Jewish War Heroes of Camden County NJ
World War II

During World War II, every community in the United States, and every ethnic group, sent it's young and not so young men and women to fight for our national interests, and our continued freedom. Rich and poor, married and single, college educated and those with grade school educations, all answered the call. It was understood that there were responsibilities that one had, and though no one was happy to be drafted, all pitched in and did their part.

From Camden County, Jewish men lost their lives while serving America. On October 21, 1945 a memorial service was held for them, which was covered in the Camden Courier-Post the following day.

Camden Courier-Post * October 22, 1945

Staff Sergeant Solomon A. Kantor 
was still listed as Missing in Action at the time of this service. 
Although his body was not recovered, he was declared dead in January of 1946.
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