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It was just a matter of time, I suppose, that someone would contact me with enough material for a family page that would extended to multiple families (and thus, multiple pages) and also connect to pages already created about other families. Camden, after all is a pretty small place, and a whole lot happened in a relatively short time here.

Carol Kelly wrote to me in February of 2015. She is related paternally to the Kelly, Roles, and Griffee families, and maternally to the Engels, Hydes, and McKennas. A good number of people in these families were well known or had significant impact in Camden in their days. Carol has furnished a lot of pictures and information, the challenge is to sort it out and present it in an easily navigable manner.

To this end, new pages will be set up for a number of pages, and content will be added to existing pages where applicable.

The links to these pages are below.

The Milton Kelly Family of East Camden

The Griffee Family

The Roles Family

The Engel & Hajdu (Hyde) Family

The McKenna Family

The Griffee & Alloway Family