800 Federal & 733 Federal Street

The first time a bar appears in Camden City Directories is 1929, when George Hamill, who had been operating an establishment at 636 Federal Street, opened up a bar under a "soft drink" license at 800 Federal Street. Prior to that, 800 Federal street had been the site of the Acme Tea Company grocery store. 

Prohibition was repealed in 1933, and by 1936 Roy A. Wagner was the owner and operator of the bar at 800 Federal Street, which he renamed, appropriately enough, Roy's Cafe. Having grown up around the corner in the 700 block of Carman Street, he was well-known in the immediate neighborhood. He had previously operated a cigar store at 35 Haddon Avenue.

Roy Wagner employed two of his brothers, Phillip and George C. Wagner, as bartenders. The bar was located at 800 Federal Street from the 1930s though at least May of 1952. By 1956  Roy's Cafe had moved to 733 Federal Street

Roy Wagner was last a resident of Cherry Hill NJ. He passed away in October of 1966. The tavern remained open into the early 1970s, when it and other properties in the 700 block of Federal Street were acquired in order to extend Haddon Avenue through to Linden Street in North Camden

Roy's Cafe

George C. Wagner is behind the bar. The couple at the far end of the bar are Roy A. Wagner, who owned the establishment, and his wife Jennie.  The dark-haired man seated next to Mrs. Wagner is identified as Al Bott. The father and son in the foreground at right are Joseph and Sonny Leaming.

Camden Courier-Post - May 14, 1952

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