The following is derived from
George Reeser Prowell's
History of Camden County, New Jersey
published in 1886

SCOTT METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH is located on Philip Street, above Ferry Avenue. The nucleus of this church was eight members of the old Wesley Church, who, in 1856, worshipped in the cellar of the house of Aaron Connor, on Kossuth Street, for which they paid a rental of fifty cents a month. The services were conducted by Rev. Peter Wise, of the John Wesley Church, of Philadelphia. In 1857 they worshipped in the house of Mrs. Lyons, on Hooly Street (now Eighth). In 1858 a one-story frame church building was erected on Eighth Street and paid for by the original eight members, who instituted a number of camp meetings, known as two days' meetings and also held entertainments. The church was built by James Peacock and finished in 1858; the Rev. Henry A. Brown officiated at the dedicatory services. The pastors of this congregation, in order of succession, have been Revs. Peter Wise, Isaac Henson, Robert Robinson, Wilmer Elsey, Isaiah Broughton, Stephen Johns, John Marshall, Peter Burrough and John S. Holly. During the first year of the ministry of Rev. J. S. Holly the initiatory steps were taken to build a larger church, the old one being too small to accommodate the congregation and Sunday school. In 1882 the present brick church was erected on Philip Street, above Ferry Avenue.  This church is two stories in height, with basement rooms, large auditorium in the second story and large gallery across the front, and cost six thousand five hundred dollars. The congregation has one hundred and thirty communicants, the Sunday school one hundred members, of which Lawrence Rhoads is the superintendent. Rev. John Hubbard succeeded Rev. J. S. Holly and the present minister of the congregation is Rev. John J. Campbell.