THOMAS BRICK WOOD was born in Salem County, and worked on a farm before moving to Williamstown NJ, where he worked in a store and later kept a hotel there. He appears to have wed three times, first in 1822 to Amy DuBois, who apparently died shortly thereafter, In 18924 he married Maria Dare, who gave biorth to three children, Samuel, Sarah, and Thomas A. Wood. Only Thomas lived beyond infancy. Maria Dare Wood died on May 11, 1839. In 1842 he married Anna Dare McDaniels, who bore him four children, William J. Wood, Sarah Elizabeth Wood, John M. Wood, and Bridget Wood.

Thomas B. Wood was elected to the New Jersey State Assembly in 1843. When Camden County was set up in 1844, Thomas B. Wood was made County Clerk, and after he moved to Camden, he was elected mayor, in 1846, succeeding  Charles Kaighn.

Thomas B. Wood was reelected mayor in 1847.  Prior to the end of his tenure as mayor, the Evergreen Cemetery Company was incorporated on February 23, 1848. In 1849, Thomas B. Wood's term as County Clerk ended. He remained in Camden, first conducting a business at the foot of Cooper Street, and later a owning store at Fourth and Pine streets, until his passing, on May 5, 1857 at the age of 69 years, 9 months, and 5 days. He was buried at the Pittsgrove Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Salem County, New Jersey.

Thomas B. Wood's son. William J. Wood, served as a Private with the 12th New Jersey Infantry during the Civil War. He was taken prisoner, sent to the notorious Andersonville, Georgia prisoner of war camp, where he died of dropsy on June 10, 1864. 

Thomas B. Woods widow, Anna, later married his widowed brother, John S. Wood. She passed away in 1905.

The History of Camden County New Jersey
George Reeser Prowell - 1886