1361 Whitman Avenue

Early in the 1900s immigrants from the Canadian province of Newfoundland began coming in numbers to Camden, many finding work in Camden's shipyards. As they spoke English, they had little problem assimilating into American society, yet, like most every other ethnic group that came to the city, a yearning for the homeland and desire to associate with familiar people resulted in the formation of a social club. 

In May of 1941, almost 100 men from Newfoundland met at the hall at 601 Berkley Street and founded the Newfoundland American Club. By 1947 the club had acquired the building at 1361 Whitman Avenue, and occupied the premises until at least the spring of 1972. Many of the members lived near the clubhouse in Whitman Park and adjacent Parkside.

By 1972 membership had fallen off to the point that keeping the building was impossible. The original and early members had moved away or passed away, and the younger generation of Newfoundlanders had far less attachment to the old country than their parents, and the club went out of existence. 

1361 Whitman Avenue
Home of the Newfoundland American Club

Camden Courier-Post
April 26, 1941

Newfoundland American Club
William Corbett
Thomas Kelly
Thomas Cole
Bernard Anthony
M.J. O'Keefe

Camden Courier-Post
July 9, 1943

Newfoundland American Club
Rev. William Burke
James Burke
Anna Burke
Cherry Street


Camden Courier-Post
April 26, 1941

Newfoundland American Club
Mrs. Thomas Costello

Camden Courier-Post
December 22,, 1943

Newfoundland American Club
Sandy McGrath - Consuelo Anthony
Agnes Costello - Mildred Hearn - Marie Ryan
Michael Gorman - John Gorman - Thomas Gorman
Emil Mahoney - Charles Mahoney
James Mahoney - John Mahoney
Michael Mahoney - William Mahoney
Daniel Costello - John Costello - James Costello
Timothy Costello -Raymond Curnew
John Curnew- Thomas Curnew 
Raymond Doyle - Edward Doyle - James Doyle
Lawrence Moore - Francis Moore - Leo Moore
Leo Anthony - Vincent Anthony
Francis Costello - Thomas Costello
James Dalton - Philip Dalton
Michael Hayes - William Hayes
Lawrence Kehoe - William Kehoe
Michael McDonald -
William McDonald
Raymond Welsh - Thomas Welsh - Leo Whelan
John Whelan - Helen Mahoney - Edward Mahoney
Philip Anthony - John Anthony - Bernard Costello
David Costello - Leonard Costello - Robert Costello
Timothy A. Costello - John Conway
Joseph Corbett - William Cowgill
William Dalton - William Driscoll
Joseph Edwards - Edward Garrity
Thomas Kelly - James Kennedy 

James Lush - Gregory Lyons - John F. Mahoney - Patrick Mahoney - Patrick Mason - Edward O'Brien
William Penney - John Ryan - Joseph Ritchford - Daniel Sullivan - Thomas St. John - William Wade
Oscar Wexlin - James Whelan - Richard White - Leon Wypich

Camden Courier-Post
March 1, 1946

Newfoundland American Club
Agnes Kehoe - Sacred Heart Church

Harold S. McLean - Frederick G. Corbett - George D. Flynn - Edward F. Keenan - Joseph V. Moore
William McDonald - Michael F. Mahoney - Daniel K. Skanes aka Daniel K. Skains
Whitman Avenue - Penn Street - Marion Street - Morgan Boulevard - Jackson Street

Camden Courier-Post
November 5, 1947

Newfoundland American Club
Sacred Heart Church

Camden Courier-Post
March 27, 1954

Newfoundland American Club
Mrs. Margaret Cook

Camden Courier-Post
November 19, 1961

Newfoundland American Club
Francis St. John
Nicholas F. Keating
Larry P. Costigan
Carrie Costello
Elizabeth Anthony
Bernard Anthony
Thomas Whelan
Edward Penney
Brisget Thiger
Carmel St. John

Camden Courier-Post * March 28, 1972
Newfoundland American Club - Jerome Lambe - Margaret Lambe

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