Four Families That Helped Shape Camden
The Hineline, Budd, Haines, and Wilson Families

Even in December of 2011, decades after the last of these families left the city of Camden, their legacy is there or all to see... well, if you know what you are looking for! I had already built web pages about different members of these families when, in November of 2011, I made the acquaintance of Richard H. Hineline Jr., a direct descendant of Frank J. Hineline, the founder of the Camden Lime Company. Richard told me how his family was related to the Wilsons (Admiral Henry B. Wilson Jr., H.B. Wilson Sr., and Philip Wilson), the Budds (Isaac W. Budd and Hiram E. Budd) and the Haines (Dr. Rowland Ivins Haines) families. Richard shared the family trees that his father had put together concerning these families, which can be downloaded from this web page as PDF files.

This page will provide a very condensed version of how the four families are related, links to the above-mentioned family trees, links to web-pages concerning family members and family businesses and interests, and several photos.

Thanks again to Richard H. Hineline Jr. for his inpiration and assistance in creating this page.

Phil Cohen
December 2011


How the Four Families are Related

FRANK JUDSON HINELINE was born in 1864 in Washington, DC to William and Elizabeth Hineline. He was the grandson of former Camden mayor and newspaper publisher Charles Hineline. Frank Hineline grew up in the home owned by his maternal grandfather, Frederick Pechman, at 1130 Broadway. Grandfather Pechman and father William Hineline worked in a type foundry, and after leaving school at an early age, Frank Hineline followed them into that line of work. Through the late 1880s and early 1890s he worked at a variety of trades, including a spell at Camden Iron Works in the early 1890s, where he was assistant general foreman. On April of 1892, Frank Hineline married Alberta Budd, daughter of Isaac W. Budd, who with his brother Hiram of Budd & Brother, selling flour, feed, grain, lime, and cement from offices at Front and Federal Street in Camden. In December of 1894 Frank J. Hineline co-founded the Camden Lime Company with Isaac Budd, Hiram Budd, and Edward Stone. During the 1910s Frank J. Hineline assumed full control of the company and built it up into the largest business of its type in New Jersey

Frank J. Hineline and Alberta Budd had two children, a daughter, Erma May Hineline in 1893, and a son, Frank Budd Hineline in 1897. On June 10, 1922 Frank Budd Hineline married Elizabeth Wilmer Haines. She was the daughter of Dr. Rowland Ivins Haines and Mary Anne Wilson. Mary Anne Wilson was the daughter of Henry Braid Wilson Sr., for whom the H.B. Wilson School on South 9th Street below Ferry Avenue is named for, and was the sister of Admiral Henry Braid Wilson Jr. and prominent businessman and banker Philip Wilson.

A nephew of Frank J. Hineline and Alberta Budd, Lieutenant Isaac Walter Budd was killed in action while serving with the United States Nay in March of 1944 when the fighter he was piloting was shot down while strafing the Japanese garrison at Mili Island in the South Pacific. 

Family Trees
compiled by Richard Haines Hineline Sr.
The Hineline Line
The Budd Line
The Haines Line
The Wilson Line

Notable Family Members
a work in  progress
Charles D. Hineline
Frank Judson Hineline
Dr. Rowland Ivins Haines
Henry Braid Wilson Sr.
Admiral Henry Braid Wilson Jr.
Philip Wilson
Lieutenant Isaac Walter Budd
George E. Wilson
Hiram Budd

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