WILLIAM BASSETT was appointed to the Camden Fire Department on March 18, 1873 as a replacement for William Henry "Harry" McKeen who had resigned from Engine Company 2 on March 8. He served as an extra man with Engine Company 2 until April of 1876, then as foreman of Engine Company 2 until April of 1877. A painter by trade, he made his home at 517 Benson Street during these years.

William H. Bassett was born in Pennsylvania in June of 1844, according to the 1900 Census. He married in the late 1860s, and was living in Camden's South Ward when the Census was taken in 1870. As stated above, he was appointed to the Camden Fire Department on March 18, 1873, and lived at 517 Benson Street into 1877. The 1878 Camden City Directory gives his address as 623 Royden Street, The Bassett family moved to 310 Stevens Street prior to the compilation of the 1879 City Directory. The Bassetts were at that address when the 1880 Census was taken, then moved to 817 Market Street, where they stayed as late as 1887.

William Bassett returned to the Fire Department as Foreman of Engine Company 2 on April 5, 1882, and served in that capacity for two years. In 1884 and 1885 William Bassett and Isaac M. Shreeve were partners in a painting business called Bassett & Shreeve's.

In 1888 William H. Bassett and family were living at 515 Benson Street, where they stayed through at least 1890. The 1892-1893 Camden City Directory shows that William H. Bassett and Joseph Lynn were the principals in a painting business called Lynn and Bassett, located at 24 South 5th Street. William H. Bassett and family were then living at 563 Mickle Street. The Bassetts remained at this address for several years, last appearing in Camden's City Directories in 1897. The 1898 Camden City Directory states that he had moved to Philadelphia, where he appears in the 1900 and 1910 Censuses. 

William H. Bassett died on June 25, 1914 at Runnemede Heights, New Jersey. After funeral services at the home of his son-in-law in Philadelphia, he was buried at Harleigh Cemetery,.

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