Petrillo Family
Camden, N.J.

This is another in a series of pages about families that lived and thrived in Camden. Loretta Petrillo has been kind enough to send pictures depicting her family, who lived on Benson Street from the 1920s through 1957, and elsewhere in the city for decades thereafter. The Petrillos are of Italian descent, and their story is in many ways the story of the many Italian families who first pursued the American dream in Camden. 

Needless to say these these pages are open to participation by the descendants of the families mentioned.... as a rule they are inspired by e-mail I've received from one or more family members. If you see something in error or feel that something should be added, PLEASE contact me via e-mail sop it can be added. Like everything else on this website, and in our lives, it's a work in progress. I welcome all comments, criticisms, and contributions..... pictures are more than welcome. Feel free to contact me by e-mail 

Phil Cohen, Camden NJ

The Petrillo family was living in Philadelphia when the Census was taken in January of 1920. Soon afterwards, the family moved to 216 Benson Street in Camden NJ, where they were living at Camden by time the 1924 City Directory was compiled. The Petrillo family remained at this address on Benson Street through 1957. Seven children lived to adulthood, Rose, John, James, Michael, Frank, Tony Jr., and Gus. 

Lorenzina Petrillo

"My grandparents, their 6 sons and one daughter lived on Benson Street from about 1920 thru 1957,  Lorenzina and Anthony Petrillo, Rose Petrillo DiMassimo  (her husband Joseph), John, James, Michael, Frank, Tony and Gus.  My grandmother was known for having some of the best tomato plants on Benson Street.  She was also an excellent seamstress and her son Michael grew up to own Esquire Tailors on Westfield Avenue. "  

Loretta Petrillo
September 10, 2006

The Petrillo Brothers

The Petrillo brothers of 216 Benson Street, Camden, NJ. Tony kneeling, Gus with curls, Frank in back and Jimmie Petrillo standing. Photograph was taken about 1930.

Loretta Petrillo

James Petrillo's Wedding Day - September 28, 1946

James Petrillo, his bride Angeline, with his parents Antonio and Lorenzina Petrillo. They moved into a third floor apartment at 1275 Park Boulevard, the house owned by his sister Rose and her husband Joe Di Massimo.


Camden fire fighter Leonard Iannelli, his wife Olga and child. The Iannellis were the previous tenants of the third floor apartment at 1275 Park Boulevard before James and Angeline Petrillo moved there. Phot is from about 1945.


Rose Petrillo DiMassimo and her daughter Evelyn
in front of 1275 Park Boulevard, about 1947


Angie Tommassone Petrillo in front of 1275 Park Boulevard, about 1947. James and Angie Petrillo and their children remained at that address until 1952, when they moved to 1013 Princess Avenue.

LAte 1940s

Angie Petrillo on the corner of Haddon Avenue and Park Boulevard. The Petrillo's home at 1275 Park Boulevard was at the far end of the row of homes behind her, at the corner of Park Boulevard and Princess Avenue.

September 1959

On the northwest corner of Princess Avenue and Park Boulevard, in front of 1275 Park. In front Teresa De Bellis of Haddon Avenue, Loretta Petrillo, Joe Sgariglio. Standing in back is Jimmy Petrillo, all but Teresa from Princess Avenue. The children were waiting for the bus to go to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School. You can see the street sign a the top 
of Jimmy's head saying Princess Avenue. .

Mike Petrillo

Did I tell you that our son is in the Army and he has been to Iraq twice now and is expected to return there sometime next year?  We are proud to be the parents of a US Army Captain and I thank you for all your tributes to the US military, past, present and future.   My husband is also a retired military man having served 24 years in the NJNG and deployed during Desert Storm.  I have one brother James A. Petrillo and he spent a year in Viet Nam.  Many of my uncles were in the military during WWII.  I am a proud American Woman of Italian descent who grew up in a mixed neighborhood with Jewish, Italian, Irish and African-American people.  I have respect for all human life.  If I had one wish of course it would be Peace and no war or crime to all in this world.  If I had two wishes the second wish would be that Camden, NJ could be the beautiful city that we all cherished years ago and we could all enjoy the charm and history of its past.

Loretta Petrillo
November 2006


Thanks to Loretta Petrillo for her help in creating this web page

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