block
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Blowe
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Bodner
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer E. Bone, Jr.
Miss Constance Borek
Mr. and Mrs. J. Borreggine
Mr. and Mrs. M. Borreggine
Mr. and Mrs. B. Bortner
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bovino
Betty Boylan, '50
Mr. and Mrs. L. Boylan
Margaret E. Brady, '25
Mr. Howard Branch
George Braxton
William Braxton
Howard G. Brickner
Miss Constance Bright, '49
Mr. and Mrs. T. Bright
Mr. Morris Brodsky
Charles W. Brown
Mr. Chauncy Alcott Brown
S./Sgt. Clarence B. Brown
Mrs. Emily L. Brown
Sgt. and Mrs. John Buchanan
Mr. and Mrs. Buczynski
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Budesa
Richard Budesa, '50
Mrs. Catherine M. Buell
Mr. George Buell
Mr. John D. Buell
Louis H. Buell
Mr. Samuel D. Buell, Jr.
Miss Anne Burtis
Mr. and Mrs. John Bush
Anthony J. Butch
Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Butch
Miss Jacqueline A. Butch

Mr. and Mrs. H. Henry Candera
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cannon
Mr. and Mrs. I. Caplan
Ozzie Cardillo
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Carp
Mr. and Mrs. R. Carson
Mr. and Mrs. V. I. Chestnut
N. N. Chickachop
Chickie and Shirley, '53
Pvt. and Mrs. J. Chmielewski "Chunky"
Mrs. Jean Cicchitti
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Clancy
Mr. George Clark
Mrs. Mable Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Morris Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. A. Colangelo
Mr. and Mrs. Williard Collick
Mr. and Mrs. F. Collopy
Connie and Jimmy
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cook
Marilyn Cooper, '50
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Cooper
Mr. and Mrs. John Coppola
Mr. Rocco Coppola, '48
Patrick Costello, Jr.
Theresa Costello
Wilbert Costello
Mr. and Mrs. William Countiss
Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Coyle
Miss Clara M. Cranmer
Miss Ellen Cummings

Miss Jean Dabrowski
Mr. and Mrs. Dom Dalanni
Mr. and. Mrs. P. D'Andrea
Herman L. Daniels
Miss Elizabeth G. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Davis Mrs. A. Dawson
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony De Carlo
Coccia and Del Bono, '52
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent DeLuca
Mr. and Mrs. P. DeVita
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Di Massimo
"Junebug" Di Massimo, '51
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Di Rocco
Mrs. Rosie Dixon
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Dlugosz
Mrs. Mavis Dockery
Helen E. Donoghy, June '33
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Doyle
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Drourr
Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Duraczynski
Mr. and Mrs. Dziomba
Cecelia Dziomba, '52

Mr. Ervin E. Edwards
Eleanor, Richard and Dick
Mrs. Helen Elkins
H. Erzengatian
"Es" and "J 0"
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Evans
Eunice Evans, '44

Mr. and Mrs. John Fair
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Feairheller
William R. Feairheller, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. I. Feigleman
Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Ferguson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ferretti
Mr. Joshua Fields
Mrs. Minnie Fields
Miss Gloria Fisher
Miss Jennie Fisher
James Flynn
Dr. Emanuel Folkman
Mrs. Anne A. Forrest
Mr. Howard L. Forrest
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Forrest
Mr. and Mrs. Gus Fortune
Mr. Milton Fox
Mrs. Herbelt M. Fraim
Mrs. Geneva Franklin
Mr. and Mrs. E. Franzen
Dr. and Mrs. David Freeman
Mr. and Mrs. M. Friedman
Mrs. Michalina Furs

Mr. and Mrs. Judson Gaines
Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Gantt
Mr. apd Mrs. C. Garback
Gene and Diana, '51
Miss Adeline Genstine
Anthony J. F. Gentile
Mr. and Mrs. P. Giambrone
Miss Conchetta Giordano
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Giordano
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Glazier
Rita Glazier, '50
Murray Stephen Goodman
Marion Gordon
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Gordon
Mr. and Mrs. B. Grabowski
Mr. and Mrs. P. Grabowski
Mr. Joseph Grexa, Jr.
Frank and Grace Grurenski
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Grzylowski
Helen Guelfi
Mr. and Mrs. J. Guzik, Jr.

Stella (Gentile) Haddad, '52
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Hainey
Mr. Almon Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hall
Mr. Donald A. Hall, '51
Alfred (Coodie) Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Hamilton
Marcy, AI, and Mary Hand
Miss Pauline Hankerson
Frank Harrington
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Helmetag
Mr. and Mrs. William Hermann
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Herzstein
Miss Bertha Hicks
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Hill
Dr. and Mrs. A. Hirshorn
Mr. and Mrs. M. Hirshorn
Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Hirshorn
Mr. and Mrs. William Hogate
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Hollander
Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Hopman
Mr. and Mrs. William Howard
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Hyland

Mr. and Mrs. James Inman

Jack and Bert
James Jackson
June and Alfred Jackson
Mrs Ruby K. Jackson
Miss Jessie Jakubowski
Mr. John Jakubowski
Mr. Elbert Jarrell
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jaspan
Mrs. Roberta E. Jenifer
Joan and Eddy
Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy C. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Johnson
Mr. Calvin Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel R. Joyce

Mr. and Mrs. A. Kaminski
Mr. Richard Kaminski
Marty Kaplan, '49
Mr. and Mrs. Morris Katsoff
Mr. and Mrs. B. Katz
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Keating
Anna Martha Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kendzierski
Kershaw Royal Singers
Miss Ruby King
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Kirk
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Klapeshaw
Miss Gertrude Klauder
Jackie Kolsun
Martin Kolsun
Mr. and Mrs. Harrv Korth
Mr. and Mrs. A. William Korth
Paul Kost, '47
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis L. Kraft
Mr. and Mrs. Isidore Krakower
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Krattenmaker
Frank M. Kryza
Margaret Kryza
Mr. and Mrs. T. Kryza
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Krzyzanowski
Frank Kuda
Mr. and Mrs. Kuda
Beverly Kuhlman, '52
Mr. and Mrs. Julius Kumove,

Mr. Calvin Lape
Mr. and Mrs. C. Philip Latney
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Legal
Mr. and Mrs. S. Lewandowski
Mr. and Mrs. H. Lewin
Mrs. Florence Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Jon M. Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Lewis
Thelma Liby
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Livingston
Lois and Chic
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lombardi
Lorraine and Len
Miss Audrey Loucks
Mrs. Angelina Luciani
Mr. John Luciani
Miss Lucy Luciani

Mr. and Mrs. Ralurt McCalley
Mr. Herman Lee McCargo
Mrs. Louise McCargo
Mrs. Telvius G. McGriff
Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. McHale
Mr. and Mrs. Harol J. McHale & Family
Jimmy and Patty McHale
Barbara McHenry
Mildred McHenry
Norval E. McHenry
Mr. and Mrs. John McQuire
Frank L. Maatje
Mrs. Pauline Mackler, '22
Mr. and Mrs. Casper Mann
Sgt. and Mrs. Harry T. Mann
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Maltese
Mr. and Mrs. George Marcy
Louis Maressa
Mr. Frank Martin Barbara Mataushek
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Mataushek
Caryl Mataushek, '51
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Matthews, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Matthews, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. George Matthias
Mr. William R. Matthias, '48
Mr. and Mrs. William Matthias & Ray
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mazza
Frank Mealo
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Meloni
Florence Mendell
Mr. and Mrs. J. Messner
Rosemary and Michael
Janet Mick, '52
Mrs. Huberta Middleton
Mike and Henry
Carl Miller
Mr. and Mrs. John Miller
Mr. Kenneth Miller, '51
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Miller & Freddy
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Millman
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Moffa
Mr. and Mrd. S. Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Z. J. Motyl & Son
Mr. and Mrs. John Moy
Mr. and Mrs. David Mount
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Muro
Mrs. Joseph Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Murrow

Nancy and Georgie, '53
Mrs. Elizabeth Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Nikel
Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Nuzzo

Mr. and Mrs. John O'Brien
Mr. Larry Ordile
Mr. and Mrs. V. J. Owens

Mrs. Marie Palecki
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Palovich
Mrs. Bertha Pate
Mrs. Isabelle Pattenson
Paul and Anita
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Paul
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Paul
Haywood Payne, '51
Mr. and Mrs. N. O. Payne
Mrs. Matilda Percival
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Petulla
Mary Picklo
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Pierce
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pierce & Billy
Mr. and Mrs. Max H. Pincus
Mrs. Mattie Pitts
Jimmy Pizza
Mr. and Mrs. Rocco Pizzutillo
Mary Pizzutillo
Rose Pizzutillo
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Plasky
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Pojat
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Polak
Mr. and Mrs. John Ponzo
Miss Lonita Ponzo
Miss Youven Ponzo
Miss Mary Jane Potts, '50
Mr. and Mrs. William Prayne
Mr. and Mrs. A. Pucilowski

Mr. and Mrs. George Quinlan
The Quinn Family
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Quinton

Mrs. Jean Radomski
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ragone
Mrs. Louis Ragone
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Ragone
Mr. Alexander F. Rand
Mr. Cecil Rand
Mrs. Florence L. Rand
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Ranken
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rase
May and Joey Raspa
Mrs. Estella Raynor
Dr. David Redlus, '29
Doraine Schoen Redlus, '30
Mildred Redlus
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Reid
Nathan Reisman
Martha Reynolds
Mrs. Louise W. Richardson
Mr. and Mrs. David Richman
Mr. and Mrs. S. Ridner
Mr. and Mrs. Pete Ripa
Rita and Lowell
Francine Robbins
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Robbins
Miss Marjorie Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Rodenbaugh
Mr. Henry A. Romaine
Miss Kathryn Romaine
Mrs. Margaret Romaine
Al Rose
Herb Rosen
Mr. Harry Rosengard
Mrs. Harry Rosengard
Miss Susan Rosengard
Mr. and Mrs. Rosner
Dr. and Mrs. I. Ross
Mrs. Evelyn Rossi
Miss Catherine Rowley
Mr. and Mrs. E. Ruchalski
Mrs. Harry Rudolph
Mr. and Mrs. John Rycharski
Mr. and Mrs. F. Rykiel

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Sacker
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Sampson
Mair Samuels, Feb. '26
Mr. and Mrs. M. Sandler
Miss Ann Santosuosso
Miss Janet Santosuosso
Mr. and Mrs. L. Santosuosso
Constantino Scarimbola
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Scherneck
Mrs. Louisa V. R. Schmierer
Mr. and Mrs. John Schofield
Miss Charlotte Schraishuhn
Mrs. J. Schraishuhn
J. V. Schraishuhn
Katherine F. Schriver, '50
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Schumacher, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Schumacher, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. D. Scofini
Mr. and Mrs. George Sellars
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Senisch
Mrs. Juanita Sewell
Mr. and Mrs. H. Shapiro
Miss Mary Ann Sherk
Shirley and Larry
Mrs. Ollie Shoffner
Mrs. Loretta Short
Mr. and Mrs. Murray Simons
Mr. and Mrs. John Sirisky
Renee Skoboloff
Chas. H. Smith
Mrs. Ruth Smith
Dr. and Mrs. A. Sochacki
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Sochacki
Chester Sokolowski
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Solomo
Marlene Southard, '52
Elaine Spencer, '52
Mr. Stephen Stachelek
Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Staino
Mr. and Mrs. Frank T. Staino
Mr. Jerry Steele
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Stern
Mr. John Sterline
Mr. and Mrs. John Stone
Mr. and Mrs. John Surowiec
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Suydam

Mrs. Stella Tamburri
Mr. and Mrs. Tandoi
Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Tedeschi
Mrs. Edna Teschko
The Big Three-Es, Nan and Jo
The Lombor Ann Denutan Club
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Thorn
William R. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. J. Russel Thorn
Mr. and Mrs. John Henry Tolan
Mr. and Mrs. William Toll
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Tomasso
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Tomasso
Tony and Ellie
Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Trivinia
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Turner
Mr. and Mrs. A. Ulrich

Uncle Karl
Eugene R. Unger

Mr. Joseph Vasile, '42
Gloria Vaughan
Dr. J. Maurice Vaughn
Mrs. Mary Verderosa
Mrs. S. Le Viseur
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Volk
Jack Vukich, '48
John Vukich, '50

Mr. and Mrs. Leon Wagner
Mr. and Mrs. William Walker
Mr. and Mrs. William Warner
Mrs. Mildred Watkins
Mr. and Mrs. Alfie Weinraub
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Weiss
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Whitaker
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert H. William
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Williams
Bill Wilson, '51
Mr. and Mrs. J. Winokur
Mr. Benedict Wisniewski
Mrs. Regina Witkowski
Mr. and Mrs. E. Wojciechowski
Mr. and Mrs. Wojciechowski & Sons
Mr. and Mrs. John Wojciechowski
Mr. and Mrs. T. Wojciekowski
Mr. ana Mrs. Wojciechowski & Family
Mr. and Mrs: G. Wright

F. Zaremba
Miss Natalie Zmuda



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EDW ARD S. ANYSEK Coal & Fuel Oil 827 Liberty Street WO-4-1275

JOSEPH ANYZEK Plumbing & Heating 1539 Newport Street WO-4-7986

ARNOLDS DRESS SHOP 14 Haddon Avenue Camden, N. J. EM-5-9554

BECK'S SEA FOOD 1413 Mt. Ephriam Avenue Orders Prepared EM-5-5237

BEZICH BROS. Fine Meats & Groceries 623 Ferry Avenue WO-4-5023

BILL'S SWEET SHOPPE 1384 Collings Road Fairview-Camden. N. J.

BINDERS REXALL PHARMACY 327 Marlton Avenue WO-3-7576

BLANTON DUNN CO. Kaiser-Frazer-Henry J. Admiral Wilson Boulevard Camden, N. J.

THE BLUE & WHITE SHOPPE 513 5th Street Lingerie-Accessories

BOUQUET SHOP Flowers - Tropical Fish 1405 Haddon Avenue

BURGO Dealer in Scrap Iron & Metals EM-5-6854             EM-5-9674

COLONIAL FOOD MARKET 1398 Collings Road Fairview, Camden, N. J.

JOHN C. COSMOS Transit Diner Morrisville, Pa. Morrisville 9891

ELMER COX Hardware 8th Street Below Pine

CROWN CLEANERS, INC. 155 Marlton Pike ' Camden, N. J. EM-5-4464

CRYSTAL CLEANERS & DYERS,. INC. We operate our own dry cleaning plant

1014 Broadway Camden 3, N. J.

GEORGE DARSEY, JR.Concert Singer (Baritone) Soloist for Dra-Mu Opera Co.

DAVE'S VARIETY STORE 529 Kaighn Avenue Camden, N. J.

DICIANO COAL CO. Camden, N. J. Yard Phone WO-3-5808
                                                          Night Phone Beaver Brook 8-1519


THE EARLE SHOE STORE 2511 Federal Street Camden. N. J.

EBY DRUG STORE 1520 Mt. Ephriam Avenue Camden, N. J.

ELDER L. R. PRESTON Pastor Mt. Olive S.D.A. Church Camden, N. J.

EMILY'S SPECIALTY SHOP 47 S. Centre Street Merchantville, N. J.

FAIRVIEW FLORIST Flowers For All Occasions 2752 Congress Rd. EM-5-1823

GLOBE CO., INC. 941 Broadway Furniture & Appliances WO-4-4482

NIP GREENBURG MEN'S WEAR 1744 Broadway Camden, N. J.

HAYMAN JEWELERS We do our own watch repairs 1234 Kaighn Avenue

HUSKEY'S RESTAURANT For a good place to eat 1179 Haddon Avenue


JIM & HAROLD'S RADIO-TV Sales & Service 1031-33 Locust Street
                                                                          WO-3-3808    WO-4-2720

JOE & LEE LUNCHEONETTE Delicious Snacks 1844 Broadway

KIDDIE LAND 321-323 Marlton Avenue Fine Children's Wear

LAMBERT'S CAFE 9th & Atlantic Avenue Camden, N. J.

LANG'S PHOTO SERVICE 1041 Mechanic Street   EM-5-3387
15 Years of Dependable, Courteous Service Photo Finishing Commercial Work

JOS. J. LaMARRA Plumbing, Heating & Oil Burners 453-55 Line Street WO-3-1821

LEWIN'S Distinctive Accessories 1204 Haddon Avenue EM-5-5262

MAC McCLOSKY Dancette Club Ballroom

MAYER'S SWEET SHOPPE Hallmark Cards - Hobby Supplies
                                              1184 Yorkship Square Emerson 5-9876

MOTON'S Radio & Electrical Appliances 1932 S. 7th Street WO-3-8985

MERLIN MOTORS CO. LINCOLN - MERCURY Admiral Wilson Blvd. at Baird

MURRAY SIMONS & SONS Plumbing & Heating
                                               1451 Kaighn Ave., Camden, N. J. WO-4-0920

MORRIS OSTROFF 280 Marlton Avenue KOSHER MEATS & POULTRY Free Delivery

PETER RABBIT'S Confectionaries 347 Clinton Street

QUALITY CLEANERS Quick Service 1406 Collings Road Fairview-Camden, N. J.

RALPH'S MARKET Meats & Groceries 1701 Fillmore Street

A. RANKIN & SON 2233 Clements Avenue Merchantville 8, N. J. ME-8-1416

ROXY'S RECORD SHOP 541 Mt. Vernon Street Camden 3, N. J. WO-3-9318

H. EDWIN SCHAPE CO. 520 West Street EM-5-0241

WILLIAM H. SHANER Television Service 1275 Kaighn Avenue


SUBURBAN BAKING, INC. 5910 Crescent Boulevard Pennsauken, N. J.

460 Kaighn Avenue & 2613 Westfield Avenue Camden, N. J.

SWINGER BROS. Wholesale Groceries Philadelphia, Pa.

TINY'S ATLANTIC SERVICE 9th and Kaighn Avenue EM-5-9764

SAMUEL 'TROUB & SON Wholesale Confectioner 1160-62 Kaighn Avenue EM-5-1671

WAPLES FUNERAL HOME 822-24 Kaighn Avenue Camden, N. J. WO-3-2275

THE WALMART TAILORING, INC. 1101 Broadway Camden 3, N. J.