W. Scott


WINFIELD SCOTT FRANKLIN was born on August 20, 1861 to John D. and Maggie Franklin of Stow Creek, Cumberland County, New Jersey. The family moved to Kent County, Maryland prior to the 1870 Census enumeration.

The 1878 City Directory shows John D. Franklin with a flour and grain store at 127 Main Street. Winfield S. Franklin was living there and working as a clerk. The business did not work out for long, apparently. By 1880 the Franklins had moved on, to 1032 Carpenter Street. 

At the time of the 1880 Census he was the youngest of the four children at home, having been born after Lottie, Annie, and Charles. The family then lived at 1032 Carpenter Street in Camden in what was then the Second Ward. His father worked as a miller, his sisters as shoe fitters, with W. Scott and his brother working as laborers. The 1883 Directory shows Winfield S, now going as W. Scott Franklin, and  his father living at 833 Penn Street, working as millers for Moro Phillips. Brother Charles, a laborer, also lived at that address. By 1885 W. Scott Franklin had movedout on his own. He was boarding at 756 Federal Street, in 1887 at 589 Mickle Street, then 1888 has him at 823 Penn Street.

W. Scott Franklin married his Ella Mullen around 1891. The City Directory show him at 819 Kimber Street. 1892 puts the Franklins at 1137 Maple Street, and 1893 and 1894 at 204 North 11th Street. 

W. Scott Frankon began to be active politically in the 1890s. He was living at 1042 Carpenter in 1807 and 1898, then moved to 1032 Cooper prior to the compilation of the 1899 City Directory.

Winfield Scott was appointed to the Camden Fire Department on November 28, 1899, with the appointment to be confirmed by City Council the next day. He did not begin service with the Fire Department until July of 1901, however. When the Census was taken in June of 1900, W. Scott Frankin was working as a miller in a flour mill, and living with his wife Ella at 1o31 Carpenter Street. City Directories through 1903 give his address as 1031 Carpenter Street. On March 28, 1904 W. Scott Franklin bought the house at 130 North 11th Street from Lucy Brown for $1,650.

W. Scott Franklin began his service with the Camden Fire Department in July of 1901, filling the place of Wright Cox, who had resigned. Coz would later be hired by the Camden Police Department. W. Scott Franklin was initially assigned to the then-new East Camden firehouse at North 27th and Federal Streets. In September of 1920 he was promoted to Lieutenant (the equivalent of a modern-day Captain) and was sent to Engine Company 1, 419 Pine street in South Camden. This coincided with the appointment of the five new black firefighters, Benjamin Walters, Walter Carter, George Henry Johnson, Louis D. Stevens, and Roscoe Tribbett. These were the first blacks to serve with the Fire Department since Pierce Brown, John Wesley Beckett, and William Stanton had served in the late 1870s.

Captain Franklin died at his home, 130 North 11th Street, of a stroke on January 30, 1927. He was buried at Calvary Cemetery in Delaware Township (present-day Cherry Hill)., New Jersey.

Philadelphia Inquirer - November 24, 1899

Cooper B. Hatch - George W. Whyte
First Baptist Church - Edgar Bolton
John W. Vanhart - W. Scott Franklin
Benjamin Kellum - Charles Robinson
George B. Wade - Albert Jones
George Cox - Edward Weston
Samuel Peoples - Harry B. Middleton
Harry Burroughs - Robert W. Colkett
William G. Hillman - James E. Navin
Charles Todd - Daniel Smith
Peter B. Carter - Alfred Hayden
Henry Elliott - Josiah Sage
Samuel Price - William Rose
Charles Sturgis - Daniel Grimes
Harry Wagner - Augustus Kester
J. William Simpson

William Penn
Hook & Ladder Company No. 1

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Philadelphia Inquirer - November 26, 1899
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Cooper B. Hatch - George W. Whyte - Edgar Boulton - John W. Vanhart
  W. Scott Franklin - Robert Gick - Joseph Till - Edward Kelley - Christian Stark
Frank Powell
- Lewis H. Sasse - Samuel Collins - William Madison - John F. Renner
Josiah Pedigree

Philadelphia Inquirer
November 28, 1899

Cooper B. Hatch - George W. Whyte
Edgar Boulton - John W. Vanhart
W. Scott Franklin
Robert Gick
- Joseph Till
Edward Kelley - Christian Stark
Samuel Collins - William Madison
John F. Renner - Josiah Pedigree
Charles Robinson - George B. Wade
Albert Jones - George Cox
Edward Weston - Samuel Peoples

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Camden Daily Courier
July 7, 1901

W. Scott Franklin
Wright Cox



Camden Daily Courier
July 17, 1901

W. Scott Franklin
Wright Cox



Camden Daily Courier * July 6, 1903

Camden Daily Courier * July 24, 1903

Camden Post-Telegram
May 29, 1904

W. Scott Franklin



Camden Post-Telegram
September 12, 1904

W. Scott Franklin
Robert Gick

Israel Adams

William Randall
Adam Hinkle


Camden Daily Courier
November 25, 1904

W. Scott Franklin


Camden Daily Courier
August 6, 1906

W. Scott Franklin


Camden Daily Courier
March 27, 1907

W. Scott Franklin
Edward Kelley
Amedee Middleton


Camden Daily Courier
May 16, 1908

W. Scott Franklin
A. Lincoln James
George Beasley
Albert Shaw
M. Lizenby
Frank Garrison







Camden Daily Courier
December 28, 1908

W. Scott Franklin
Oscar Till


Camden Post-Telegram * June 28, 1909
  W. Scott Franklin - Frederick Morse - Edward Weston - John H. Vickers - Edward Kelley - Dr. H.H. Sherk

Philadelphia Inquirer
June 29, 1909

Ladder Company 3
Edward Kelley
W. Scott Franklin
Frederick Morse
Dr. H.H. Sherk
North 27th Street
Westfield Avenue

Camden Post-Telegram
April 20, 1910

W. Scott Franklin
Church of the Immaculate Conception
North 11th Street

Engine Company No. 5 at 14th and Federal Streets, with newly converted hose wagon. Originally a horse drawn rig, it was modified to electric power by the Commercial Truck Company of Philadelphia PA. A storage battery powered each wheel. 
Pictured with apparatus are (I to r): Chief
Peter Carter, Fireman Scott Franklin, Chauffeur Bert Coffman, Firemen
Edward Kelley, William Buzine, John Prucella, Charles Schultz, Horace Cairns, Daniel Grimes and Chief's Aide, Fireman Harry Hankins.

Camden Post-Telegram * September 13, 1916

Camden Daily Courier
September 18, 1920

Horace Cairns - William Miller
Harry Selby - Charles Gall
Spencer Smith - Howard C. Walker
Rocco Fanelli - Harry J. Zander
Mortica Clark - James McDermott
James Durkin - Frank Burt
George C. Wade - Samuel E. Patton
William Reynolds - Harry Hallowell
Howard Harrington - Henry Baumgartel
Walter Carter - George Henry Johnson
Louis D. Stevens - Roscoe Tribbett
Benjamin Walters - W. Scott Franklin
George Cattell - Joseph Daley 
Anthony Valentine - David Smith
Carlo Lombardo - George Pursglove
John Hunt - Robert Gick
Nelson Till - Herman Kreher

Engine Company 10 - Ladder Company 4 - Engine Company 1
Engine Company 2 - Engine Company 3 - Engine Company 2  - Engine Company 7
Engine Company 8  - Engine Company 9
Hose & Chemical Company 2 (Engine Company 11)

Camden Daily Courier
October 29, 1921

W. Scott Franklin
Dan McSurdy
Charles Schultz
Albert Dukes Sr.
Maurice P. Foley
Gardner Corson
Jacob Woodside
Charles Robinson

Camden Daily Courier
November 16, 1921

W. Scott Franklin
Andrew "Fritz" Miller
Engine Company 1

Camden Post-Telegram * September 9, 1922
 Keystone Leather Company - John H. Vickers - Dr. A. Haines Lippincott - George Attison 
Nelson Andrews -
Engine Company 9 - Peter B. Carter - Engine Company 1
 W. Scott Franklin - Ladder Company 3

Camden Post-Telegram * September 18, 1922

Camden Post-Telegram
June 15, 1923

Raymond Staley
Peter B. Carter
Harry Haines Sr.
William Chambers
William J. Rose
W. Scott Franklin
Ladder Company 2
Engine Company 3





Camden Daily Courier
July 8, 1924

W. Scott Franklin
Roscoe Tribbett
Penn Street
Engine Company 1
John W. Kelly
Frank G. Hitchner
Frank Neutze

Camden Daily Courier
May 2, 1925

W. Scott Franklin
William W. Patterson

George S. Tempest
Engine Company 1




Camden Daily Courier
May 4, 1925

W. Scott Franklin
Engine Company 1
Frank G. Hitchner



Camden Morning Post
January 31, 1927

W. Scott Franklin
Engine Company 1






Camden Evening Courier
January 31, 1927

Engine Company 1
Camden Lodge 111, Loyal Order Of Moose
North 11th Street
Church of the Immaculate Conception



Camden Evening Courier * April 23, 1927
Charles L. Ogden - Horatio Arnold
Albert Dahringer - Frank Elbertson 
Thomas Wilkie - John F. Weaver
Alfred A. Schnitzler - George W. Dudley
Benjamin Emanuel - Augustus A. Drager Sr.
Edmund S. Carmany - Boyd Lentz
George R. Batten

George ender
Charles E.
John Officer - Charles J. Ruhle
Richard Finch - Harry J. Zimmerman
Ralph Marengo - Andrew Kirk
Wilbert B.
William Bennett - Stanley W. Chudzinski
Pierre J. Waegeman - William M. Geist
John A Durges - Albert A. Tilton
George H. Bardsley - Ernest F. Jones
David Jester - John  W. Connelly
Edward Cunningham - William H. Bell 
Charles Baar - William H. Doane
W. Scott Franklin - Edward Cahill
Albert Ayres - William H. Stockton
James Lees - Albert Kreder
Emil J. Brandt - Christian Pommerer
Thomas A. Campbell - William G. Middleton
Albert Adams - George Hildebrandt
Patrick J. Brady
- A. Weston
David P. Kates
- Potter
Thomas Brothers

Clara Nixon - Anna Hudson
Frank H. Guttkorn