Johnson III

PRESCOTT V. JOHNSON III was born in Crooch, Virginia on March 29, 1936. He was appointed to the Camden Fire Department on June 29, 1962 and reported for duty on July 1. After training at the department's Fire Training School, Prescott V. Johnson was assigned to Engine Company 8 at 619 Kaighn Avenue, where he served until April 2, 1980, when he was assigned to 1st Battalion, Platoon 2.

Prescott V. Johnson made his home at 1487 Kenwood Avenue in Camden. When residency restrictions were lifted on Camden firefighters, he moved to Voorhees Township.

Prescott V. Johnson was murdered on May 3, 1981. He was survived by his father, who died in February of 1984.


Camden Courier-Post * July 25, 1962

9 Firemen Graduate In City Test

Graduation exercises for nine of the city's newest firemen were held Tuesday in headquarters at 3rd and Arch Streets under direction of Public Safety Director Bedell and Fire Chief Edward R. MacDowell.

The graduates and their assignments are Joseph Anderson, Canterbury Apartments, No. 1 Ladder; Prescott Johnson, 1238 Kenwood Avenue, No. 8 Engine; Philip Maycott, 1023 North 32nd Street, No. 9 Engine; George Getty, Canterbury Apartments, No. 2 Engine; Ronald Bowers, 617 Clinton Street, No. 2 Ladder; William Young, 3167 Westfield Avenue, No. 2 Engine Company; Wayne Kraft, 1052 N. 35th Street, No. 3 Ladder; Raymond Eldridge, 7 North Dudley Street, No. 7 Engine; and Donald Goehringer, 30 North 24th Street, No. 7 Engine Company.

They will receive a starting salary of $4,800. Chief MacDowell said this brings the department to 170 hosemen and to 224 total personnel in the department. 

All nine were graduated after receiving three weeks of training at the fire school under the direction of Captain Leo J. Tompkins.

Their training also included two days at the Navy Fire School at the Philadelphia Naval Base.

Prescott V. Johnson III, Lacy Phelps Sr., Herman Reed
Fire at 1001 Chestnut Street - January 30, 1965 

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Camden Courier-Post * May 5, 1981

Frank McGuckin - Prescott V. Johnson III - Engine Company 2 - Hallowell Lane - Decatur Street
David Yellin -
Broadway - Efraim Cintron - North Dudley Street

Camden Courier-Post
May 5, 1981