ULYSSES GRANT "ULIE" ANDREWS was born July 15, 1870 to Edward S. Andrews and his wife, the former Anna Maria Reeves. Edward Andrews was born in New Jersey around 1833. He was living in Camden's North Ward with his wife Anna and working as a tobacconist when the 1860 Census was enumerated. When the 1870 Census was taken, Edward Andrews, his wife Anne, and children Abner, Thaddeus, and Sallie lived in Camden's Middle Ward where Edward Andrews worked as a cigar maker. Boarding with the Andrews was John Wesley Yates. Sadly, brother Abner died on Dember 4, 1871; and mother Anna Andrews died on August 23, 1873.

Edward Andrews was appointed to the Camden Fire Department to to serve as an extra man with the
Hook and Ladder Company in May of 1873, taking the place of Edward T. James. He was removed from service on May 7, 1874 with eight other extra men. Edward Andrews was replaced by Frank Turner. Edward Andrews was a tobacconist and lived at 109 South 5th Street while he was a member of the Camden Fire Department.

The 1880 Census reveals that Edward Andrews was then a widower. He was still living at 109 South 5th Street and working as a cigar maker. His three youngest children were still living with him. Edward Andrews continued to work as a cigar maker into 1888. He was still living at 109 South 5th Street when the 1890-1891 City Directory was compiled. He then worked as a watchman. Edward S. Andrews died on January 15, 1890 and was buried at Evergreen Cemetery in Camden.

The June 8, 1900 Census shows Ulie Andrews and family staying at 572 Clinton Street. Ulysses "Ulie" Andrews was the working as a hatter, and was still following that trade in 1906. The family was then still living at 549 Roberts Street. By 1910 Ulysses Andrews had been appointed to the Camden Police Department.

The 1910 Census shows the Andrews family at 648 Clinton Street. The 1912 City Directory shows the family at 584 Clinton Street. By 1914 they had moved to 405 South 7th Street, where they stayed through the 1960s. By September of 1918 son Harry D. Andrews had gone to work at the New York Shipbuilding Corporation shipyard, first as a tank tester and later as a caulker. By 1924 Harry D. Andrews had married. He was living with his wife Lorena at his parents home on South 7th Street and working as an auto mechanic when the 1924 City Directory was compiled. 

By 1927 Harry D. Andrews was appointed to the Camden Fire Department. The City Directory for that year shows him living at 727 Penn Street. The 1929 edition shows Harry D. and Lorena Andrews living at 401 South 7th Street, near Ulie and Lillian Andrews who still lived at 405 South 7th Street, By April of 1930 Harry D. and Lorena Andrews had moved to 423 Broadway, where they stayed into at least 1931. They moved to 145 North 34th Street in the 1930s, and then, by 1940, Harry D. and Lorena Andrews had moved to 405 South 7th Street, where they stayed into the 1960s. 

Ulie Andres passed away in  March of 1955..

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Claudius W. Bradshaw - Lizzie Furman - Edward S. Andrews

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Harry D. Andrews
Ulie G. Andrews

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