Lewis T. Lewis Jr.

LEWIS T. LEWIS JR. was born in Philadelphia on May 1, 1941 to Lewis T. Lewis Sr. and his wife, the former Melva Richards. The family came to Camden not long afterwards. His father  worked for over 25 years for the Public Service Electric and Gas Company. In 1962 Lewis T. Lewis Jr. received a suspended sentence for a sexual offence. In December of that year he married Elizabeth L. "Betty Lou" Atkinson.   

In 1969 Lewis T. Lewis Jr. founded the United Mission Rescue Corps, Inc. and began soliciting funds. His father committed suicide in 1970. The following year Lewis Jr. received another suspended sentence and was sentenced to five years probation for another sexual offense. 

In December of 1978 Lewis Jr. was indicted, along with his wife Betty Lou and others, on charges including fraud, embezzlement, contributing to the delinquency of minors, welfare fraud, misuse of collected funds, and incorporation for fraudulent purposes, lewdness, and conspiracy. In March of 1979 Lewis Jr. pled guilty to 54 charges as part of a plea agreement that ensured seven to ten years imprisonment. The sentenced was reduced and he served a little more than 3 years time. He was living in Woolwich Township, Gloucester County when he was arrested again in February of 1986 on charges of illegal confinement and sexual assault of a young woman. The charges were dropped when the accuser recanted.

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Camden Courier-Post
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