WINFIELD SCOTT MYERS JR. was born in Aura, New Jersey on February 14, 1926 to Winfield S. Myers and his wife, the former Sarah Smothers. The family, which included an older brother, Joseph, and two older sisters, was living in Woodbury when the 1930 Census was taken. They moved to Camden not long afterwards. The 1940 Census shows the family living in an apartment at 115 North 3rd Street. By this time the only child at home was Winfield Jr. The Myers had moved to 317 Federal Street by the summer of 1942.

Winfield Scott Myers Jr. served in the United States Navy during and after World War II. He returned to Camden when his service ended. His mother passed in 1946.

Winfield Scott Myers Jr. was living at 233 Erie Street in 1950. He took the civil service tests for the Camden Police department and for the Camden Fire Department in 1950. Appointed to the Fire Department, he began service on January 1, 1951 and served for over 25 years, much of that time with Engine Company 6. He was married to Elizabeth L. Holland. The lived at 347 Morse Street by 1956 and into the 1960s. Winfield Myers Sr. was residing with them at that address at the time of his passing in 1960.

Winfield Scott Myers Jr. was last a resident of Wildwood, New Jersey. He passed away on October 20, 2007.


Camden Courier-Post
May 11, 1962

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Winfield Myers - John Kolessar
Rescue Company 1 - Engine Company 6
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Mt. Ephraim Avenue
Albert Thornton - Emma Thrornton
Sewell School - Cooper School
Pyne Poynt Junior High
Albert Thornton - Jacob Thornton
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North 9th Street - Birch Street - Erie Street

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Camden Courier-Post * May 19, 1966

Bailey Street - Park Boulevard - Pyne Poynt Junior High - Edward Ruiz - Gigi Cooper
John H. Dawson - Richard Janice - Winfield Myers - Engine Company 6

Camden Courier-Post * October 22, 2007