Peter Liwoch was born in Poland in 1886. Exiled to Siberia for activities relating to Polish nationalism by the Czarist government of Russia, he came to America after his release. Peter Liwoch settled in Camden around 1912, eventually living at 1566 Louis Street in the largely Polish Whitman Park neighborhood.

Peter Liwoch worked as a journalist, writing for the Polish Morning World (Nowy Swiat), a Polish-language newspaper published in New York City. He was very active in the civic affairs of Camden's large Polish community. He was the long-time recording secretary of the Polish American Citizens Club, serving on the Board of Directors and founding the club's library, whose books numbered in the thousands. He was a member of many civic organizations in Camden, and was made an honorary member of the Polish Army Veterans.  

Peter Liwoch passed away on October 4, 1947. He was survived by two sisters, Stella Liwoch, of Camden, and Mrs. Victoria Humiecki, of Brooklyn NY, and a brother, Joseph Liwoch, of Camden NJ. He was buried at New Camden Cemetery in Camden NJ on October 11, 1947, where now rests with his mother, brother, and sister.


The Cross of Valor
Krzyz Walecznych

During a trip to Poland in 1937, Peter Liwoch was awarded the Cross of Valor by the Polish government for his actions early in the century

Camden Courier-Post * October 6, 1947