LOUIS GUENESS was born Louis Guenessa in Pennsylvania on April 15, 1900. He married Josephine Brasco around 1925. At the time of the April 1930 Census they were living with her nephew Samuel Brasco, who had a paperhanging business, at 223 Senate Street in South Camden. Louis Gueness was then working as a painter in a statue factory. The family included two children by this time, Paul and Luisa Gueness.

By September of 1932 Louis Gueness he was living at 209 Royden Street. He apparently had become involved in the numbers racket, a quite popular vice in Camden in those years as lotteries were then illegal. On September 9, 1932 Louis Shaw of the Camden Police Department arrested Louis Gueness on charges of running an illegal lottery. He came to trial in February of the following year.

Louis Gueness was reported in the February 1, 1938 edition of the Camden Courier-Post to have been treated at Cooper Hospital for a laceration on his chin. He was then living at 434 South 2nd Street. 

While Josephine Guiness appears in Camden's 1947 City Directory, Louis Guiness is not there listed. He passed away in March of 1951. 

Josephine Guiness passed away in 1994, her last residence being in Bellmawr NJ.

Camden Courier-Post - February 1, 1933


A South Camden man was given a week to name the higher-ups in the numbers game when he appeared before Judge Samuel M. Shay in Criminal Court yesterday and pleaded non-vult to charges of operating a lottery. 

Louis Gueness, 209 Royden street, was arrested by Lieutenant of Detective Louis Shaw on September 9, when the police raided his home and confiscated a large quantity of number slips and other gambling paraphernalia.

Gueness told Judge Shay that he rented a room in his house to two men, but did not know they were numbers men. When he was asked who the men were he said he did not know. Shaw told the court that Gueness refused to tell him the names of the men.

Gueness was ordered held in the county jail for a week at the end of which, Judge Shay announced, he again will be asked to name the men.

He will be sentenced then.