ROBERT E. DAVENPORT was born in Camden, New Jersey on February 11, 1936 to Margaret and Edward A. Davenport. He was named after his paternal grandfather, Robert Allen Davenport, who had brought his family to Cramer Hill during the 1910s. By the fall of 1918 the Davenport family was living at 2831 Garfield Avenue, where they remained well into the 1980s. Robert E. Davenport attended high school trough the ninth grade when like many other boys of his era, he went to work. 

On September 28, 1962 Robert E. Davenport was appointed to the Camden Fire department. He reported for duty on October 1. His abilities quickly recognized, Robert E. Davenport was promoted to captain on December 30, 1969. He was then living at 1026 Reeves Avenue in Cramer Hill where he would remain for at least one more year. His father passed away in 1973, his mother, however would remain at the Garfield Avenue address for several more years. Robert E. Davenport and his wife Elizabeth would move out of Camden by 1977. The New Jersey Bell Telephone Directory for that year shows the Davenports on Deblynn Drive in Erial, New Jersey. 

Captain Davenport left the Fire Department on pension on May 1, 1988. Sadly, he passed away on June 19, 1988.


Camden Courier-Post * June 28, 1968


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Captain Robert Davenport and Fireman William Wickward
Engine Company 2 - 1971

FIRE WATCH Magazine - Spring, 1977

"A TIP O' THE HELMET TO"             all the brothers who turned out for blood donorship for Capt. Bob Davenport, Ladder Co. 3. Within twenty-four hours, following the notification throughout the department, the response was so great that the hospital blood bank had to turn away members stating that they had sufficient quotas to cover Bob's needs. Once again, a demonstration of the true brotherhood within the fire service. Capt. Davenport is preparing to undergo open heart surgery to correct a heart valve. Our prayers are with him in hoping for a successful operation and speedy recovery.