South Jersey: A History 1624-1924

OSCAR FRANCIS ANDERSON, whose business office is located in Camden, New Jersey, where he uses the title of income tax counselor, has always been an expert in regard to figures and finances. He was born in Bridgeton, February 6, 1871, the son of Martin and Catherine (Moser) Anderson, and a grandson, on the paternal side, of Chester and Thankful (Goodwin) Anderson, and on the maternal side, of George and Julia Ann (Claypoole), Moser, both the Moser and Claypoole families of Philadelphia, where they were among the early settlers. Mr. Anderson's father, Martin Anderson, was a resident of Bridgeton, where he followed the plumbing and heating business. 

The education of Oscar F. Anderson was received in the public schools of the neighborhood of his home, after which he attended the South Jersey Institute at Bridgeton, and was graduated from same with the class of 1891. After his graduation Mr. Anderson began business life by entering the employ of the Bridgeton National Bank. He began with a lowly position, as all do who wish to learn the business from the bottom up, and his keenness in figuring problems was shown from the very first. It was but natural that he should be promoted rapidly, and he rose from one rank to another until he was made bank teller. He remained with the bank for a period of fourteen years, then resigned his position and became an income agent for the United States Government, in which capacity he remained for four years. He is now (1925) conducting his own office in Camden, as income tax counselor and accountant.

Mr. Anderson's political views are those of an Independent, preferring to vote for the man he thinks best fitted for the office, regardless of party. He belongs to the Masonic Order, being a member of Evening Star Lodge, Free and Accepted Masons; and Brearley Chapter, Royal Arch Masons. In his religious belief he is a Presbyterian.

Oscar Francis Anderson married, in Bridgeton, December 25, 1911, Katherine Hort, who was born August 26, 1872. Mrs. Anderson is the daughter of William Francis and Harriett Lee (Supplee) Hort, and can trace her descent from her great-great-grandfather, William Hort, whose wife was Catherine Simons. Their son, Benjamin S. Hort, married Mary Drinker DeLiessline, and they were residents of Charleston, South Carolina, and were the great-grandparents of Mrs. Anderson. Among their children, Benjamin S. Hort, who married Mary Bryan Vaughan, was the grandfather, and his son, William Francis Hort, her father. On her maternal side the line comes down from Nathan and Margaret (McClathery) Supplee; Abraham and Sally (Wetherill) Supplee; Franklin and Harriett (Lee) Supplee; to Harriett Lee Supplee, who married William Francis Hort, as before mentioned..