The R&B vocal group EXECUTIVE SUITE was formed in Camden in 1969. The group was originally called The Millionaires, but had to drop that handle as there already was a Connecticut-based group with that handle. Executive Suite consisted of Henry Tuten, Billy Tyler, Charles Conyers, and Vincent Unto. Unto and Tyler previously sung with the Millionaires on Castle Records; Tyler also sung with the Jewels, and Conyer, the Lovenotes.

Daryl Hall of Hall & Oates contributed vocals on their first single "Christine" b/w "Mother Nature," on Jubilee Records in 1970.

The next release I'M A WINNER NOW on North Bay Records in 1972 was a smooth, Philly ballad which remains the jewel of their
career.  The North Bay recordings were produced at the legendary Sigma Sound Studios by an assortment of Philly's finest: Norman Harris, Phil Hurtt, Bunny Sigler, and the Harris Machine.

Babylon Records picked I'M A WINNER NOW up for national distribution in 1973, but the moved didn't help much as the record never expanded beyond the Philly/New York area. I'M A WINNER NOW hit the charts on September 29, 1973, rising to number 51, and remaining on the list for 11 weeks. 

Their second chart appearance, the up-tempo WHEN THE FUEL RUNS OUT, -written by Norman Harris and Winton Felder, broke on February 9, 1974, on made it to Number 48. WHEN THE FUEL RUNS OUT, backed with YOU GOT IT, stayed listed for nine weeks, but became the song that Executive Suite is probably best remembered for. The song has become a staple on  England's rabid Northern Soul scene.

On June 22, 1974, the third and final hit from Executive Suite, YOUR LOVE IS PARADISE entered the chats. The song rose to number 37, and stayed the charts for 13 weeks. Another single, YOU BELIEVED IN ME, failed to chart. These two tracks suffered due to indifferent promotion. The Polydor label released an LP, EXECUTIVE SUITE I, in 1974 that contains the North Bay singles.

Executive Suite released one final single HEY PEARL backed with CAN WE TRY AGAIN on United Artists Records but the results didn't change. Executive Suite stayed active on the club circuit for a few years after their recording days ended.

Vincent Unto later sang backup for Neal Diamond and Stevie Wonder. He appeared in Wonder's video Overjoyed and now lives in Hollywood CA.  

At left: Vince Unto
Photo courtesy of Toya Unto
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Left: Vince Unto. Center- Stevie Wonder Right- Monique Unto. 

This picture was taken with a cell phone (hence the poor quality) on March 2, 2007 in Stevie Wonder's studio.

Photo courtesy of Toya Unto
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