T. Munroe

THOMAS MUNROE DOBBINS was born in Philadelphia PA on February 28, 1878 to Murrell and Emily Munroe Dobbins

In 1901 Murrell Dobbins founded the Camden Pottery Company, T. Munroe Dobbins serving as the company's secretary and treasurer. Murrell Dobbins passed away in 1917. The ownership of Camden Pottery fell to T. Munroe Dobbins, who became the firm's president, with long-time employee Arthur J. Podmore stepping into the post of secretary. 

South Jersey: A History 1624-1924

THOMAS MUNROE DOBBINS—Since April, 1917, Thomas Munroe Dobbins has been chief executive of the Camden Pottery Company, of Camden, New Jersey, in which capacity he is guiding the enterprise according to the high principles of business honor and integrity established by his father, the late Murrell Dobbins, founder of the concern. Since 1901 the Camden Pottery Company has been engaged in the manufacture of plumbers' sanitary earthenware, and during the nearly quarter of a century of its existence it has established a reputation which is a valuable business asset, and it now sends its product to all parts of the United States and to many foreign countries.

Thomas Munroe Dobbins was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, February 28, 1878, son of Murrell (q. v.) and Emily (Munroe) Dobbins. After attending private schools in Philadelphia, at the Episcopal Academy and Delancy School, Pennsylvania, he became associated with his father, who was one of the largest manufacturers of building bricks in the country, and continued in that line until 1901, when his father and he organized the Camden Pottery Company, of Camden, of which he was made secretary and treasurer, and engaged in the manufacture of plumbers' earthenware, a full description of the business appearing in the preceding sketch.

Politically, Mr. Dobbins gives his support to the candidates and principles of the Republican party. During the period of the participation of the United States in the World War he was engaged in special Government work. He is a member of the Colonial Society, of Pennsylvania; of the Pennsylvania Society of Sons of the Revolution; and is ex-president of the New Jersey Society of Pennsylvania. He is well known in club circles, being a member of the Bachelors' Barge, the Art Club of Philadelphia, Union League Club of Philadelphia, Philadelphia County Club, Merion Cricket Club, and Pennsylvania Athletic Club. His religious affiliation is with St. Stephen's Church, of Philadelphia (Protestant Episcopal).