The following is derived from
George Reeser Prowell's
History of Camden County, New Jersey
published in 1886

EMANUEL UNITED BRETHREN CHURCH is situated on Line Street, above Fourth. In 1854 a small number of the German population living in the southern part of Camden conceived the feasibility of organizing a German Emanuel Church

A little Sunday school had. been started, the meetings being held in the house of Mrs. Louisa Moushe, on Cherry Street, above Third. The parents of these children soon took an active interest in the welfare of the school, and under the guidance of the Rev. Adam Hinkle, preaching in the German language and regular Sunday services were held at the above-mentioned house. The membership increased, the school prospered, but they were unable to build a place of' worship. In 1855 John Warner, a philanthropist of Philadelphia, and a warm friend of Adam Hinkle, concluded to build a church for this congregation at his own expense, stipulating that the preaching should be in the German language, that the church should be free to all the poor people of Camden, and that the congregation should be under the pastoral care of the Rev. Adam Hinkle. In January, 1856, the cornerstone of the present church was laid. The building is a one-story brick, thirty by fifty feet, and was dedicated in the same year.  The Rev. Adam Hinkle served as pastor for more than twenty years, and during seven years of that time he received no compensation. When he was seventy years old the Conference sent him some assistance.  In 1876 a paralytic stroke disabled him, and he never fully recovered his health. He died in 3881. Since his death the records of the church are, in a measure, incomplete, and the following names and data have been furnished by Casper Tenner, one of the church trustees, who has served continuously since the time of organization. The ministers in succession were Revs. Adam Hinkle, Christian Meyers, B. Deyshur, M. Staetzel, Daniel Yengst, Henry Early, Nicholas Gabal and Joseph Steltzer. During the pastorate of Rev. Mr. Steltzer there was a division in the congregation, and a portion of it formed another congregation. The original congregation adopted the name of the United Brethren in Christ. Since this change the ministers who have officiated are David Hoffman, Gottlieb Meyers, Frederick List, M. Muller, Frederick List, H.E. Roediger and J.H. Unger, whose term closed in 1885. At present there is no regular pastor, and services are conducted every Sunday afternoon by Rev. John Light, of Philadelphia. .